10 Unique Baby Gifts for Twins

Paired With Thoughtful Gift Ideas and Cute Baby Poems

Baby Gifts for Twins

Discover baby gifts for twins and their new parents, and cute baby onesies in adorable sets of twos.

Find fun and practical gift ideas for newborns, with unique baby gifts from which you can choose.

Twins are double the pleasure and double the fun, but they're also double the expenses too.

Your gifts will help mom and dad immensely, and the twins will love their gifts given by you.

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10 Baby Gifts for Twins

1. Cuddle Twin Set - Brown Monkey by Angel Dear

These two identical cute Angel Dear blankies

Are safe for the twins when they are newborn

They'll feel secure with their monkey blankets

And snuggle with them from dusk until dawn

Mom will love that they are machine washable

And babies adore how soft these blankets feel

They will fall in love with their monkey buddies

Which will give them cause to smile and squeal

2. Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller

The only thing better than a jogging stroller

Is an Indie Twin stroller that is built for two

Give as practical baby gifts for twins to use

And they'll have fun outdoors thanks to you

On the stroller's lowest seat-recline setting

The comfortable Bumbleride is infant ready

Mom or dad can enjoy a jog with the twins

While rugged suspension keeps it all steady

3. Twins Infant One-Piece Bodysuits - Buy One Get One Free

These are infant one-piece bodysuits for twins

Displaying the tags Buy One and Get One FREE

Give this cute set as funny baby gifts for twins

And both babies will look as adorable as can be

They are made of one-hundred percent cotton

And have a three-piece snap for diapering ease

These bodysuits are unique and cool baby gifts

That are easy to wrap and also sure to please

4. TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

There's no need for two separate baby carriers

With this versatile carrying set made by TwinGo

Mommy can carry both babies at the same time

First in tandem and separately when they grow

The ergonomic design distributes weight evenly

While supporting babies' developing bodies too

This is a gift for twins that will be used every day

And free mom's hands cause there is work to do

5. What to Do When You're Having Two: The Twins Survival Guide from Pregnancy Through the First Year

This definitive how-to guide to parenting twins

Is a must-have for coping through the first year

Parents will learn all the skills that they'll need

So they can raise twins without shedding a tear

Titled What to Do When You're Having Two

This guide will be read over and over again

Because parenting twins can be a challenge

The advice can help parents avoid any pain

6. Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet

The removable bassinets are ideal for napping

While quilted pads create a comfy nap space

Dome canopies shield babies from bright lights

And for playing they will have their own place

The twins get all the comfort that they need

Mom gets top quality and true peace of mind

These are very thoughtful baby gifts for twins

Some say they are the best that you can find

7. Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow

Give mom this deluxe nursing pillow for twins

With support and a secure wrap-around design

Specially created for breastfeeding multiples

So that together both little newborns can dine

The nursing pillow adjusts to fit most sizes

And the zip-off cover can be washed easily

Mom and the twins will all treasure this gift

As these precious times are made for three

8. Twin Baby Long Romper Set - Baby A and Baby B

These are soft long rompers for twin babies

One reads baby a and the other says baby b

They are great gifts for little newborn twins

As they're adorably sweet and really funny

The baby rompers have a five-snap closure

So taking them off is easy for mommy to do

Created with one-hundred percent cotton

For the twins to look cute and be comfy too

9. Double Stroller Twins Messenger Diaper Bag

This twin diaper bag features padded handles

And it will adjust easily to fit all of mom's needs

There is ample space inside the interior pockets

To store diapers and bottles for the twins' feeds

It's a perfect fit for a side-by-side double stroller

And was designed with mom and twins in mind

These baby gifts for twins are highly practical

With double space so everything is easy to find

10. Milestone Baby Cards - TWINS Edition

Give a special version of Milestone Baby Cards

It is the Twins Edition to record each memory

This is a wonderful gift to give parents of twins

To record each new milestone for an eternity

When the twin babies first smile at each other

Or when they both sleep the entire night through

Every event and photo will be lovingly recorded

Thanks to this baby gift for twins given by you

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Baby Gifts for Twins