20 Gag Gifts for Men With a Sense of Humor

Paired With Silly Poems and Funny Gift Ideas for Guys

Gag Gifts for Men

Find funny gag gifts for men for Christmas, for their birthdays and for hysterical bachelor parties.

Enjoy great big belly laughs at their expense, because these men's gifts were all chosen to tease.

Discover cool prank gifts for guys for the bathroom, and fun gift ideas reserved for the bedroom too.

Have a blast shopping online for your gag gifts, while reading seriously silly poems written for you.

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20 Gag Gifts for Men

1. DOWNLOADING Bathroom Sign

These are fun gag gifts for men and IT guys

It's a DOWNLOADING vinyl bathroom sign

Perfect as gifts for co-workers in your office

As white elephant gifts they are also divine

Place funny signs onto all appropriate places

So guys can remember what each room is for

These are removable and really simple to stick

Fun decals to attach to a man's bathroom door

2. Toxic Waste Barrels 3-Pack Shot Glass

These shot glasses all resemble toxic waste bins

With three unique designs in each gag gift set

The guy in your life gets to pick his own poison

Drinking shots from the coolest shot glasses yet

Give these gifts to guys who love drinking shots

Even though they may be sorely lacking in class

These fun gifts for men will long be remembered

As few can forget a toxic waste barrel shot glass

3. World's Largest Coffee Cup

These are great gag gifts for men who love coffee

And caffeine addicts who can't seem to get enough

This may be the largest coffee cup in the universe

It holds twenty cups of their favorite brewed stuff

This is a fun gift idea for coffee drinkers in denial

Who claim that they only drink one cup each day

Give them the world's largest cup as a cool prank

Your gag gift will get laughs in the funniest way

4. WTF Nifty Notes

Help your man communicate with co-workers

Give him this fifty-sheet pad of WTF notes

You'll make his dull workday more enjoyable

With gag gifts that are sure to get great votes

With simple checkboxes for slower colleagues

Miscommunication will be a thing of the past

Your gift will help liven the mood in the office

So his nine-to-five grind will fly by really fast

5. GROW a Girlfriend Novelty Gift

Show some compassion for the lonely hearted

Give this gift to a man who cannot get a date

He can place it in water and watch her grow

And very soon he'll have the perfect playmate

Give these as gag gifts for bachelor parties

And as stocking stuffers they're loads of fun

Your single guy friends will all appreciate you

Because now they'll finally have met the one

6. Crime Scene Bandages

Cool Crime Scene Bandages from Accoutrements

Are funny prank gifts for men who can't take pain

For the guys who faint at the mere sight of blood

Fun bandages may help them be grownups again

Instead of crying at their boob-boos like babies

They can laugh at their misfortunes for a while

They'll even receive a free toy with their gift

Which gives them yet another reason to smile

7. Fanny Bank Funny Farting Bank

It makes fart noises when you insert a coin

Into this gag gift that is shaped like a fanny

These are cool gag gifts to give to the guys

But they're not appropriate for your granny

The Farting Bank is a fun and humorous gift

And is a smart way to begin saving your loot

Give this fun bank to the prankster in your life

He'll get a big kick each time he hears it toot

8. The Official BS Button

This red button is perfect for calling out BS

Without you actually having to say it yourself

It is an essential accessory for any big office

To display in a prominent area upon a shelf

Press the red BS button to make it light up

It will buzz loudly and sound the BS alarm

These are funny gag gifts that men will use

And for reducing BS they work like a charm

9. Grow a Boyfriend Novelty Item

Add an extra element of fun to any gag gift

Watch his face when he sees Grow a Boyfriend

These are awesome practical jokes for parties

And to give to a lonely and single male friend

Give this gift to guys with a sense of humor

Who know how to laugh at life and have fun

They'll have a boyfriend in seventy-two hours

And your cool gag gift will be the funniest one

10. Wasabi Flavored Lip Balm Novelty Gag Gift

Great for fans of really weird lip balms

For loyal sashimi and sushi lovers too

Wasabi lip balm is an awesome gag gift

To soften his lips the entire day through

This lip balm is quite unconventional

And as gag gifts for men they are fun

Small enough to be a stocking stuffer

And hot enough to say You're the one

11. Pranklopedia: The Funniest, Grossest, Craziest, Not-Mean Pranks on the Planet!

Every day should be fun like April Fool's Day

Pranklopedia gives you all the needed tools

You can play pranks on guys all year round

And laugh out loud when they feel like fools

The pranks are funny, gross and also crazy

Making this ideal for the right kind of guy

Together you can try out each prank in turn

But make sure not to make grown men cry

12. Drinker Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

For the guy in your life who is one lazy dude

This cool gag gift for men is handy and nice

He can down two drinks and not lift a hand

With this unique can-holding helmet device

This invention is useful for tailgating parties

Or for just lazing at home and watching TV

Life for him will be easier with your beer gift

He can sip two drinks with both his hands free

13. Rude Stick Figure T-Shirt

The graphics on this T-shirt speak for themselves

And sometimes an image is all that is required

Give this funny tee to a guy with a huge attitude

And perhaps one day he'll become more inspired

These are fun gag gifts for men to give any time

Created by Feelin' Good Tees here in the USA

They're one hundred percent cotton T-shirts

And he'll get great laughs with this every day

14. Mr. Bacon's Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

Enjoy Mr. Bacon's bacon-flavored toothpaste

A great gag gift for bacon lovers on your list

They can savor the meaty fried taste of bacon

And their minty toothpaste will not be missed

These are fun stocking stuffers for meat eaters

And prank gifts for vegetarians and vegans too

Of course if you yourself love everything bacon

Then buy an extra bacon toothpaste just for you

15. MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack

These are the funniest gifts for avid golfers

And great gag gifts for men who like to jest

When they're equipped with ball storage sacks

Others will know they have balls like the rest

The MySack gag gift includes two golf balls

And a Velcro top closure makes hanging easy

Help the men in your life unwind on the course

Because It Takes Balls To Golf as you can see

16. Archie McPhee Instant Underpants Just Add Water

As funny gifts for men who have everything

Instant underpants for guys will do the trick

Now he'll never be caught without a clean pair

He can add water to create underpants quick

After adding water the underpants will be damp

But it is better than no clean underwear at all

These fit most children and also smaller adults

So your guy may have size issues if he's too tall

17. Book of things better than boobs

Give this gag gift to any man who loves to read

It's a coffee table book he can proudly display

The unique Book of things better than boobs

May be the coolest book to ever come his way

Because for some men there is nothing better

There are only blank pages in this whole book

It's a funny gift for a guy with a sense of humor

And his friends will laugh when they take a look

18. Potty Putter Putting Mat Golf Game

For guys who spend ages sitting on the toilet

But are lacking a fun magazine or a new book

These gag gifts for men will help pass the time

And they won't care just how stupid they look

The Potty Putter is a putting mat golf game

That men can reach when they're sitting down

Put this game away when your in-laws arrive

Or you may see a look of disdain and a frown

19. Fairly Odd Novelties Urinal Shot Glasses

A pair of realistic-looking urinal shot glasses

Makes the best gag gifts for men you'll ever find

Just the thought alone will gross most guys out

Adding yellow liquid will really blow their mind

The urinal shot glasses are extremely durable

They're dishwasher safe and they are ceramic

Don't give these gag gifts to any queasy guys

As the sight and thought may make them sick

20. Anger Management Ceramic Mug

Gag gifts for men with unresolved anger issues

I Flunked Anger Management is what they'll see

These are fun novelty mugs to place on a desk

To remind guys to chill out and just take it easy

Give this coffee mug to a boss with a fiery temper

Or to your husband, your dad, or perhaps your son

They will be reminded to take life less seriously

So chill out and relax cause life's meant to be fun

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