20 Funny Gifts for Men With a Sense of Humor

Paired With 20 Macho Poems and a Shot of Man Cave Silliness

20 Funny Gifts for Men

Find funny gifts for men of all ages, plus novelty gifts to make them laugh out loud.

Discover gag gifts your mom won't approve of, but will probably make your dad proud.

These unique gifts for men are hilarious, so hop along for a fun giggle fest.

The Gift Poet found you the funniest gifts, and perhaps even the weirdest ones yet.

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20 Funny Gifts for Men

1. The Man The Legend Red/Yellow Boxer Shorts for Men

Funny gifts for men who love wearing boxer shorts

And are enormous legends in their own little minds

These bright red and yellow boxer shorts for guys

Are awesome gag gifts that are fun, unusual finds

The words The Man The Legend and finger pointing

Make this cool underwear for men as funny as can be

Give as gifts to guys who think they are the greatest

And they'll laugh though perhaps a bit uncomfortably

2. BigMouth Inc Toilet Mug

Dogs may know something that men simply don't

Drinking out of the toilet bowl tastes pretty neat

Give this funny gift to a guy who has everything

It's a ceramic toilet bowl mug that's missing a seat

This is a fun novelty gift to gross out his co-workers

The prank works best with dark brown liquid inside

He can drink his favorite beverage out of the bowl

And then lick his lips with a wry grin and male pride

3. Fact of Life WTF

A Fact of Life After Monday and Tuesday

Even the Calendar Says WTF

A man cave that is missing this sign

Is a sad room that is sheer out of luck

Give these funny gifts for men at the office

Or to add some humor to their manly space

They will love watching observers' reactions

And seeing weird looks on each reader's face

4. 4GB Heineken Style USB Flash Drive

If your man's memory is starting to fail him

Give him a flash drive that's Heineken style

Because his beer is so very precious to him

He won't lose extra memory for a long while

Give this funny gift to any Heineken drinker

It'll be a hit with all the guys at the local bar

You will have given your man a gift he needs

And he'll be known as the Heineken USB star

5. Camo Six Pack Holster

A unique camouflage six pack beer holster

Is a real man's needed wardrobe accessory

These funny gifts for men are also practical

Cause they can carry six beers around safely

No longer will your man be inconvenienced

With having to walk inside to get a fresh beer

His camo belt will help him preserve energy

And being without a drink he'll no longer fear


Some men are either drunk, stoned or stupid

And then there are the guys that are all three

Give these funny gifts for men as fun party gifts

And they'll get stoned or drunk and act stupidly

There are never winners in this game only losers

DRUNK, STONED OR STUPID is a cool party game

Made to be played with four or more stupid friends

Parties with this gift will never quite be the same

7. Emergency Underpants

In case an unexpected Code Brown should strike

These emergency underpants will save the day

Give these funny gifts for men as cool gag gifts

And they'll be prepared in the most sanitary way

If you're away from home with an upset tummy

Your fresh emergency underpants will rescue you

Buy these funny gag gifts for all your male friends

But make sure to keep an extra pair just for you

8. Bacon Soap in Tin

For real men who love the smell of sizzling bacon

But somehow don't seem to hit the showers enough

Give them each a bar of bacon soap for the bathroom

And getting them to shower will no longer be tough

They can carry the smell of bacon around every day

And they will be popular with other bacon-loving men

Give these funny gifts for men who live to eat bacon

And they will happily want to shower again and again

9. Army Man Bottle Opener

The Army Man Bottle Opener is made of die-cast metal

And is a unique gift for men who love playing with toys

It will bring back their favorite childhood memories

Of toy soldiers they played with when they were boys

Give this funny gift to a military guy for his birthday

And he can keep his toy soldier close to his heart

He will always be armed with a cool bottle opener

From his childhood memories he won't have to part

10. Road Rage Megaphone Adults Only

All you have to do is push the megaphone button

Then let this explicit megaphone do all the work

For instant stress relief this gift is highly effective

When you're driving in traffic behind a total jerk

Give a road rage megaphone as a funny men's gift

To guys who get annoyed and frustrated in the car

For dealing with morons they will be well-equipped

But alas with traffic officers they won't get very far

11. WINE CONDOMS Wine and Beverage Bottle Stoppers

Wine condoms are wine and beverage bottle stoppers

For wine lovers these wine gifts offer full protection

These funny gifts for men can be kept in their wallets

And are a fun way to start an interesting conversation

Wine condoms sit flush with the open wine-bottle rim

And then work to create a patented water-tight seal

Give this wine condom gift to any wine-drinking man

So he'll be protected with your funny gift that's unreal

12. Prank Pack Hot Lips

These funny gifts for men work as hilarious pranks

The HotLips Face Heater box was made to confuse

Place the intended gift of your own choosing inside

Of this ridiculous gift box that is certain to amuse

Watch the recipient stare at his box in confusion

He'll be wondering what on earth this heater is for

When he discovers the box is in fact a silly prank

He'll be laughing out loud and rolling on the floor

13. Images You Should Not Masturbate To

Give a man Images You Should Not Masturbate To

As a funny gag gift and a unique coffee table book

His friends will all appreciate your humorous gift

And will laugh hysterically when they take a look

This book is deceptively simple and strangely addictive

The collection of pictures will make him laugh out loud

This is not a gift that you'll want your own mom to see

Nor is it a book to read on any bus or alone in a crowd

14. I Don’t Need Google My Wife Knows Everything Funny T-Shirt

I don't need Google my wife knows everything

Are funny words printed on this T-shirt for men

Be very cautious to whom you give this funny tee

Because his wife may not speak to you ever again

Give this T-shirt to a guy with an annoying wife

It's a fun gift for a married man on his birthday

The shirt is available in many styles and colors

And it is designed and printed here in the USA

15. Redneck Backscratcher - The Best or at Least the Biggest Back Scratcher on the Planet

The best or biggest back scratcher on the planet

Is a redneck gag gift and a funny gift for men too

Give these back scratchers to guys for Christmas

And if your back itches then buy one more for you

Flexible tines contour to the shape of your back

And you can reach your whole back with total ease

Give these funny gifts to all guys with a funny bone

These gifts are fine redneck gifts that will all please

16. Lazy Man's Beer Mug

Lazy Man's Beer Mug with a realistic-looking urinal

Is a funny gift for a man who is far too lazy to stand

This ceramic novelty mug holds 28 ounces of beer

And washing after its use is recommended by hand

Give this funny gift for men to a real couch potato

So he can drink beer all day long while in his chair

His life will be easier with a urinal on his beer mug

But pray he doesn't use it when he is given a dare

17. Albert Einstein Genius Bald-Headed Magnetic Paper Clip Holder Desk Accessory

Have loads of fun creating gravity-defying hairstyles

Using paper clips on Albert Einstein's magnetic head

This paper clip holder is a cool office desk accessory

So rather than a dull box use Albert Einstein instead

Give this cool gift to any smart male genius you know

So he can amuse himself for hours while sitting down

These funny gifts for men are great and entertaining

Attracting smiles while reversing a co-worker's frown

18. Everybody Poops 410 Pounds a Year: An Illustrated Bathroom Companion for Grown-Ups

If you've ever wondered how astronauts poop in space

Or even where your own poop ends up after you flush

This potty book Everybody Poops 410 Pounds a Year

Is an illustrated book that you should go buy in a rush

If you have seen corn in your poop but never chicken

You may have questions with answers right in this book

These funny gifts for men and all grown-ups who poop

Will have you giving your next poop a long second look

19. Nice Underwear Funny Doormat

Women arriving at your front door may get nervous

And end up quickly leaving and then running a mile

But most guests will think this doormat is hysterical

And they'll knock on your door wearing a nice smile

These novelty doormats which read Nice Underwear

Are funny gifts for men who like a daily laugh or two

It's best not to visit these guys while wearing a skirt

Because total paranoia may suddenly overcome you

20. Shot Glass Funny - Pee Boy

Give this funny gift to a guy who collects shot glasses

It's an addition that's guaranteed to make him happy

Fill this cool shot glass with any yellow-colored liquid

And it looks like you are literally drinking some pee

These shot glasses are fun and amusing novelty gifts

Cool to give as Christmas stocking stuffers for men

But if you should find yourself holding this shot glass

You may want to carefully check on the liquid again

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