50 Unique Popcorn Gifts and Unusual Gift Ideas for Popcorn Lovers

Paired With 50 Popping Poems and a Seasoning of Popcorn Humor

Popcorn Gifts

Discover 50 gifts for popcorn lovers and unusual popcorn gifts that are fun.

From stocking stuffers to gift baskets, you'll find great gifts for everyone.

Buy tasty treats for fans of popcorn, and have a blast online while you shop.

Enjoy these popcorn-themed oddities, and try new edible gifts that go pop.

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50 Unique Popcorn Gifts

1. Amish Country Variety Popcorn Gift Set

This popcorn set from Amish Country

Is a buttery gift that is certain to last

For there's more than enough popcorn

Even if you munch it down really fast

The popcorn is guaranteed non-GMO

So you can feast with your mind at ease

And popcorn lovers will not get bored

You'll find eight different varieties

2. 100 Popcorn Recipes

Mix up savory popcorn granola

Or make caramel nut popcorn bars

To make homemade Christmas gifts

Wrap up the best in decorative jars

With 100 popcorn recipes

Your taste buds will never get bored

Try a new recipe out every day

And share with your ravenous horde

3. Hawaiian Hurricane Microwave Popcorn

Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn

Has a unique Hawaiian taste

With both mochi crunch and nori

You'll devour this popcorn in haste

If you've never eaten this popcorn

Try something new and be brave

This is an all-time island favorite

That Islanders both love and crave

4. Exploding Popcorn Candy

For a fun gag gift or a stocking stuffer

Give this exploding popcorn candy

With its buttery taste and sizzling pops

This gift is a laugh-out-loud novelty

These popping candies are carbonated

And are designed to pop on your tongue

Your funny gift will long be remembered

And your praises will surely be sung

5. 10K Yellow Gold Popcorn Charm

For the romantic popcorn lover

A popcorn charm in 10-karat gold

This gift will stand the test of time

It can't get stale and will not get old

Made expertly by Rembrandt Charms

It guarantees its jewelry for life

This popcorn charm is a sweet gift

For a girlfriend, daughter or wife

6. Old Time Popcorn Popping Machine With Cart

From Great Northern Popcorn Company

Comes this popcorn machine with a cart

It's a commercial-quality popper

With the vintage look of fine art

Each batch makes 3 gallons of popcorn

You make one batch and then you're done

Leaving you free with time on your hands

To eat popcorn and join in the fun

7. Start Your Own Gourmet Popcorn Business

Start your own gourmet popcorn business

Soon you'll be rolling in popcorn and dough

This business-savvy popcorn book

Has start-up info that you'll want to know

The Upstart Business Consulting Group

Created this business plan kit just for you

To help you with plans for your venture

So you can succeed in all that you do

8. Ass Kickin' Microwave Sriracha Popcorn

With a bold name like Ass Kickin'

You know this must be good

A cool gift for hot-sauce lovers

Who need sriracha on their food

This popcorn has a mighty kick

And a sriracha-flavored punch

Once you taste sriracha popcorn

You will crave this spicy munch

9. 550-Piece Popcorn Jigsaw Puzzle

Five-hundred-and-fifty fun pieces

Make up this jigsaw puzzle treat

A collage of your favorite popcorn

It's a puzzle you'll wish you could eat

Made by White Mountain Puzzles

Known for consistent high quality

For jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts

A popcorn gift that's calorie-free

10. Orville Redenbacher Fountain Hot Air Popper

The Orville Redenbacher Fountain

Is a hot-air popper made by Presto

If you like your snacks without oil

This hot-air popper is the way to go

It can make 20 cups of popcorn

Ready to eat in four minutes or less

The cover doubles as your bowl

So that you won't have any mess

11. Darth Vader Popcorn Bucket

With this Darth Vader popcorn bucket

You can cross over to the Dark Side

Star Wars rebels can pop up a batch

Then munch on their popcorn with pride

Perfect for watching movies at home

Or when it's time to say trick or treat

Your popcorn will seem to taste better

When from Darth Vader's helmet you eat

12. Kernel Season's Complete Seasoning Kit of All 12 Flavors

Don't settle for one popcorn seasoning

Twelve different flavors arrive in this set

The Kernel Season's 12-flavor kit

May be the the tastiest popcorn gift yet

Invite some friends over for movie night

Sample each flavor to give it a test

Then have your friends all take a vote

To decide on which flavor is best

13. NHL Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker

This exact replica of the Stanley Cup

Pops as fast as your microwave

With this hot-air popcorn popper

Think of all the time you will save

You can eat your snack like a champion

And enjoy popcorn that is oil-free

This gift includes a recipe book

To make popping up popcorn easy

14. Popcorn- Scented Microbead Pillow

Rest your head on this soft popcorn pillow

And you'll be dreaming of popcorn all night

The yummy scent and great squishy feel

Make this pillow a popcorn delight

The fun colors are vibrant and real

This is a pillow you won't want to hide

Give this gift to a popcorn lover

And get a genuine smile that is wide

15. Barn Red Stovetop Popcorn Popper

With a patented stirring mechanism

And a 25-year guarantee

This Red Barn popcorn popper

Is an investment and a novelty

A Real Theater kit is included

You can pop a fresh batch right away

You get kernels, oil and seasoned salt

A complete gift for someone's birthday

16. Popcorn Movie on DVD

Buy a bag... Go home in a box

With this cult classic which is now rare

Find this Popcorn horror on DVD

To give a popcorn lover a scare

This movie provides thrills and laughs

Great for an all-night-long horror fest

Popcorn received rave reviews

Some claim that it once was the best

17. Sea Salt and Maple Popcorn 3-Wick Scented Candle

Crafted by Bath & Body Works

A unique and fine popcorn gift

These three-wick scented candles

Will give everyone's spirits a lift

Made with the richest fragrance oils

And wicks that are all lead-free

This may be the world's best candle

With a scent that makes people happy

18. Microwave Popcorn Butter Dispenser

For pouring butter over your popcorn

Microwave Hot Topper can't be beat

You simply spray on melted butter

For a buttery-warm and salty treat

Unused butter can stay in this unit

For in your fridge the butter will last

And throwing out leftover butter

You'll soon find is a thing of the past

19. Chocolate Lovers Popcorn Pizza in a Box

Pizza, popcorn and chocolate as well

Three crowd favorites boxed into one

This unique and decadent pizza

Is a guaranteed way to have fun

Made for you in a nut-free facility

This pizza is kosher certified too

You can satisfy your sweet tooth

While your friends are thanking you

20. Keep Calm and Love Popcorn Parody T-Shirt

A 100-percent cotton T-shirt

That is North American made

With graphics that are colorfast

So they will not crack nor fade

Keep calm and love popcorn today

With white words printed on black

Wear this preshrunk cotton T-shirt

Promote your all-time favorite snack

21. Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn

Sweet buttered popcorn jelly beans

A Jelly Belly flavor most adore

When this popcorn gift is finished

You'll be wishing you had more

They're peanut-free and gluten-free

Vegetarian and kosher too

For fans of buttered popcorn

Half a bag will simply not do

22. Big Happy Birthday 4-Flavor Popcorn Tin

Give a popcorn gift of the finest corn

That is grown here in the USA

All piled up high in a popcorn tin

With the words Happy Birthday

A large three-and-a-half gallon mix

Four different flavors seasoned right

You'll be snacking on your birthday

From early morning until night

23. Giant 31-Inch Popcorn Party Balloon

Help guests find your birthday party

With a 31-inch giant balloon

Some claim it may be visible

From outer space and from the moon

Float this high above a popcorn bar

For your next movie-themed party

Or promote your new popcorn stand

For hungry customers to see

24. Gatsby Popcorn Machine

The ultimate popcorn popping machine

For your very own concession stand

This model is called the Gatsby

So you know this popper is grand

Order the Gatsby for your office

For the room where you eat your lunch

Your co-workers and bosses will love you

Free popcorn is the best kind to munch

25. Buttered Popcorn Air Freshener

For the unmistakable aroma

Of buttered popcorn in the air

An air freshener to mask the smell

In an adolescent's stinky lair

Give this funny stocking stuffer

As a gag gift or as a prank

The air quality will be improved

If the current air smells rank

26. Family Tub of White Fudge Popcorn

Popcorn dipped in fudge with almonds

Enough to make any foodie drool

This family tub from Rural Route 1

Is a gluten-free gift that is cool

Great for parties and holiday gatherings

For family and corporate gifts too

When you make this popcorn purchase

Pick up a second tub only for you

27. Popcorn Anti-Dust Plug-Cover Charm for Smartphones

A bling smartphone popcorn charm

For your iPhone or your Android

It's an anti-dust plug cover

So dusty problems you'll avoid

This charm fits smartphone devices

With a standard earphone jack

A popcorn gift of crystal bling

So for glam your phone won't lack

28. Ecolution Micro Popcorn Maker

This family-sized popcorn popper

Pops up popcorn that is oil-free

So you can pop yourself even more

Because this popcorn is very healthy

Use the lid to measure out kernels

To distribute or melt butter too

In three minutes your popcorn is ready

Microwaves do the popping for you

29. Popcorn Women's Socks

Looking just like a popcorn box

These socks are great for a laugh

They look cool and they're comfy

Cause they reach up to mid calf

A cool gift for popcorn lovers

Who like wearing unique socks

Your friends will all admire

Your trending style that rocks

30. Buttered Popcorn Salt Water Taffy

Soft and chewy salt water taffy

The old-fashioned gourmet kind

With a buttered-popcorn flavor

This is the best that you will find

In a taffy bag which is resealable

This popcorn gift is really neat

With individually wrapped candies

You have a popcorn-flavored treat

31. Scratch & Sniff Popcorn-Scented Sticker Pack

Proudly printed on recycled paper

So that they produce minimum waste

These popcorn stickers are acid-free

And the inks are all vegetable-based

Scratch-and-sniff popcorn scented

Funny stickers for your inner-child

When you smell the delightful aroma

Your taste buds may simply go wild

32. Popcorn Lovers Gift Basket

This exclusive popcorn gift basket

Is a popcorn lover's dream

It's filled with enough popcorn

To feed the entire football team

A modern stove-top popcorn cooker

Is cutely paired with vintage dishes

When this popcorn gift is opened

Popcorn lovers believe in wishes

33. Unique Popcorn Handbag

Show off your love for popcorn

In your unique and sassy style

With a vinyl popcorn shoulder bag

That will give others cause to smile

The shoulder strap detaches

You can adjust the purse with ease

This is a versatile popcorn gift

That is guaranteed to please

34. Popcorn Kindle Edition by Frank Asch

A reading popcorn gift for kids

Best for those aged 4 to 8

About Sam the bear on Halloween

With a storyline that's great

Popcorn is illustrated

A book your children will adore

When you are finished reading it

They will want it read once more

35. Double Feature Popcorn Metal Poster

A popcorn poster printed on metal

Designed for your home theater wall

With prepunched holes for easy hanging

This tin plate measures 12 inches tall

The words Popcorn Double Feature

Help create the look that you seek

For authentic home-theater decor

This adds a movie vibe that is unique

36. The Wiggles: Hot Poppin' Popcorn

Kids will dance along with The Wiggles

And burst into spontaneous song

This circus-themed children's DVD

Is a fun gift you cannot get wrong

Pop up a giant bowl of fresh popcorn

And watch your kids have loads of fun

As they watch Hot Poppin' Popcorn

Cause The Wiggles are second to none

37. Campfire Popcorn Holder for Jiffy Pop

Enjoy fresh popcorn round the fireside

On the next camping trip you take

With this long extension handle

Campfire popcorn is safer to make

For over-the-heat popcorn poppers

The safety handle gives a firm grip

Which means no burns or accidents

Only great outdoor fun on your trip

38. Miniature Popcorn Buckets Fridge Magnets

Cute miniature popcorn buckets

Popcorn gifts that are a delight

Perfect as small stocking stuffers

They are popcorn magnets done right

With these popcorn magnets on your fridge

You'll want to eat a fresh bowl of popcorn

When you open your fridge in the evening

And when you wake at the crack of dawn

39. Pass The Popcorn

This game of Pass the Popcorn

Is blazing-fast-paced movie fun

It's ideal for sleepover parties

As a game that includes everyone

Find movie trivia from every genre

And snack on popcorn while you play

This was the greatest sleepover ever!

Is what your kid's friends will all say

40. Premium Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack

Popcorn seasonings that are versatile

Use them on popcorn and french fries too

Even flavor your veggies and pasta

Fixing snacks becomes easy for you

Try White Cheddar or Sea Salt & Vinegar

Or Sizzling Sriracha for added spice

With such exotic blends to choose from

This popcorn gift is unusual and nice

41. Trick or Treat Popcorn Costume

Wear this adorable popcorn costume

When it's time to say trick or treat

You'll be rewarded with tons of candy

For sporting a costume so neat

Both a fun food costume for Halloween

And for a food-themed birthday party

Your little munchkin will look adorable

In this popcorn costume novelty

42. Halloween Zombie Head Popcorn Boxes

Plan a scary yet fun zombie party

And give your zombie lovers a fright

With these zombie-head popcorn boxes

For zombie snacking that is done right

You'll receive 24 zombie-head boxes

To make your party a fun success

And because these are disposable

You won't have to clean any mess

43. Red, White and Blue Popcorn Variety Pack

It's fun and easy to be patriotic

With premium kernels in red, white and blue

And this large Old Glory Variety Pack

Arrives in bulk for great added value

The corn is United-States grown

A smart gift for the Fourth of July

With three different colors of popcorn

You'll be tempted to give each a try

44. Dallas Cowboys Popcorn Gift Tin

Give this NFL-themed popcorn gift

To any Dallas Cowboys fan

There's popcorn to feed a football team

Or one extremely hungry man

It's made fresh before your shipment

Flavor and freshness guaranteed

But be warned that when you open it

You may invite a big stampede

45. I Just Popped Popcorn Baby Onesie

A unique baby shower gift idea

For a cute baby girl or a boy

Seeing the words I Just Popped!

Will give mommy-to-be great joy

Short sleeves and quick-snap closures

Make this popcorn onepiece comfy

And best of all for the new mom

Diaper changing is fast and easy

46. Movie Popcorn Charm Fits Pandora Bracelet

A jewelry gift at Christmas time

For Valentine's or a birthday

Popcorn on a charm bracelet

Is unique in every way

For Pandora or Biagi bracelets

And Chamilia or Trollbeads too

This cute popcorn charm in metal

Creates style that's uniquely you

47. Popcornopolis Gourmet Kettle Corn

For lovers of gourmet kettle corn

Popcornopolis gifts hit the spot

But be warned that it's highly addictive

So be prepared to order a lot

There's a balance of salty and sugar

Making a sweet and savory crunch

Treat yourself to a batch real soon

And enjoy a tasty kettle corn munch

48. American Girl Popcorn Machine for Dolls

With theater-style popcorn containers

Filled high with popcorn that's pretend

Your little girl and all of her dolls

Will have fun times that have no end

There are pretend boxes of candy

And fountain drinks with little straws

You may be tempted to join in the fun

To avoid doing all of your chores

49. Popcorn Costume for Adults

Why should kids have all the fun

Adults love costumes too

This popcorn outfit will look fine

When it is worn by you

Halloween comes once a year

But you can wear this any time

Because failing to be child-like

Will forever be a crime

50. Smiley Face Popcorn and Snacks Gift Tin

Great for birthdays or for Christmas

Or as gifts to say Thank You

But the best time to give this gift

Is when a friend is feeling blue

With seven different tasty treats

And smiley faces by the ton

This happy popcorn gift tin

Will bring smiles to everyone

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