10 Bird Gifts for Nature Enthusiasts

Paired With Fun Bird Poems and Cool Gift Ideas for Birdwatchers

Bird Gifts

Find amazing bird gifts for animal lovers and friends, and treat yourself to an unusual gift as well.

Discover fun gift ideas for all birdwatchers, and stuff that nature enthusiasts will agree is swell.

Choose unique birdhouses and bird-themed novelty socks, and clocks featuring an authentic bird sound.

Fall in love with these cute and adorable gifts, as they're the best that bird lovers have ever found.

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10 Bird Gifts

1. Camper Birdhouse Trailer Airstream Style

Provide a home for all the birds in your yard

With an Airstream trailer in a fun retro style

Dozens of new birds will flock to your garden

And you'll always have a good reason to smile

The body has rivets and a stainless-steel look

With striped awnings and a cute red door too

These are unique bird gifts to give to friends

Who love watching birdies together with you

2. Birdwatcher Crew-Style Socks

Created in the U.S. by Wheel House Designs

With a comfy cotton, nylon and spandex blend

Wear these socks to show your love for birds

And you'll start a birdwatchers' fashion trend

These are novelty bird socks to give as gifts

With birds and birdwatchers on them too

They are fun as Christmas stocking stuffers

And a fashion statement that's ideal for you

3. Large Window Bird Feeder

Enjoy close-up views of your favorite birds

With a clear bird feeder for a large window

Made from transparent see-through acrylic

To create a gift for any bird lover you know

Watch the birds while you're eating breakfast

Or keep an eye on them from your comfy chair

Give as a sweet gift to a bird-watching friend

And each day he will know how much you care

4. Two Peacocks Walk in Forest Wall Art Painting

Two peacocks walk in a lush green forest

Adorning the beautiful stretched canvas art

Give this as a housewarming gift to a friend

And it will forever hold a place in her heart

The peacock colors are both rich and vibrant

With shades of bright green and peacock blue

Hang this four-panel bird canvas print indoors

To create a look that's exotic and natural too

5. Silver Swallow Jewelry - Turquoise Bird Dangle Earrings

These sterling-silver swallow dangle earrings

Are hand-crafted using turquoise polymer clay

Give as unusual gifts for bird and animal lovers

For an anniversary, Christmas or for a birthday

From world-renowned designer Adina Plastelina

They represent fertility, hope and renewal of life

It is a unique jewelry gift for that special occasion

To give to your girlfriend, your mother or to wife

6. LEGO Ideas Birds Model Kit

For bird and LEGO lovers ages twelve and older

A five-hundred and eighty piece Birds LEGO set

For older kids and teens who love birdwatching

This may be the best bird gift made for them yet

Each bird has its very own presentation stand

With its Latin name on an identification plate

Give a Birds LEGO set to any keen birdwatcher

As this gift is educational, fun and really great

7. Birds Eye View - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

These are all crafted from recycled puzzle board

And are proudly manufactured for you in the USA

A one-thousand-piece Birds Eye View jigsaw puzzle

Is an ideal indoor activity for any cold or rainy day

Featuring art from the famous Hautman Brothers

With spectacular birds on branches and in flight

This is a great bird gift for fans of jigsaw puzzles

And the bonus poster ensures you get it all right

8. Birds of North America Educational Trivia Card Game

Have fun learning all about North American birds

With thirty game cards and a three-numbered die

Kids develop a respect for their feathered friends

And will soon recognize birds they see in the sky

This card game is an educational gift for children

Or a teacher to share with her class and have fun

Find true or false, trivia and also multiple choice

For recognizing birds this card game gets it done

9. Mark Feldstein Original Singing Bird Clock

Sounds from twelve North American song birds

Create a bird clock that is useful and also divine

At noon you'll hear the song of the House Finch

And enjoy the Northern Cardinal's song at nine

Featuring authentic recordings and bird images

From famed Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

This Mark Feldstein original singing bird clock

Is an hourly joy to hear and always lovely to see

10. The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds

The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds paperback

Helps you draw your favorite birds with ease

Created for serious artists and beginners alike

This inspirational bird gift is certain to please

Through a series of detailed drawing exercises

This book will lead the hand and also the mind

Give this creative gift to bird lovers and artists

As it's the most helpful bird book you will find

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Bird Gifts