10 High School Musical Gifts for HSM Fans

Paired With High School Musical Poems and Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

High School Musical Gifts

Discover High School Musical gifts for fans, and explore HSM games for kids to enjoy.

Delight in cool poems and HSM gift ideas, perfect for either a fan who's a girl or a boy.

You'll find a T-shirt, a watch and an HSM backpack, together with music CDs, DVDs and a playset.

Together with the cute poems for kids of all ages, these may be the very best HSM gift ideas yet.

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10 High School Musical Gifts

1. High School Musical White Strap Watch

Give your HSM fan a High School Musical watch

With a photo of both Troy and Gabriella on the dial

This is a great gift for Christmas or for her birthday

And she'll happily wear her watch with a giant smile

Find pink outlined numbers and also dot markers

Plus fun crystal accents on the textured bezel too

This is an adorable HSM watch with a white strap

And a perfect gift for a fan when it's given by you

2. High School Musical - Breaking Free White T-Shirt

Give her a trendy High School Musical gift to wear

It is a white shirt for girls that reads Breakin' Free

She can pair this gift with her favorite denim jeans

And she'll look awesome in her brand-new HSM tee

Featuring the cast of Disney's High School Musical

This shirt is officially licensed HSM merchandise

With the high-res silver graphics and vibrant colors

She'll love her T-shirt and she will look really nice

3. Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3 Bundle with Microphone -Xbox 360

The HSM bundle with a microphone for Xbox 360

Lets you sing to 25 full songs and the music videos

Featuring best hits from all three of the musicals

You'll soon be singing and sounding like HSM pros

There are numerous multiplayer modes to enjoy

You can sing duets with a friend or rather compete

Give this Xbox gift to all High School Musical fans

Both they and their friends will agree that it's neat

4. Disney High School Musical Alarm Clock Radio for iPod and MP3 Players

This HSM clock radio has a digital AM/FM tuner

And it also functions for you as a handy iPod dock

Featuring a sleep timer as well as a snooze button

It's the ultimate High School Musical bedside clock

The front door opens with a twist of the black dial

And this is where you place your iPod safely inside

This High School Musical gift is a fun novelty clock

That you can give to an HSM fan with tons of pride

5. High School Musical Large Backpack with Water Bottle

Pack your books in a High School Musical backpack

Complete with pink stars, hearts and the HSM cast

This is a 100-percent officially licensed product

And the high quality ensures this backpack will last

Stay refreshed at school thanks to the water bottle

And carry school supplies on your back comfortably

Give this eye-catching bag as a back-to-school gift

Your High School Musical fan will use it constantly

6. High School Musical 1-3 Blu-ray

Watch Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens on Blu-ray

With the High School Musical remix, two and three

Enjoy the best in theater-quality picture and sound

These three fun movies will be played repeatedly

Discover exclusive interviews where the cast reunite

And follow step-by-step instructions to dance moves

This HSM gift will be treasured for many long years

For the quality, the characters and also the grooves

7. High School Musical 3 High School Playset

East High is brought to life with this cool playset

It includes a gym, a classroom and lunchroom too

There's a secret rooftop area just like in the movie

For your HSM best friends to all hang out with you

Reenact your favorite scenes from the Disney movie

Invite your friends over for an HSM fun-filled day

These are fun and cute High School Musical gifts

That will be enjoyed and appreciated in every way

8. High School Musical Hits Collection

Five CDs and one DVD arrive in this HSM gift set

It is the full High School Musical Hits Collection

Give these discs to your High School Musical fan

As a cool birthday gift this will be a fantastic win

This is a limited-edition six-disc set to be treasured

And one that will provide years of musical delight

With all the High School Musical hits in one gift set

This is an HSM gift for true fans that's made right

9. High School Musical Gabriella and Troy

Troy Bolton is ready to shoot hoops for the Wildcats

And Gabriella Montez is wearing her fancy red dress

Her lovely hair is long enough so that it can be styled

Together these HSM dolls are gauranteed to impress

Each of the dolls plays a song clip from Breaking Free

So you can sing along with both of them as you play

Give this High School Musical pair to your HSM fans

Either for Christmas or as a fun gift for their birthday

10. High School Musical Slumber Tote

Designed to make kids' sleepovers more exciting

This HSM slumber tote with matching bag is fun

Featuring the show's cast and the Wildcats' logo

This High School Musical gift may be the best one

Have a High School Musical party at your home

And surprise your child with a new sleeping bag

She will love the graphics and the bright colors

And her HSM friends will all have reasons to brag

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High School Musical Gifts