30 Unique Gifts for Animal Lovers

Paired with Gift Ideas and Cute Poems for Creatures From A–Z

Gifts for Animal Lovers

Find unique gifts for animal lovers and wildlife fans, from alpacas to zebras and all creatures in between.

From animal plush toys to artwork and novelty socks, these are the coolest animal gifts you've ever seen.

Discover the cutest rabbit gifts for kids and babies, and unusual dog and cat gifts for cool home decor.

These animal-themed treasures are fun all year round, as they are gifts you won't find at your local store.

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30 Gifts for Animal Lovers

1. Alpaca Weathervane

These are unique gifts for animal lovers

Which are mounted onto the roof easily

Enjoy a genuine working weathervane

With a cute alpaca for the world to see

Give this outdoor gift to any fans of alpacas

For their home or for their business address

Passersby will love the alpaca weathervane

And your gift will bring them lots of success

2. Anteater Plush

An anteater plush is an unusual gift

It's suitable for adults, a girl or a boy

Closely resembling a real anteater

This is a gift nature lovers will enjoy

This plush is for kids three and older

It's super soft and quite huggable too

Give this anteater plush toy as a gift

To an animal lover with love from you

3. Bear Oven Mitts

This handy pair of Bear Hands oven mitts

Provides an element of great outdoors' fun

Protect both your paws from getting burned

And look cool while the cooking gets done

The paw pads are heat-resistant silicone

To handle hot food and oven shelves easily

Give these fun gifts to the bear in your life

So he can cook tasty meals for you safely

4. Butterfly Shower Curtain

Surround your bathroom with butterflies

Bring the many wonders of nature inside

Give this unique gift to a true nature lover

To hang in their bathroom with great pride

The butterfly shower curtain is waterproof

And is resistant to soap, mold and mildew

The colors add a burst of sunny freshness

Reminding the recipient that it's from you

5. Cat Paper Towel Stand

Add feline charm to a cat lover's kitchen

Or even to their bathroom if they choose

This yoga-cat cast-iron paper-towel holder

Will bring smiles and cast away any blues

It holds one roll of paper towels with ease

And three rolls of toilet paper fit as well

Give this decor gift for cat lovers to enjoy

As a functional gift that is uniquely swell

6. Cow Mug

A unique mug for people who adore cows

Featuring an unusual and whimsical design

Ideal for drinking your favorite hot beverage

This cow-themed mug is both funny and fine

It is crafted of hand-painted earthenware

And the udders are non-slip silicone feet

These are delightful gifts for animal lovers

It's a cow coffee mug that is udderly neat

7. Dog Door Stopper

A House Is Not A Home Without A Dog

Say the words on this stopper for a door

This is a delightful gift for animal lovers

Which dog people will enjoy all the more

The door stopper weighs about two pounds

Made from canvas to ensure its durability

Place this dog lovers' gift by any front door

For all neighborhood pups and people to see

8. Dolphin Throw Blanket

Featuring licensed artwork by James Hautman

Find two dolphins on this luxury blanket throw

Paired with an underwater colorful ocean scene

This gift is meant for dolphin lovers you know

The blanket is machine washable and dryer safe

So keeping it fluffy and clean will be a breeze

These gifts for animal lovers and for the home

Will long be enjoyed and are certain to please

9. Eagle 3D Metal Wall Art

This eagle gift has a Southwestern theme

A soaring eagle, the desert and the sun

For an animal lover who loves eagles too

This 3D metal wall art is the perfect one

Ideal for a Southwest living room wall

Or a bedroom to create a desert theme

Give this 3D wall art to any bird watcher

As a gift for an eagle lover it is a dream

10. Elephant Heart Duvet Cover

A beautiful duvet cover for animal lovers

Two elephants with their trunks entwined

This is a fun, whimsical gift for the home

And the cutest elephant gift you will find

The duvet cover is made here in the USA

A custom printed top and polyester blend

Give as a wedding or a housewarming gift

To a new couple, a recent grad or a friend

11. Frog Novelty Socks

These frog novelty socks are inexpensive gifts

Perfect for animal lovers and frog collectors too

Buy as stocking stuffers for women, men or kids

And pick out an extra pair of frog socks for you

The frog socks feature a happy frog design

They're machine washable, soft and comfy

You'll get compliments from all frog lovers

Because frog socks are so delightful to see

12. Giraffe Wall Sticker Decal

This colorful giraffe sticker is six feet tall

It's easy to apply as you just peel and stick

As decor and unique gifts for animal lovers

These tall giraffe stickers will do the trick

Crafted by My Wonderful Walls here in the USA

They're removable, repositionable and mess-free

Ideal in a living room or for babies and children

These fun giraffe gifts are designed beautifully

13. Hippo Therapeutic Wrap

Filled with treated grains and lavender flowers

This is a microwavable therapeutic plush toy

It can also be frozen to use as a healing ice pack

Providing therapeutic comfort and years of joy

Give these useful hippo gifts for animal lovers

To relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day

Hippo lovers will feel rejuvenated and calmed

As the plush hippo toy soothes in a magical way

14. Horse Soft Fleece Throw Blanket

Add a little country flair to your home decor

With this horse throw blanket which is divine

And as a gift for someone who adores horses

This cool throw blanket is awesome and fine

Soft enough to enjoy as your blanket at night

And elegant enough for any daytime display

Give this Western-themed gift to a horse fan

For Christmas, graduation or their birthday

15. Iguana Garden Statue

Hand-painted Iggy the Iguana garden statue

Is an outdoor gift and a garden lover's delight

The attention to detail is extremely remarkable

This lifelike Iggy the Iguana was created right

These are fantastic gifts for animal lovers

Who have an appreciation for reptiles too

Iggy the Iguana looks at home on the patio

And as an iguana he appears real and true

16. Kangaroo costume

Enjoy kangaroo costumes for the whole family

Complete with a removable joey and plush tail

The big floppy ears make them look so adorable

And as gifts for animal lovers these will not fail

They are perfect gifts to give for Halloween

For lounging around the house they're sweet

The kids will love dressing up as kangaroos

And as family gifts these are all totally neat

17. Llama Street Sign

This green street sign reads Llama Lover Lane

And looks cute on a wall or on a bedroom door

Give this PVC plastic sign to all animal lovers

It is a gift that they'll both treasure and adore

This sign is suitable for indoors and outdoors

The plastic can't rust and it also won't fade

Give this gift to a llama lover for a birthday

As this llama sign is the best gift ever made

18. Monkey Scrubby Holder

This is a scrubby holder with a monkey design

It is hand-painted and made of earthenware

Give as a kitchen gift for a monkey collector

As a thoughtful gift to show you really care

The holder includes one non-abrasive scrubby

Washing the monkey by hand is always best

These holders are useful gifts for animal lovers

And for monkey fans and chefs who love to jest

19. Narwhal Plush

This is the ocean's equivalent of a unicorn

It is a narwhal with a horn upon its head

This plushie is a squishy and cuddly gift

And a perfect plush toy to place on a bed

A narwhal plush is a great gift for birthdays

And for Christmas it makes an ideal gift too

The narwhal will be enjoyed all year round

Because it was given with lots of love by you

20. Panda T-Shirt

Panda lovers will adore this purple T-shirt

It's made with environmentally friendly ink

The T-shirt is one-hundred percent cotton

And will be worn even more than you think

The hand-dyed tee features a 3D graphic

And it's preshrunk so it won't shrink again

These gifts for animal lovers are awesome

And your panda purchase won't be in vain

21. Parrot Wine Bottle Holder

This is a beautiful parrot wine-bottle holder

And is an ideal gift for a lover of fine wine

The parrot is colorful, fun and whimsical

For bird lovers this wine holder is divine

The parrot makes a fun conversation piece

And it can hold wine, beer or even whiskey

It's a great gift for the home, RV or a cabin

With color details that are delightful to see

22. Penguin Paperweight

Gently move the interior liquid from side to side

To help you relax and also as a way to destress

The wave motion moves the penguins around

In this cute paperweight that's sure to impress

Use the paperweight to hold your papers down

Or give this penguin gift to a colleague or boss

This is a calming gift for animal lovers to enjoy

It's a gift they will always keep and never toss

23. Pig Mug and Spoon

This cute pig mug and spoon set is delightful

Perfect for enjoying a cup of hot coffee or tea

Place your mug on your desk where you work

And you will get compliments from everybody

The pig gift set also comes in other designs

There is a green frog, a panda and a cat too

Because these are great gifts for animal lovers

Buy a set as a gift and choose another for you

24. Rabbit Plush Toy

Fall in love with a cheerful and chubby rabbit

Unlike any plush toy that you have seen before

Designed especially for you by Kaloo in France

To create the highest quality plush you'll adore

Created with the softest denim-looking fabrics

This is a bunny that a baby will cherish for long

Give this rabbit plush to animal lovers of all ages

Because with this cute bunny you won't go wrong

25. Sloth Plush

Few things are cuter than a sloth plush toy

Like this cute one here from Wild Republic

If you're wanting the most adorable plushie

A three-toed sloth will definitely do the trick

This sloth is an unusual gift for animal lovers

It is as unique and cutely adorable as can be

Any child who receives this cuddly sloth plush

Is guaranteed to be overjoyed and very happy

26. Tiger Canvas Wall Art

Friends will love this stunning canvas wall art

It's a blue-eyed tiger print in black and white

As a housewarming gift for a lover of big cats

This four-panel giclee artwork is a true delight

The tiger looks fantastic in any living space

And as a focal point in any bedroom as well

Give this gift for Christmas or for a birthday

As it's remarkably striking and visually swell

27. Turtle Throw Pillow Cover

Add a fun ocean-vibe to your bedroom decor

With this dynamic turtle throw pillow cover

This square pillow case with its turtle design

Is an ideal gift for an underwater animal lover

The gorgeous colors are vibrant and varied

From pinks and yellows to purples and blues

These are inexpensive gifts for turtle lovers

And there are other pillow designs to choose

28. Whale Tail Necklace Pendant

Featuring an eighteen-inch box chain in silver

With synthetic blue opals being a wonder to see

This fun whale tail pendant set in sterling silver

Will make the lucky recipient extremely happy

These are great jewelry gifts for animal lovers

With cubic zirconia for added sparkle and glow

Give these pendants to whale fans for birthdays

They'll receive compliments wherever they go

29. Wolf Embossed Journal

This journal contains sustainable forest paper

And the blank pages inside are all acid-free

With the cover artwork by artist Lisa Parker

These cool gifts for animal lovers are lovely

The wolf journal has one-hundred sixty pages

So there is ample space to record your writing

Give this special diary to a wolf-loving writer

As it is a precious gift and a wondrous thing

30. Zebra Plush Rocking Animal

This zebra stands on sturdy wood rockers

And it is hand-crafted with a wooden core

These are fantastic gifts for animal lovers

That a lucky child will both love and adore

This cuddly zebra is soft and very huggable

And adds a spark to a savanna-themed space

Give this zebra gift to a child for Christmas

And it will be loved and have a special place

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