Unique Hippo Gifts for Children and Adults

Paired With Hippopotamus Gift Ideas and Poems for Hippo Lovers

Hippo Gifts

Find unique hippo gifts for hippopotamus lovers, and shop while reading a cute hippo poem.

Choose hippo T-shirts, socks and slippers, and pick out new hippo artwork for the home.

Discover a gold hippo pendant and a crystal pair, or select an unusual hippo figurine fan.

Hippo lovers delight in these cool hippo finds, perfect for a child or a woman or man.

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10 Hippo Gifts

1. Swarovski Hippo Mother With Baby

Fall in love with this hippo gift from Swarovski

A hippo mother and baby in crystal that's clear

Give this treasure to a hippopotamus collector

And they will hold this hippo duo forever near

Symbolizing togetherness, loving and caring

Crystal Swarovski hippos make a perfect pair

Surprise a collector for their special occasion

They'll feel loved knowing that you really care

2. Hippotenuse Hippopotamus Hypotenuse Men's T-Shirt

The hippo T-shirt displays a fun Hippotenuse

Designed for a mathematician or a math geek

It is a novelty shirt to be worn and admired

And as unisex gifts for hippo lovers it's unique

Using one-hundred-percent preshrunk cotton

The T-shirt won't ever shrink or go out of style

Surprise a math student with this funny shirt

The mathematical hippo will make them smile

3. Ride-On Hippo by Hansa

A hand-crafted plush animal created by Hansa

From their Safari Collection comes this hippo

It can be ridden by children and even adults

And will be treasured for years after kids grow

This ride-on hippo is fun for kids three and up

Because it's hand-crafted, no two are the same

Give this gift to an animal lover for Christmas

It'll put every other gift they receive to shame

4. Plush Hippo Security Blanket

A hippo security blanket with a rattle sound

Designed by Carter's in navy blue and grey

Ideal for baby as a bed and nap-time buddy

And as a companion to cuddle with all day

The hippo blanket is soft and comfortable

And can be placed in the washing machine

Perfect for baby showers or first birthdays

It's the best hippo gift baby has ever seen

5. Hippo Figurine Fan by Deco Breeze

Featuring high-quality cast metal construction

This is a cool Deco Breeze hippo figurine fan

Ideal for any home office or in the living room

And perfect as a gift for a woman or for a man

With two speeds as well as a thirty-watt motor

The hippo fan will keep things cool and breezy

Guaranteed to be loved and treasured all year

The hippo fan makes unusual gift-giving easy

6. Hippo Wristlet

An animal-friendly large-sized vegan wristlet

To keep pencils or cosmetics all hidden away

Give as an arty gift to a vegan animal lover

Or to a budding young artist for a birthday

The hippo mother and baby are adorable

The colors include greens and also pink

This hippo wristlet will be enjoyed daily

It's cute and larger than you may think

7. Hippo Animal Slippers by Happy Feet

Take a safari walk indoors on the wild side

Step in a pair of hippo slippers by Happy Feet

Enjoy the security of no-skid rubber bottoms

With realistic animal slippers that look neat

Give this gift to hippopotamus fans and friends

As fun slippers they are unique in every way

Wrap them up and surprise them for Christmas

Or as hippo gifts for a woman on her birthday

8. 14k Gold Polished Hippo Pendant

A jewelry gift for a hippopotamus lover

A polished pendant in fourteen karat gold

This polished hippo is cute and unusual

And not found where pendants are sold

Give this fun gold hippo as a Valentine gift

Or to a special girl or woman on her birthday

They will get compliments wherever they go

And thanks to you they will continually say

9. I Love Hippos Socks

These eye-catching socks read I Love Hippos

Featuring red hearts, hippos and fun facts too

But the best thing about these awesome socks

Is that they were thoughtfully given by you

Crafted with cotton, nylon as well as spandex

The socks stay in place all day and all night

Get tons of compliments from hippo admirers

As these hippo socks are an amazing sight

10. Unique Hippo Metal Wall Art

Unique hippo artwork by Brittney Hallowell

On a metal panel with a hand-sanded design

Give this hippo gift for the home or the office

It's striking art that is both abstract and fine

This wall art is easy to hang in the right spot

It'll be admired for years by all who pass by

A hippopotamus lover's most spectacular gift

Ideal for any hippo-loving girl or a hippo guy

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Hippo Gifts