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February Holidays

Unique Gifts for February Holidays

Celebrate February holidays with your family

Spoil your friends with Unique Gifts Of Today

Share the magic of every bizarre celebration

And set aside time to relax, unwind and play

From the first of February until the month's end

Find a wacky holiday to observe with everyone

On each national food holiday try unique snacks

And eat yummy foods that are delicious and fun

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Daily February Holidays from 02/01 – 02/29

February National Holidays and Month-Long Observances

With Unique Gift Ideas and Rhyming Poems for a Fantastic February

American Heart Month

February is designated American Heart Month

A time to take action and promote heart health

Make this month about getting into great shape

Because a healthy heart is a true form of wealth

Motivate family and friends to exercise regularly

Give them each a red heart cell novelty plush toy

It is adorable with a unique heartbeat sound chip

And may help them find an exercise they'll enjoy

An Affair to Remember Month

Celebrate An Affair to Remember Month

Watch the fiftieth anniversary edition again

Relive each and every glorious movie scene

Complete with romance, heartache and pain

Invite all your girlfriends over for movie night

Stock up on tissues and make loads of popcorn

Enjoy this classic movie and special friendships

While watching An Affair to Remember till dawn

Black History Month

Also known as African-American History Month

February is Black History Month in the USA

It's a time for education and for reading books

To teach our kids in a fun and enjoyable way

Give A Kid's Guide to African American History

To a teacher to share with the kids at her school

Help foster cultural awareness among all races

With this history book that children think is cool

National Canned Food Month

Canned foods are definitely more convenient

And February is the month to try a new recipe

So head down to your nearest grocery store

To stock up on canned goods for your pantry

The Can Opener Gourmet is a thoughtful gift

For a college student who has no time to cook

Pair this February gift with a new can opener

As two-hundred-plus recipes wait in this book

Creative Romance Month

All of February is also Creative Romance Month

Extra reasons to be romantic in every which way

Take the time to make your loved one feel special

And discover romantic gifts for Valentine's Day

Be wildly creative with these Letters To My Love

You can Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.

Pour out your feelings and write romantic poems

As presents from the heart remain the finest ever

Great American Pie Month

Observe Great American Pie Month in February

Four weeks of desserts and for sharing recipes

Time for baking a big apple pie for your family

Or for whipping up cherry pies with great ease

For friends and loved ones who don't eat pie

You can celebrate Pie Month in a unique way

Share some American Pie from Don McLean

It's seventies' music that's still awesome today

National Cherry Month

If you are planning on baking a cherry pie

A cherry pitter is handy to tear them apart

Try this red cherry and olive pitter from Oxo

You'll adore this gadget right from the start

Because February is National Cherry Month

Your new cherry pitter will make baking fun

You can whip up dozens of baked cherry pies

And give home-baked desserts to everyone

National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is time to focus on kids' dental health

They will love reading Brush Your Teeth, Please

Give this pop-up book to your favorite teacher

With toothpaste tubes for children to squeeze

During National Children's Dental Health Month

Teach kids good dental habits to last a lifetime

Because failing to help kids care for their teeth

Is a sorry and inexcusable dental health crime

National Chocolate Lovers Month

February is National Chocolate Lovers Month

For chocoholics these yummy days are a delight

Gift giving is easy for friends with a sweet tooth

And unique chocolate gifts help you get it right

Buy an electric chocolate fondue melting pot

And invite friends over for a chocolate fondue

Try marshmallows, strawberries and cookies

For melted sensations all the month through

National Grapefruit Month

February is a refreshing time for rejuvenation

And National Grapefruit Month makes it easy

Citrus fruit baskets and fresh personal products

Ensure your gifts are healthful, cool and breezy

Treat yourself to pink grapefruit foaming soap

To leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized

And spoil friends with some for their bathroom

Where their foaming soap will be highly prized

National Weddings Month

February is romantic National Weddings Month

A time when love and romance linger in the air

Buy Wedding Etiquette for any upcoming nuptials

To show the new bride-to-be how much you care

Your thoughtful wedding gift will reduce her stress

With the info contained in this indispensable guide

She'll learn all that she needs to plan for her day

To walk down the aisle with confidence and pride

National Snack Food Month

Happily snack your way all through February

Try unique National Snack Food Month treats

Indulge in fun Japanese snacks and junk food

For unusual flavor combos and different sweets

Share special food gifts with your foodie friends

Like these Japanese snacks which are hard to find

Throw a festive February Weird Snack Food Party

And savor new tastes that will all blow your mind

National Potato Lovers Month

Try a new take on National Potato Lovers Month

Instead of carbs consider potato-themed novelties

Kids of all ages love the Mr. Potato Head Gift Set

They're Star Wars gifts that are certain to please

With names like Luke Frywalker and Darth Tater

Plus costumes for creating a Spudtrooper as well

This potato gift is fun for a child born in February

And for Star Wars fans it's unique and really swell

Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month

Because stolen shopping carts are an eyesore

And costly for all neighborhood grocery stores

Give this folding shopping cart to your neighbor

To help with her groceries and her daily chores

Gather your community together in February

Collect abandoned shopping carts that you see

Make this an annual February holiday tradition

To keep your neighborhood shopping-cart free

National Hot Breakfast Month

February is the National Hot Breakfast Month

Put all traditional cold cereals away for a while

Warm your family's tummies and their hearts

With nourishing breakfasts to make them smile

Give them a Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

To make hot breakfasts in five minutes or less

They'll go to work and school feeling satisfied

And your clean kitchen will have minimal mess

February Birthstone Is the Amethyst

February Birthstone Amethyst Gift

The February birthstone is the amethyst

And no gift can be better than this geode

Give one to celebrate a February birthday

To take up center stage within their abode

This amethyst crystal geode is from Uruguay

Featuring deep purple crystals on the inside

Surprise someone special with this amethyst

To display in their home with love and pride

February Birth Flower Is the Violet

February Birth Flower Violet Gift

Primrose or violet is the February birth flower

In gorgeous shades of yellow, violet or sky blue

Celebrate February birthdays with potted plants

Or give My Pal Violet as a unique gift from you

This adorable puppy is suitable for little babies

And for adults who always remain young at heart

Give this gift to kids or friends born in February

They will love My Pal Violet right from the start

February Holidays 02/01 – 02/29

This list of February holidays includes the national food holidays for the entire month,

as well as all the weird, wacky, bizarre and questionable observances.

If you intend to use any February holiday dates to print calendars or other printed materials,

please validate the bizarre February holidays, as their authenticity is sometimes open to debate.

February Holidays in Week 1 (02/01 – 02/07)

February 1 Holidays

February 1

  • Decorating With Candy Day
  • Hula in the Coola Day
  • International Face and Body Art Day
  • National Freedom Day
  • National Cake Pops Day
  • National Baked Alaska Day
  • National Dark Chocolate Day
  • Serpent Day
  • Spunky Old Broads Day

February 2 Holidays

February 2

  • Candlemas Day
  • Crepe Day
  • Groundhog Day
  • National Tater Tot Day
  • World Wetlands Day

February 3 Holidays

February 3

  • The Day the Music Died
  • National Carrot Cake Day

February 4 Holidays

February 4

  • Create a Vacuum Day
  • Facebook's Birthday
  • National Homemade Soup Day
  • National Medjool Date Day
  • National Stuffed Mushroom Day
  • Thank a Mailman Day
  • World Cancer Day

February 5 Holidays

February 5

  • World Nutella Day
  • National Doodle Day
  • National Weatherman's Day
  • Shower With a Friend Day

February 6 Holidays

February 6

  • Lame Duck Day
  • National Frozen Yogurt Day
  • National Chopsticks Day

February 7 Holidays

February 7

  • National Fettuccine Alfredo Day
  • Send a Card to a Friend Day
  • Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbors Day

February Holidays in Week 2 (02/08 – 02/14)

February 8 Holidays

February 8

  • Boy Scout Day
  • Kite Flying Day
  • Laugh and Get Rich Day
  • National Molasses Bar Day
  • National Potato Lovers Day

February 9 Holidays

February 9

  • National Bagel and Lox Day
  • Read in the Bathtub Day
  • Toothache Day

February 10 Holidays

February 10

  • National Cream Cheese Brownie Day
  • National Have a Brownie Day
  • Umbrella Day

February 11 Holidays

February 11

  • Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
  • Get Out Your Guitar Day
  • Make a Friend Day
  • National Peppermint Patty Day
  • White T-Shirt Day

February 12 Holidays

February 12

  • Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
  • Darwin Day
  • National Plum Pudding Day
  • National PB&J Day
  • Safety Pup Day

February 13 Holidays

February 13

  • Get a Different Name Day
  • International Condom Day
  • National Tortellini Day
  • National Italian Food Day
  • World Radio Day

February 14 Holidays

February 14

  • Ferris Wheel Day
  • Library Lovers' Day
  • National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day
  • National Organ Donor Day
  • Pet Theft Awareness Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • International Book Giving Day

February Holidays in Week 3 (02/15 – 02/21)

February 15 Holidays

February 15

  • National Gumdrop Day
  • National Hippo Day
  • Singles Awareness Day

February 16 Holidays

February 16

  • Do a Grouch a Favor Day
  • National Almond Day

February 17 Holidays

February 17

  • National PTA Founders' Day
  • National Cafe Au Lait Day
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • World Human Spirit Day

February 18 Holidays

February 18

  • Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day
  • National Battery Day
  • National Drink Wine Day

February 19 Holidays

February 19

  • National Chocolate Mint Day
  • National Lash Day

February 20 Holidays

February 20

  • National Cherry Pie Day
  • Hoodie Hoo Day
  • Love Your Pet Day
  • World Day of Social Justice

February 21 Holidays

February 21

  • Card Reading Day
  • International Mother Language Day
  • National Sticky Bun Day
  • National Biscuits and Gravy Day

February Holidays in Week 4 (02/22 – 02/28)

February 22 Holidays

February 22

  • Be Humble Day
  • George Washington's Birthday
  • International World Thinking Day
  • National Cook a Sweet Potato Day
  • National Margarita Day
  • Walking the Dog Day

February 23 Holidays

February 23

  • Curling Is Cool Day
  • International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
  • National Banana Bread Day
  • Tennis Day

February 24 Holidays

February 24

  • National Tortilla Chip Day
  • World Bartender Day

February 25 Holidays

February 25

  • National Chocolate Covered Peanuts Day
  • National Clam Chowder Day
  • Pistol Patent Day

February 26 Holidays

February 26

  • Carnival Day
  • For Pete's Sake Day
  • National Pistachio Day
  • Tell a Fairy Tale Day

February 27 Holidays

February 27

  • National Strawberry Day
  • National Kahlua Day
  • No-Brainer Day
  • International Polar Bear Day

February 28 Holidays

February 28

  • Floral Design Day
  • National Chocolate Souffle Day
  • National Tooth Fairy Day
  • Public Sleeping Day

February Holidays in Week 5 (02/29 in a Leap Year)

February 29 Holidays

February 29

  • International Underlings Day
  • Leap Day
  • National Frog Legs Day

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