10 Unique Giraffe Gifts for Animal Lovers

Paired With Tall Giraffe Poems and Fun Gift Ideas

Giraffe Gifts

Explore cool and unusual giraffe gifts for animal lovers to wear and enjoy in their homes.

Find fun gift ideas for adults, kids and little babies, all paired with original giraffe poems.

Fall in love with giraffe socks, tea kettles and nightshirts, and delight in stunning art for the wall.

Surprise the special animal lover in your life, give her a giraffe plushie that's over 4 feet tall.

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10 Giraffe Gifts

1. Whistling Enamel on Steel Giraffe Tea Kettle

This fun giraffe gift is a whistling tea kettle

With a whimsical handle, a knob and a spout

It is a unique kitchen gift for an animal lover

Which they will forever be bragging about

There is enamel coating inside of the kettle

And on the outside of this giraffe kettle too

Use it safely on an electric or on a gas stove

Whatever is easiest and convenient for you

2. It's Been a Loooong Day Giraffe Nightshirt

This cute It's been a Loooong Day nightshirt

Is perfect to put on after a hectic workday

The cute expressions on the giraffes' faces

Will make you feel more relaxed right away

It's made out of one-hundred percent cotton

So it feels silky soft and super comfy to wear

Buy one for yourself and another for a friend

To unwind after a looong day without a care

3. Decorative Giraffe Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Bring the magic of Africa into your kitchen

For a safari adventure each time you cook

This decorative giraffe salt and pepper set

Gives your safari decor its authentic look

This is a fantastic gift for any giraffe lover

Who has a truly unique and eclectic style

Every time she reaches for her salt cellar

She'll think of you and have reason to smile

4. A Giraffe and a Half by Shel Silverstein

It's a wonderful giraffe gift for a young child

Written by the beloved author Shel Silverstein

Kids fall in love with all the wild funny rhymes

And the iconic line drawings are the best seen

This is a special fiftieth anniversary edition

As A Giraffe and a Half still remains the best

Give this book to children eight and younger

And they'll agree it is better than all the rest

5. Giraffe in Pink Glasses Throw Pillow Case

It is a giraffe wearing funky pink glasses

Decorating this unusual throw pillow case

Give this decor gift to a teen or a student

To create their own unique living space

The pillow cover has an invisible zipper

And it measures eighteen inches square

Toss this throw pillow onto a bed or a sofa

To add an amusing touch of whimsical flair

6. Giraffe Knee-High Socks

Perfect to give as inexpensive birthday gifts

Or as cute stocking stuffers at Christmas time

Because failing to have giraffes on your socks

May for some be considered a knee-high crime

Made of a cotton, polyester and spandex blend

So that these giraffe socks won't ever fall down

Wear these novelty socks into your workplace

And watch a smile magically replace any frown

7. Giraffe Eating Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

Featuring artwork by L.A. artist Linzi Lynn

With shades of purple, green, orange and blue

This Giraffe Eating gallery-wrapped canvas

Is a creative decor gift that is stunning too

The brightly colored canvas print is winsome

And quality made for you here in the USA

Give this art to a giraffe lover as a special gift

To brighten up her bedroom and also her day

8. Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush

The perfect accessory for any nursery

This giraffe plush is over four feet tall

Few can resist this sweet gentle giant

That will be enjoyed and loved by all

With a friendly face and long eyelashes

And covered in plush fur from head to toe

This may be the tallest plushie gift ever

Which kids continue to love as they grow

9. Romantic Intertwined Kissing Giraffe Figurine Statue

Finished with the look of hand-carved wood

Giraffes kiss with their necks intertwined

Give this delightful duo for an anniversary

As it's the most appropriate gift you'll find

Display these giraffes on a mantle or table

Or place them by a mirror in an entryway

It's a romantic gift to give your sweetheart

As a Christmas gift or for Valentine's  Day

10. Giraffe Love Vintage Upcycled Dictionary Art Print

Printed on a page from an antique dictionary

These fun giraffe gifts are truly one-of-a-kind

Using only vintage pages chosen at random

They are the most unique gifts you can find

Each giraffe print is lovingly made by hand

And fits in any standard eight-by-ten frame

Give as unusual gifts for most any occasion

Knowing two prints won't ever be the same

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Giraffe Gifts