30 Beer Gifts for Drinking Buddies

Paired With Fun Gift Ideas and Drinking Poems for Beer Lovers

Beer Gifts

Drink and have fun with beer gifts, glass beer mugs and novelty drinking gifts galore.

Discover unusual gift ideas for drinkers that you won't find in your local liquor store.

Choose from unique beer coolers, bottle holsters and fun craft-beer books too.

Pick out a pair of socks or a novelty beer T-shirt that was designed just for you.

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30 Beer Gifts

1. Sonic Foamer Beer Head Enhancer

Use the Sonic Foamer beer head enhancer

To bring out the distinct flavors of craft beers

This is an ideal bar gift to give to beer drinkers

Which will be received with thanks and cheers

It's found locally in bars, craft taverns and pubs

And in all the best breweries around the country

Create the perfect head with ultrasonic vibrations

To enhance the flavors of craft beers measurably

2. Beer Cap Shadow Box

This gift is a nice addition to any man cave

It is a truly unique beer cap shadow box

Give this gift to the man who has everything

He'll love it more than a tie or a pair of socks

It's a creative way to store beer bottle caps

The shadow box hangs on the wall with ease

With an award-winning typography design

This cool beer gift is most certain to please

3. 8-Foot Professional Beer Pong Table

A Party Pong professional beer pong table

For partying, tailgating or any special event

Give this gift to be enjoyed for many years

It is a fun party gift and money well spent

This fold-up beer pong table is fully portable

With optional Bluetooth speaker and glow lights

Buy this table for the beer drinker in your life

To help create memorable parties and nights

4. 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die

There are so many great beers to choose from

But for beer drinkers there's just too little time

And not tasting all these beers before you die

Is a beer lover's ultimate beer-tasting crime

Taste the best beers from all around the world

With microbrews and European classics as well

Find one-thousand-and-one beers you will enjoy

Inside this unique beer gift that is ever so swell

5. Beerzicle Beer Coolers

Keep beers icy-cold until the very last sip

With this beer gift for both women and men

Simply freeze and insert one into your beer

Then Beerzicle coolers can be frozen again

The liquid is water rather than chemicals

And fits most beer bottles and soda pop too

Help friends to enjoy a cold bottle of beer

With this unique beer-chilling gift from you

6. Genuine Leather Classic Beer Holster

This holster fits standard beer bottles

And works equally well with a beer can

Fitting belts up to one-and-a-half inches

This is an awesome beer gift for a man

It is handmade using genuine leather

To keep beer in reach and hands free

A classic holster to give beer drinkers

As it is convenient and so cool to see

7. Credit Card Bottle Opener for Your Wallet - Stainless Steel

A credit-card-sized opener for any wallet

Made using a high-grade stainless steel

Give him this useful and inexpensive gift

As a stocking stuffer for men it is a deal

Open your beer and soda bottles easily

A bottle opener you can carry all the time

Because having a cold beer but no opener

Is a highly frustrating beer-drinker's crime

8. The Mountain Beer Outdoor T-Shirt

Give this cool T-shirt to a man who loves beer

It's made with preshrunk cotton in the USA

With awesome beer designs and funny words

Where did you get it? is what people will say

Using environmentally friendly inks and dyes

To create a one-hundred-percent cotton tee

This fun novelty shirt is a unique beer gift

That looks good to wear and it is also comfy

9. Das Horn Drinking Vessel 24oz

A classic drinking horn with a modern design

It comes with a display stand and a neck strap

Twenty-four ounces of liquid fit in this horn

Enough for a thirsty gal or very parched chap

You can feel like an original Viking conqueror

Das Horn drinking vessels put mugs to shame

After tasting beer from this drinking horn once

Boring beer mugs will never be quite the same

10. Beer Bottle Puzzle

This unique beer gift is a beer bottle puzzle

Solve the puzzle to release the drink inside

Fitting a standard twelve-ounce beer bottle

This gift will always be displayed with pride

It is best to try solve the puzzle when sober

After too many beers it may be quite a chore

Choose this fun novelty gift for any occasion

As it's a gift you won't find at a regular store

11. Beer Soap 6-Pack

This cool soap is made with real craft beer

Find ingredients like oats and orange peel

Give as unique gifts for men for the shower

For Christmas and birthdays these are ideal

There are six varieties in this beer gift set

With different fruity, spicy and roasty scents

No beer-loving man can resist these soaps

So give them with pride to discernible gents

12. Prescription / Pill Bottle Drink Kooler

A cool pill-bottle-shaped beer-can cooler

Great as a gag gift and for fun parties too

Give one as an unusual gift for a woman

And for laughs buy another cooler for you

Your beer stays icy-cold while you drink it

However your hands remain warm and dry

This cooler is just what the doctor ordered

To warm beers and cold hands say goodbye

13. The Beer Bible

In life everyone needs some guidance

Let The Beer Bible help lead the way

Give this book to a true beer devotee

To provide answers to beer every day

The Beer Bible is written by Jeff Alworth

A craft-beer expert from the West Coast

This is the ultimate gift for beer drinkers

That will be displayed and read the most

14. Brewzkey Bottle Opener in Stainless Steel

Never be caught without a bottle opener

Place this Brewzkey on your set of keys

You won't leave your home unprepared

And you can open beer bottles with ease

Made with a stainless-steel construction

Handy Brewzkeys are also laser engraved

You'll be the hero at all tailgating parties

As thanks to you the party will be saved

15. Mr. Beer Deluxe Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit

A Mr. Beer deluxe edition homebrew kit

For brewing two gallons of beer at home

Give this gift to your beer-drinking hubby

And he'll no longer have a reason to roam

This kit includes all the needed ingredients

The Mr. Beer homebrew kit is reusable too

Give this unique beer gift to craft-brew fans

So they can share their craft beer with you

16. Stainless Steel Beer Growler

Enjoy a stainless-steel beer growler

For a direct-from-the-tap beer taste

Fill it with your favorite microbrew

And not a drop will ever go to waste

The growler holds sixty-four ounces

Enough for you and your buddies too

Because this growler is plastic-free

The beer taste is authentic and true

17. I Believe I'll Have Another Beer Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign

Everyone Needs Something To Believe In

I Believe I'll Have Another Beer

Give this tin sign as a gift for a man cave

So his beliefs are made perfectly clear

This beer sign has a retro-vintage look

And will enhance any man-cave decor

Hang your sign with pride upon the wall

Or display it on your man-cave front door

18. Six-Pack Insulated Neoprene Beer Bottle Tote

Give this as a gift for Christmas or birthdays

It is an insulated neoprene beer bottle tote

Perfect for camping, tailgating and picnics

Or for keeping beers cold while on a boat

Bottles stay upright and are kept protected

The soft-grip handles make carrying easy too

It stores flat and it's also machine washable

So keeping the beer tote clean is easy for you

19. Oktoberfest Haus - Sehr Gut Boot - 1 Liter Das Boot Blown Glass Beer Boot

Give this glass boot to a beer-drinking buddy

It measures nine-and-a-half inches in height

Das Boot can be filled with one liter of beer

To create an impressive Oktoberfest sight

This boot is imported by Oktoberfest Haus

Carefully made out of mouth-blown glass

Beer tastes far better from Sehr Gut Boot

A unique Oktoberfest beer gift with class

20. Periodic Table of Beers T-Shirt

A Periodic Table of Beer funny T-shirt

Ideal for beer drinkers and for geeks too

They'll create a buzz wearing this shirt

And they'll remember that it is from you

This is a one-hundred-percent cotton tee

That will be worn over and over again

Buy this tee for any beer-loving friend

As it's suitable for both women or men

21. Jelly Belly Draft Beer Jelly Beans

Give this unique food gift to any beer lover

Draft Beer Jelly Beans are an unusual treat

Jelly Belly fans and beer drinkers all agree

This is a novelty beer gift you'll want to eat

Perfect as stocking stuffers or anytime gifts

These are inexpensive and taste yummy too

They're kosher, vegetarian and gluten-free

Making them a fun snack to share with you

22. Bottle Opener Ring

Open any beer with a flick of your hand

A bottle opener ring makes it a breeze

This ring is convenient and comfortable

So you can be opening beers with ease

A ring is unique for beer connoisseurs

And for party animals it's fun and cool

Give this inexpensive gift to everyone

It's smart jewelry and a handy beer tool

23. In Dog Beers, I’ve Only Had One - Box Sign

For beer drinkers and for dog lovers too

A gift for a kitchen, man cave or home bar

Reading In Dog Beers, I've Only Had One

This funny beer sign is a home decor star

Stand this fun sign on a bar or table top

Or hang it up proudly for a wall display

Friends will laugh while counting beers

As they all read what this sign has to say

24. USA Beer Cap Map

Fall in love with the USA beer cap map

Which holds sixty-nine beer caps inside

Fill it with caps from the best breweries

Then display your beer map with pride

This is a great gift for beer aficionados

And a reason to travel across the USA

Grab some buddies for a fun road trip

To collect bottle caps for your display

25. Flight of Fancy - Deluxe Beer Flight

Made from super-strong and lightweight cedar

Comes the Flight of Fancy - a deluxe beer flight

This drinking gift is a functional beer-tasting set

That's hand-crafted and hand-finished just right

The set includes four mini beer-tasting glasses

Each glass holds five ounces of the best brew

Easily identify each beer with the chalkboard

Great for breweries, pubs and home bars too

26. Beer Unisex Knee-High Socks

Show your love for beer on your attire

Wear a pair of unisex beer socks today

They're fun to wear to work or the pub

As they are comfy for working or play

Beer socks make great stocking stuffers

Or gag gifts for beer drinkers you know

Feel happy all day with beer on your feet

And wear these socks wherever you go

27. Brew Candle Hoppy IPA

Brew Candles come in fun and cool choices

Hoppy IPA, Vanilla Porter and Apricot Wheat

They are hand-poured into recycled bottles

To make beer gifts that are unusual and neat

Brew Candles are ideal for bars and homes

They emit a long-lasting scent into the air

Give these gifts to beer lovers for Christmas

To show beer drinkers that you really care

28. The Beer Mitt

The Beer Mitt keeps your hands toasty

So you always enjoy refreshing cold beer

But ending up with five freezing fingers

Is a side-effect you no longer need fear

Give friends Beer Mitts as a prank gift

Or as novelty beer gifts for any holiday

Ideal for drinkers who enjoy cold beer

But hate their hands icy in every way

29. Screw It... I Need a Beer Sandblast Etched Funny Glass Beer Mug

Give this funny gift to a man or a woman

Who has a fun sense of humor just like you

This beer mug will put a smile on their face

While they're enjoying their frosty beer too

With the words Screw It ... I Need A Beer!

Your beer mug will be their favorite by far

Buy these novelty gifts for your co-workers

You will be the office gift-giving superstar

30. Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People

Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People

Is a funny book to make you laugh and think

This parody may be the best beer gift ever

Even though it's a gift that you cannot drink

Place this book in your home bar or kitchen

It is a fun book to real aloud at parties too

Display it with pride in your favorite place

For a laugh any time someone's feeling blue

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