10 Unique Pig Gifts for Piggy Fans

Paired With Little Pig Poems and Fun Gift Ideas

Pig Gifts

Discover unusual pig gifts for the kitchen and garden, plus piggy tees and jewelry you can wear.

Surprise the special pig collector in your life, as a pig-themed gift shows them that you care.

Find plushie pig toys for kids of all ages, and plush slippers that adults can wear too.

If you are an animal lover and adore pigs as well, pick out a fun pig treat just for you.

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10 Pig Gifts

1. Pig TubbieWubbie

Pig gifts don't get any cuter than this plush

It is twelve inches of cuddly soft piggy joy

Give this plush pig to a kid for Christmas

And you will see a very happy girl or a boy

Pig TubbieWubbie is made by Aurora Plush

A leading plush manufacturer of high quality

This pink piggy will delight for many years

As it is the sweetest plush pig you will see

2. Cozy Pig Ceramic Mug

This whimsical mug is designed by Lori Siebert

A functional and decorative pig gift that is fine

It is a unique kitchen gift for an animal lover

Featuring a high-quality ceramic pig design

The colorful pig coffee mug is microwave safe

And gives a cheerful start to begin a workday

Give this piggy mug to a friend in your office

As a creative Christmas gift or for a birthday

3. 10k Rose Gold Diamond Flying Pig Pendant Necklace

Featuring a rose-gold pig with white diamonds

And a rope chain with secure spring-ring clasp

This is a beautiful jewelry gift for a pig lover

Guaranteed to make any woman or girl gasp

Give a pig pendant to her for Valentine's Day

She will be delighted and swoon at your feet

A unique gift for a collector of pig novelties

This fine jewelry pig necklace is really sweet

4. Keep Calm and Love Pigs Junior T-Shirt

Choose from an array of vibrant colors

Discover pink, purple, red and also blue

Surprise a pig lover in your life with one

Or spoil them a bunch and give them two

With the words Keep Calm and Love Pigs

This pig T-shirt is a cute and fun parody

Printed with love and care in the USA

Onto a one-hundred-percent cotton tee

5. Drinking Pig Wine Bottle Holder

Proudly place wine in this unique bottle holder

A country decor gift with charm and humor too

This porky pig gift is meticulously hand-crafted

Creating a one-of-a-kind wine holder from you

Display the pig wine bottle holder in the kitchen

Or perhaps on the countertop of your home bar

And give this unusual holder to an animal lover

As a conversation starter this piggy is the star

6. Duck Brand Flying Pigs Printed Duct Tape

Discover flying pigs printed on duct tape

Ideal for creative projects and fun crafting

Give this do-it-yourself pig gift to a friend

Your flying pigs will make her heart sing

Duck Brand tape works on many surfaces

Including leather, wood, vinyl and plastic

This is a cute stocking stuffer for women

A piggy gift that's unusual and also slick

7. Peppa Pig Wood Puzzle Clock

Fans of Peppa Pig will love this colorful gift

A pig wood puzzle clock to display on a wall

The clock is fun for a schoolroom or nursery

As Peppa Pig is adored by kids big and small

Kids learn to tell the time while they have fun

With twelve colorful blocks in cool shapes too

Give this puzzle clock to a young animal lover

So they can forever tell the time thanks of you

8. Whistling Pig Metal Teapot

A whistling pig kettle for making hot tea

With an enamel finish that won't fade away

A quirky kitchen gift to give a pig collector

Ideal for that special occasion or a birthday

The piggy teapot holds two quarts of water

And features a heat-resistant comfort grip

Boil water safely with true peace of mind

Knowing the kettle is designed not to slip

9. Flying Pig Garden Weathervane

This weathervane is easy to assemble and install

And looks great in any garden, sundeck or yard

Surprise a pig collector with this unusual gift

Paired with a funny pig-themed birthday card

The flying pig is made out of polished copper

Over time the weathervane will age naturally

Give this pig gift to a friend to display outdoors

For their enjoyment and the whole world to see

10. Pink Pig Animal Slippers for Women and Men

Keep your feet cuddly warm all winter long

With pink pig slippers for women and men

These cute animal slippers are so adorable

You will want to wear them again and again

Thick padded soles ensure maximum comfort

Cute piglets are guaranteed to make you smile

Give as pig gifts to friends and animal lovers

And their feet will be happy for a long while

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