20 Unique Gifts for Pregnant Women

Paired With Adorable Baby Bump Poems and Fun Pregnancy Gift Ideas

Gifts for Pregnant Women

Gifts for pregnant women are always exciting, and are a sweet way to spoil the new mom-to-be.

Find thoughtful maternity gifts to pamper her, so she can enjoy her nine months of waiting happily.

Discover funny pregnancy gifts for expectant mothers, and gifts that she'll treasure forever and a day.

She has nine long months of expecting till baby arrives, so give her fun gifts she can make use of today.

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20 Gifts for Pregnant Women

1. Magnetic Sonogram Picture Frame

These are such adorable gifts for pregnant women

To show off their sonogram of their growing baby

That first picture is a memory she'll always treasure

And a sonogram picture frame will protect it safely

Give this cute and funny gift for a baby shower

So she can admire her growing baby each day

Friends will get a kick out of this novelty frame

She'll be a happy and proud mama in every way

2. Countdown to Our New Baby Timer

Help mom count down the days till her baby arrives

Nine months can feel like a really long time to wait

Give her a fun Countdown to Our New Baby Timer

Seeing the days, hours and minutes is totally great

At a glance she'll know how much time she still has

To prepare for the arrival of her sweet bundle of joy

This pretty timer has pink and blue baby footprints

So it works if she is expecting a baby girl or a boy

3. Pearhead Belly Casting Kit

Few things are as beautiful as a woman's baby bump

With the miracle of a new life showing in her tummy

The Belly Casting Kit will capture her form forever

Where her baby grew she will always be able to see

These belly cast kits are whimsical and creative gifts

They are gifts for pregnant women to display as art

One day when the baby she's expecting is grown up

She'll see where she spent nine months as her start

4. Preggatinis(TM): Mixology For The Mom-To-Be

The Preggatinis Mixology for the Mom-to-Be book

Is a gift that all expectant moms will simply adore

She'll find alcohol-free cocktails to fall in love with

For party moms Preggatinis is the ultimate score

Combining fresh fruit juices, herbs and garnishes

In cocktail recipes created by a master mixologist

These gifts for pregnant women are so thoughtful

And for nine months alcohol will never be missed

5. Amira's Belly Dance & Yoga for Pregnancy Prenatal Exercise

These well-thought-out and beneficial dance routines

Will help mom prepare for her exciting journey ahead

Encourage a pregnancy that's healthy and also smooth

So rather than stressing she will learn to relax instead

Belly Dance and Yoga for Pregnancy prenatal exercises

Are unique gifts for pregnant women to stay healthy

She'll enjoy the warm-ups, exercises and cool-downs

With routines designed for her during her pregnancy

6. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

The Snoogle takes the place of multiple bed pillows

To support her growing tummy, head, neck and back

She will get the quality rest and sleep that she needs

So for nighttime comfort expectant moms won't lack

These are thoughtful maternity and pregnancy gifts

So mom-to-be can get in good nights of quality sleep

Because very soon when her newborn baby arrives

She'll be up at night when baby makes a small peep

7. Pearhead Pregnancy Milestone Stickers

Pregnancy milestone stickers are fun for social moms

Who love posting pictures for all their friends online

They can take pics to document their full pregnancy

And also capture each stage in ways that are divine

Expectant moms can place these stickers on T-shirts

And take pics for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too

These are fun and unique gifts for all pregnant women

Who love sharing their moments with family and you

8. Keep Calm I'm Pregnant And It's A Girl Funny Maternity Pregnancy T-Shirt

A Keep Calm I'm Pregnant And It's A Girl T-shirt

Is a funny maternity gift for the new mom-to-be

This will get big smiles and laughs from others

Because it's a one-of-a-kind pink pregnancy tee

This parody T-shirt also features a baby's pacifier

Perfect for a woman who's having a baby girl soon

She can proudly wear her tee over her baby bump

And mom's smile will show she is over the moon

9. A Little Something for Mama-to-Be Organic Pregnancy Gift Set

For a baby shower, pregnancy gift or push present

A Little Something for Mama-To-Be is an ideal gift

The herbal, organic pregnancy products are natural

And are designed to give expectant mothers a lift

Find herbal wellness tea, body spray and body butter

In a cute pregnancy gift kit with natural stretch oil too

Organic products formulated by a nurse and herbalist

Ensure mom a natural pregnancy all the way through

10. Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt

Baby can listen to music while in mommy's womb

With this Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt in green

It plugs into an iPod or any portable music player

And may be the greatest pregnancy gift ever seen

With a sound-splitter so both mom and dad can listen

And two earphones to adjust the volume they hear

The cool music belt uses safe sound music technology

So baby hearing loud sounds they don't need to fear

11. ProudBody Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit

A pregnancy belly painting kit is loads of great fun

For an expectant mom this is a unique opportunity

With her growing baby bump as the perfect canvas

She can invite close friends to a belly-painting party

The water-based paints have all been FDA approved

With cool colors like yellow, pink, orange and white

Her friends can be creative with their own artwork

And photos ensure a forever gift and adorable sight

12. Letters to My Baby: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.

Give her a delightful book of 12 Letters To My Baby:

For mom to Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.

She can share all her dreams and hopes for her baby

With these letters to the future that are so very clever

These letters are priceless gifts for pregnant women

That they'll share with their kids at a much later date

Moms-to-be can capture all of their love and feelings

And create time capsules that are sentimentally great

13. Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

Pamper the mom-to-be during her nine-month stretch

With this Burt's Bees moisturizing butter for her belly

Combos of nourishing jojoba, shea and cocoa butters

Provide her stretching skin with a supply of Vitamin E

Expectant mothers can massage their bellies daily

While dreaming of their baby growing safely inside

These are wonderful gifts to give pregnant women

To care for their baby bumps with a nurturing pride

14. Preggie Pop Drops Morning Sickness Relief

If mom-to-be is suffering daily with morning sickness

Preggie Pop Drops for nausea relief are worth a try

The lollies contain essential oils and plant botanicals

And may help queasy expectant mothers to get by

These Preggie Pop Drops come in four tasty flavors

Green apple, sour tangerine, raspberry and lemon too

The lollies are thoughtful gifts for pregnant women

And if these help them they will really appreciate you

15. Ceramic Maternity Mug

These are cute and funny gifts for pregnant women

A ceramic maternity mug that is as sweet as can be

Expectant mothers all deserve an unusual new mug

And this baby-bump white cup fits the bill perfectly

Give this fun novelty mug to use while she's pregnant

It is guaranteed to make her feel special and to smile

She only has a few months to show off her baby bump

So she will really treasure this unique mug for a while

16. My Pregnancy: A Keepsake Calendar

My Pregnancy: A Keepsake Calendar is so adorable

It is a calendar that mom-to-be will never throw away

At a far distant time many, many years into the future

She'll share memories with her child in a special way

These are truly unique gifts to give pregnant women

You won't find calendars like these at a regular store

They come with a varied selection of helpful stickers

For a baby shower, doctor's appointments and more

17. Tummy Tatts (Temporary Tummy Tattoos)

These are fun novelty pregnancy gifts for bellies

Tummy Tatts are the coolest temporary tattoos

With 20 different and amazing colorful designs

Expectant moms will have plenty tatts to choose

Each tattoo measures about 2 inches in diameter

They're easy to apply and each will last for days

Pregnant mothers can have fun with decorating

Their growing baby bumps in so many new ways

18. Baby Mooning Maternity T-Shirt

An unborn baby mooning everyone from the womb

Makes for a humorous gift and unique, funny tee

This maternity T-shirt will get gauranteed smiles

As it's possibly the funniest one you will ever see

This tee is made of 100-percent high-quality cotton

It's fully machine washable so mom-to-be can relax

She can wear her baby mooning pregnancy T-shirt

Together with her comfiest pair of maternity slacks

19. The Man Behind The Bump Men's T-Shirt

It's appropriate to give gifts for pregnant women

But it's simply not fair for the man to be left out

Even the scales and buy him a pregnancy gift too

One he can flaunt for nine months and rave about

This T-shirt for men is a fun pregnancy gift for him

With words The Man Behind The Bump displayed

Have compassion for the guy who also needs gifts

This tee will surprise him so he won't be dismayed

20. Pregnancy Music - Classical Relaxation for Mother and Baby CD

These are very soothing gifts for pregnant women

It's a Classical Relaxation for Mother and Baby CD

The magical melodies were painstakingly selected

To convey secure and cozy feelings of full harmony

Give mom-to-be a gift she and her baby will treasure

She can listen to the piano pieces each day to unwind

And even after the birth she will still love this music

For it's the most relaxing pregnancy music you'll find

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Gifts for Pregnant Women