Cute Mouse Gifts for Animal Lovers

Paired With Tiny Mouse Poems and Gift Ideas

Mouse Gifts

Enjoy unique mouse gifts for kids and adults, and find cute mice-themed poems here too.

Discover cool gift ideas for mice collectors, with adorable and special mice gifts for you.

Fall in love with mouse figurines and novelty socks, and delight in a plush mouse for a little one.

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10 Mouse Gifts

1. Swarovski Mouse Figurine

This mouse gift is crafted in Austria

It's a fine Swarovski mouse figurine

Give this precious gift to a collector

As this is the finest mouse ever seen

The cute mouse has a tail and whiskers

And a crystal body that's perfectly clear

Your tiny mouse will be cherished forever

Because this unique gift is ever so dear

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Women's Stretch Mouse Ballet Flats

Give these fun shoes to animal lovers

Stretch mouse ballet flats for her feet

A Marc by Marc Jacobs original pair

Unique mouse shoes that are so neat

Made from one-hundred-percent leather

These mouse flats are designed to last

Wearing boring black flats is now history

As designer mouse shoes are a total blast

3. Aurora World Taddle Toes Scurry Mouse Plush

This mouse gift is great for cuddling

And is perfect for a young girl or boy

A cute mouse plush from Aurora World

Is a super-soft and snuggly mouse toy

Taddle Toes Scurry Mouse is adorable

Featuring two enormous oversized feet

Give this mouse plush as a birthday gift

To a mouse lover as a cuddly fun treat

4. Brass Mouse Doorstop

Standing on top of a wooden wedge

Find a cute little mouse made of brass

This is a fun gift to give for the home

To add whimsy and also mouse class

The mouse doorstop has a padded base

Which protects your flooring from harm

Give this mouse as a housewarming gift

To keep a door open while adding charm

5. Mini Field Mouse Finger Puppet

This is a mini field mouse finger puppet

For storytelling and puppet theater too

Entertain young kids and also toddlers

Knowing this puppet looks cute on you

Give this field mouse gift to a teacher

To make books and lessons come alive

Pair this with a book all about field mice

So kids' imaginations continue to thrive

6. Holiday Mouse Oversized Mug

Give this oversized mug as a Christmas gift

It's a fun way to enjoy cocoa or hot coffee

With a small mouse hiding out in the bottom

This is the cutest mouse mug you'll ever see

A festive mouse cup is ideal for the holidays

To bring joy and cheer right into your house

Surprise an animal lover with a unique gift

An oversized mug with a cute hidden mouse

7. Baby Aspen Mouse Hooded Spa Robe

Give this cool baby gift to a small infant

It is a cute terrycloth spa robe in gray

This soft robe is perfect for newborns

And will brighten up mom or dad's day

The mouse robe has a pink pompom nose

Cute whiskers and embroidered eyes too

This one-hundred-percent terrycloth robe

Makes an adorable gift for baby from you

8. Wireless Remote Control Mouse

Enjoy playing with cats, dogs and kids

With this wireless remote control mouse

This is a funny gift for children and pets

To have hours of fun inside of the house

The wireless toy mouse is realistic looking

So be careful not to give mother a scare

Give this as a gag gift for an animal lover

Both as a prank and to show them you care

9. Mouse Treats Crew Socks

Give novelty crew socks as stocking stuffers

For both men or women to wear and enjoy

And buy extra pairs for older children too

As mouse socks are cool for a girl or a boy

These socks are a fun conversation piece

With cute mice munching on their cheese

This mouse gift is easy to send in the mail

So shipping your mouse socks is a breeze

10. Schleich White Mouse

Fall in love with this little white mouse

Made by Schleich with care and quality

Give this figurine to a mouse collector

To display for the whole world to see

Perfect for classrooms or pretend play

To make a farmhouse diorama complete

This little cutie is precious and adorable

So give this mouse gift as a surprise treat

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Mouse Gifts