20 Hot Ninja Gifts for Cool Ninjas in Training

Paired With Fierce Warrior Poems for Ninjas of All Ages

20 Ninja Gifts

Ninja gifts are so much fun to find for your kids, and they are also delightful to play with and see.

Enjoy exploring these gifts for ninjas in training, as these games and toys will make your ninjas happy.

Find nunchuck pens, ninja games and party favors, plus ninja training swords and throwing stars too.

You'll love watching your ninjas having fun year-round, thanks to these great gifts for kids given by you.

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20 Ninja Gifts

1. Ninja in Training Funny Youth Hoodie

A unique ninja gift to give your ninja in training

A cool black-and-white long-sleeved youth hoodie

With Ninja In Training emblazoned on the front

A brave future ninja is what other ninjas will see

Give this long-sleeved T-shirt as a fun birthday gift

It is a cotton-blend hoodie that's printed in the USA

You are one fierce and powerful-looking young ninja

Their ninja-in-training friends will all enviously say

2. Ninja Warrior Temporary Tattoos

These awesome ninja warrior temporary tattoos

Arrive with 72 cool tattoos in the gift pack

They're a great addition to ninja party gift bags

And look fierce tattooed on the arm or the back

Kids will all love sporting ninja warrior tattoos

Parents will be relieved that they are temporary

Also ideal to complete Halloween ninja costumes

Cause after playtime is over they wash off easily

3. Nunchuck Pens

Learn to write and sketch like a ninja assassin

Using two pens connected with a metal chain

Give these creative nunchuck pens to all ninjas

And they won't use an ordinary pen ever again

These are medium-tip black-ink ballpoint pens

And are great as gag gifts or as a fun novelty

With nunchuck pens as their weapon of choice

Your future ninja warriors will be super happy

4. Hello Ninja Board Book

Your ninja will want you to read this over again

Because Hello Ninja is a captivating board book

Exceptionally written by a best-selling novelist

With fun illustrations begging kids another look

Ninjas large and small adore this bedtime story

It's an unusual ninja gift that is certain to please

Give this book to any kid for their next birthday

Or an anytime gift which you can give with ease

5. Ninja Warrior Bow and Arrow Archery Set for Kids with Katana Sword and Toy Weapons

This cool ninja warrior bow and arrow set

Includes a katana sword with a sheath too

Plus nunchucks, a sai, a dagger and a claw

And throwing discs for your ninja from you

The bow measures a full 20 inches in length

With four suction cups on the four red arrows

Give this complete ninja warrior set as a gift

So your young ninja can practice his throws

6. Thumbs Up! Ninja Mug

This is a ninja mug for coffee, tea or hot cocoa

With a fun ninja sword which replaces a spoon

Give this unique mug set to ninjas of all ages

Your ninjas will be completely over the moon

Remove the cover before heating or washing

This mug is safe for use inside the microwave

Give this novelty mug to any ninjas you know

For the coffee or the hot chocolate they crave

7. Sneaky Ninja Socks

These novelty socks are ideal gifts for ninjas

They are fun to look at and also comfy to wear

Sneaky ninja socks are great stocking stuffers

With a fun message for warriors to all beware

They're made of cotton, polyester and spandex

So these knee-high socks will remain in place

You'll feel confident all day long in ninja socks

Featuring a katana sword and a cool ninja face

8. Purple Ninja USB Flash Drive 16GB Memory Stick

True ninjas are known to have good memories

With a 16GB flash drive they'll have even more

Give a purple USB memory stick to your ninja

As a unique gift not found in any regular store

Great for storing photos, files and documents

To keep data safe from all prying enemy eyes

Give this ninja flash drive as a Christmas gift

And it will be well-remembered as a true prize

9. Number Ninjas by Haywire Group

Number Ninjas is fun for both girls and boys

And is a game that the whole family can play

Kids will not realize that they are doing math

As Number Ninjas is enjoyable in every way

There is treasure hidden in an ancient temple

To win the game this is what you must reach

Have fun on family game night with all ninjas

And this board game which will secretly teach

10. Stealth Ninja Boys' Premium Costume Kit with Sword

This stealth ninja costume kit with a sword

Is great for costume parties and Halloween

It includes a jump suit, toy sword and a belt

And a mask so the ninja's face is never seen

The belt is equipped with foam ninja stars

In this costume that true ninjas will adore

Give this ninja gift to a boy for Christmas

And he will become invincible forevermore

11. Ninja Gummies

Enjoy 38 individually wrapped ninja gummies

The total weight of the gummy candy is 1 pound

Savor both the cherry and the raspberry flavors

As these unique gummies are not easily found

If you are throwing a cool ninja-themed party

Then these ninja gummies are a perfect treat

And while the ninjas are so amazing to look at

You'll discover that they are even better to eat

12. Ninja Sword Toy Light-Up LED with Motion Activated Clanging Sounds

This ninja toy sword has a black and silver handle

With a translucent blade which glows bright blue

A fantastic accessory for any modern day warrior

And a great ninja gift for Christmas given by you

The sword has motion-activated clanging sounds

Making this novelty gift perfect for pretend play

Give this light-up toy sword to ninjas of all ages

So they can dress up as ninja warriors every day

13. Ninja Dice Game

This cool Ninja Dice game is super easy to learn

And playing is fun because the game is fast-paced

It comes with custom ninja dice and playing coins

Give to a true ninja and your gift won't go to waste

All players roll their dice during each player's turn

So no one ever has reason to be left out or bored

These are cool ninja gifts to give for any occasion

Your lucky ninjas will know that they have scored

14. Ninja Training Equipment Target Dartboard

This target dartboard has a hook for easy hanging

With a dragon image, character and numbers too

A must-have accessory to practice knife throwing

As this dartboard makes ninja training easy to do

Designed with all safety and performance in mind

The pressed-paper target dartboard is lightweight

It is a sharp addition to any ninja's bedroom decor

And is a useful ninja gift that also looks really great

15. Ninja Black Wood Pencils

Ninja black wood pencils are cool gifts for kids

This set of 12 pencils ensures your gift will last

Writing and drawing will be so much more fun

And dull yellow pencils will belong in the past

Perfect for ninjas to write disguised messages

These pencils are super trained and stealthy too

Great back-to-school gifts for your young ninjas

To have a blast at school the entire year through

16. Ninja Rubber Duckies

What is better than one cool ninja rubber ducky

Twelve cool ninja rubber duckies to be precise

Buy these unusual party favors for a ninja party

As all children love these duckies which are nice

The 12 ninja duckies come in fun assorted colors

Discover duckies in purple, black, red and blue

Your ninja will have loads of fun in the bathtub

As bath time is better with a ninja ducky or two

17. Martial Arts Children’s Black Rubber Training Ninja Stars

Ideal for children's games in martial arts classes

As they're made of flexible rubber for kids' safety

These martial arts black rubber training ninja stars

Are useful ninja gifts which are sold in sets of three

Great tools for self-defense and training techniques

And perfect for a ninja-theme birthday party game

Give these stars to your ninja for everyday practice

And very soon your ninja will achieve throwing fame

18. Ninja Versus Ninja Game

Ninja Versus Ninja is a game of swords and rewards

That is suitable for children aged 8 and older to play

It is a light strategy game designed for two players

And also encourages critical thinking in every way

These are exciting ninja gifts to give for birthdays

As this game can be played in 20 minutes or less

Surprise your favorite ninja with this special find

For a rewarding and fun ninja-gift-giving success

19. Plastic Ninja Chopsticks

Plastic ninja chopsticks are a great training tool

And they are fun to use for an Asian food night

This set of 12 black and red ninja chopsticks

Are plastic chopsticks which are designed right

A ninja connects two pieces of plastic together

So learning to eat with chopsticks is a breeze

Give these as gifts for ninjas who are in training

Soon they'll be using chopsticks to eat with ease

20. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dark Ninja Comforter

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bed comforter

With the gang and Ninjas in Training printed too

Is a cool ninja gift for any ninja-themed bedroom

And awesome decor that your ninja will love too

Made of a super-soft and plush microfiber fabric

Your ninja will sleep soundly all through the night

Because he'll need all his strength in the morning

When it's time for your ninja to battle and to fight

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