30 Great Gifts for Kids of All Ages Who Love Cool and Unusual Stuff

Paired With 30 Fun Rhyming Poems for Children and You

Great Gifts for Kids

Find great gifts for kids of all ages and the coolest toys that they'll enjoy playing with for a long time.

Have loads of fun shopping for gifts with your kids, and read these poems which are cute and all rhyme.

Discover some children's gifts that are educational, while others are fun as gag gifts for a laugh or two.

Your kids will enjoy this unique new experience, of seeing unusual gifts and reading fun poems with you.

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30 Great Gifts for Kids

1. LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313

Ideal for engineers and programmers in training

You get to create your very own robot that walks

And when you skillfully set up the right commands

You'll be blown away when your robot also talks

LEGO Mindstorms all make great gifts for kids

The EV3 is suitable for girls and boys 10 to 15

But older teens and adults will love EV3 too

Some say it's the best LEGO they've ever seen

2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

This blue VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Is intended for younger children aged 4 to 9

Kids enjoy the three fun activities and five games

And for young photographers the camera is fine

It has a timer, a video camera and a stopwatch

An alarm, a voice recorder and touchscreen too

They're great gifts for kids who love smart stuff

As there's not much the Kidizoom DX cannot do

3. The Wonderful Things You Will Be - Hardcover

This kids' book has an age range of 3 to 7 years

About all of The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Celebrating the love parents have for their children

With clever illustrations which are delightful to see

From author and illustrator Emily Winfield Martin

Who expresses what parents feel in clever rhymes

It's a book grownups will love reading to their kids

With messages of hope that will endure for all times

4. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer – Green

Drive on hard surfaces, wet grass and rough terrain

In the open cockpit that is roomy enough for two

The Power Wheels Dune Racer offers hours of fun

Because driving forward and reversing are easy to do

Suitable for children as young as 36 months

These gifts for kids will keep them driving awhile

Give this racer to a boy or a girl on their birthday

And you will be rewarded with a giant, happy smile

5. FurReal Friends StarLily - My Magical Unicorn

StarLily comes to you from an enchanted forest

She's a magical unicorn who responds to your touch

She makes a great pet for girls aged 4 and older

And she'll move to music which she likes very much

StarLily can flutter her delicately beautiful wings

And her mood also changes the color of her horn

Any young child will love FurReal Friends StarLily

Because she's both a magical and a lovable unicorn

6. Money Maze for a Fun Twist on Gift-Giving

These are great gifts for kids who love puzzle games

They're unique birthday gifts for adults and teens too

Kids have to use both their ingenuity and their logic

To get to the gift inside that's sneakily hidden by you

These toy maze boxes are a challenge for children

But they are not too difficult for your kids to decode

You can hide smaller gifts like money or even jewelry

And kids will rejoice when they reach the mother lode

7. View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

Kids can now enter the cool world of virtual reality

With the View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

Featuring stunning 360-degree environments

In updated versions of View-Masters from way back

Simply download one of the View-Master VR apps

And then easily slide your smartphone into its place

Kids will be instantly immersed in a new experience

As they explore new worlds beyond all time and space

8. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike in Red

The 4-in-1 Trike is the ultimate grow-with-me trike

Brought to you by Radio Flyer in its cool classic red

It converts from a steering trike back into a stroller

And then older kids can ride a regular trike instead

These are great gifts for kids until they are 5

And they're suitable for babies of 9 months too

Because this red trike will be enjoyed for so long

It's both a fun and a practical gift given by you

9. Minecraft Mini-Figure Collector Case

These are great gifts for kids who are Minecraft fans

The Minecraft Collector Case doubles as a fun play set

Kids can safely display all of their collectible figures

Making this cool case the handiest Minecraft gift yet

Mini-figures can be stored on one side of this case

While the other side is where kids play and have fun

They can take their Minecraft world out with them

And pack their mini-figures away when they're done

10. Molkky Original Game

Molkky is the number one outdoor game in Europe

This game combines throwing accuracy with luck

The wooden pins come in a wooden carrying crate

Which holds them all neatly so they don't get stuck

They're great gifts for kids to play with in the park

With friends on a football field or in their backyard

And because the game involves both skill and chance

Younger kids can compete in a way that's not hard

11. Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

The Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Takes less than two minutes of your time to inflate

When deflated it's the size of a rolled sleeping bag

Which makes storage after playtime really great

Three kids can bounce together at the same time

They can all jump around and have loads of fun

These are great gifts for kids for playing outdoors

And packing up is a breeze when playtime is done

12. KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

The KidKraft waterfall mountain train set and table

Is well-designed for creative play and it is kid-sized

The train set comes with 120 durable play pieces

And every piece will be both treasured and prized

The set comes with three bins for effortless storage

Solid wood trains tracks and wooden accessories too

Children can entertain themselves for many hours

Without needing the constant assistance from you

13. Rainbow in My Room

Project a colorful rainbow across the ceiling and walls

With the push of a button you can brighten your space

These are great gifts for kids to use in their bedroom

To make their room a cheery and more welcoming place

It projects just the right amount of light into the room

For kids to use the rainbow projector as a nightlight too

Their friends will enjoy magical and happy sleepovers

Because sleeping under a rainbow is a fun thing to do

14. My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Canterlot Castle Playset

Have a fun party for every pony at Canterlot Castle

With Spike the Dragon and Princess Celestia as host

These are great gifts for kids and My Little Pony fans

And may be the gift their MLP friends enjoy the most

Scan codes in the MLP Friendship Celebration app

Ride the working elevator to the castle's third floor

The Cutie Mark playset includes over 40 accessories

To decorate the castle and have fun playtime galore

15. 3D The Earth Puzzleball - 540 Pieces

Made with perfectly crafted and curved puzzle pieces

3D The Earth is a unique gift that is a big puzzle ball

This puzzle is recommended for children 10 and older

But the completed globe will be loved and used by all

The pieces snap together without needing any glue

It includes a detailed map as a handy reference guide

Have fun completing your 3D The Earth Puzzleball

Then display your globe of the Earth with great pride

16. Bugs in the Kitchen - Children's Board Game

Bugs in the Kitchen is a lively board game for kids

Play this super-fast action game of bug extermination

There's a HEX BUG nano that's scuttling all around

Catch the pesky bug first and the game you will win

This fun children's game is for two to four players

A complete game takes you only 20 minutes to play

It's recommended for kids from ages 6 to 15

And is ideal for family game night or a cold rainy day

17. MLB Super Star Batter and Fielder 4-in-1 Pitching Machine

This cool pitching machine features a tripod-style base

Complete with ground stakes to prevent it from tipping

The telescopic ball feeder hold nine plastic baseballs

So players can easily practice both hitting and fielding

The MLB 4-in-1 Super Star Pitching Machine

Is a fun children's gifts for Christmas or a birthday

It's great for building skills and confidence in players

So kids can improve their game in every which way

18. Zoomer Kitty Interactive Cat in Black

Zoomer Kitty is the PURRfect friend to give as a gift

An interactive kitty who loves to purr, bounce and play

These kitties are great gifts for kids at Christmas time

And for kids aged 5 and older for their next birthday

Zoomer Kitty will happily follow your every movement

By using her very own unique True Vision Technology

She's a curious kitten who loves performing new tricks

So cat-loving kids will adore their sweet Zoomer Kitty

19. 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase

You'll be performing magic tricks in no time at all

Thanks to the step-by-step instructional DVD

These are great gifts for kids aged 8 and older

To wow all their friends and also their family

The storage suitcase becomes a performance table

And you'll find over 100 cool magic tricks inside

Give this gift to any aspiring magician you know

To perform a Spectacular Magic Show with pride

20. VTech Kidizoom Action Cam

This camera for kids is both versatile and durable

It's a digital camera that can be attached to a bike

Kids can take photos and videos 6 feet underwater

With this waterproof gift that all children will like

The action camera includes awesome photo effects

And there are a bunch of games for children too

Give this action cam to a child as a birthday gift

And he'll take the coolest pics and videos for you

21. Makey Makey - An Invention Kit for Everyone

This may be the coolest thing ever invented for kids

Behold Makey Makey - An Invention Kit for Everyone

It connects the world around you to your computer

For thousands of unique ways to have creative fun

Imagine turning a regular banana into a touchpad

Or drawing your very own controller from scratch

For artists and engineers who are aged 8 and up

These great gifts for kids are a fun and ideal match

22. Barbie Pop-Up Camper Vehicle

The Barbie pop-up camper is a girl's dream come true

It is so much more fun than a regular boring RV

Attach a water slide and pull out a cool swimming pool

To make Barbie the coolest camper that you'll ever see

This glam vehicle transforms to a three-story playset

And it takes glamping to a far higher level of style

Give a Barbie camper vehicle to a girl for Christmas

And she'll be happily enthralled for the longest while

23. Radio Control Harley Davidson Nightster With Rider

The RC Harley Davidson Nightster with a rider

Is a remote control motorcycle that is loads of fun

These are great gifts for kids who love RC power

And they'll say your cool gift is the very best one

The Harley Davidson motorcycle is easy to control

There are mini stabilizer wheels which keep it upright

Give this Harley Davidson to a boy in a wide open space

And he'll be remote controlling from morning till night

24. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

Energizing music encourages baby to move around

Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo is very sweet

These are great gifts for young kids and older babies

And the multi-color LED grid tummy is super neat

There are learning games to teach baby her ABC's

And her different colors, number counting and more

Give BeatBo to a baby or young child for Christmas

She'll dance all around and have BeatBo fun galore

25. Gravity Maze by Think Fun

It's a unique marble run and logic puzzle combined

Which builds spacial reasoning and planning skills too

Find 60 challenges from beginner level to expert

You'll be a Gravity Maze pro before you are through

This game is fun and challenging for a single player

And the recommended ages are from 8 to 15

Groups of players and adults also love Gravity Maze

Just follow the falling marble to see where it's been

26. Insta-Snow Powder - Makes 2 Gallons of Snow

Insta-Snow Powder is a great stocking stuffer for kids

And it's a unique gag gift or prank for cool snowy fun

The snow absorbs up to 100 times its weight in water

But doesn't melt so there's no icy mopping to be done

You can create some incredibly realistic snow scenes

And enjoy Christmas in July the entire year through

These are great gifts for kids and younger scientists

Be amazed at the cool things Insta-Snow lets you do

27. Learning Resources Create-a-Maze

Strengthen both creative and critical thinking skills

With the exciting Learning Resources Create-a-Maze

Suitable for home playtime or in a classroom setting

Kids can design the board an endless number of ways

These are great gifts for kids aged 36 months and up

And there are multiple levels at which they can play

Create-a-Maze is a good choice for Christmas gifts

And also great to buy younger kids for their birthday

28. LeapFrog Epic 7-Inch Android-Based Kids’ Tablet 16GB

Ignite endless learning and creative play in your kids

With the fun LeapFrog tablet that is Android-based

This game will adapt from ages 3 until they are 9

So your great gift will last and will not be a waste

Find a handpicked collection of cool kid-friendly apps

With tons of fun learning games for children to explore

The interactive home screen is designed just for them

And as they get older they'll love their tablet even more

29. Sumoku Game by Blue Orange

This is a super game for kids to improve math skills

It is good for solo playing and also fun for team play

Recommended for children from the age of 8 to adult

Sumoku is very challenging in the most wonderful way

Flex your brain with this crossword-style number game

There are five variations that you'll soon learn with ease

These are great gifts for kids and also for grownups

And easy instructions make learning Sumoku a breeze

30. Grumpy Cat Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

Famous Grumpy Cat is a plush stuffed animal toy

Who has the grouchiest face that you will ever see

Grumpy Cat is adored by millions of Internet fans

Because few can resist a face like this on a kitty

These are great gifts for kids and Grumpy Cat fans

So you may even want to buy one just for yourself

Grumpy Cat is super-soft, cuddly and huggable too

And looks awesome on your bed or on a bookshelf

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