20 Star Wars Gifts for Fans of All Ages

Paired With Fun Poems From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars Gifts

Find Star Wars gifts for die-hard fans of the Dark Side, and discover new stuff from The Force Awakens too.

If you are also a fan and love all things Star Wars related, you'll want some amazing fun toys just for you.

Choose from app-enabled droids and voice-changing helmets, as well as LEGO Star Wars sets and awesome tees.

For children of all ages and fans who remain young at heart, these cool toys and movie gifts are certain to please.

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20 Star Wars Gifts

1. Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

Record and view virtual holographic videos

With your very own app-enabled droid BB-8

It learns to recognize and react to your voice

Making this Star Wars gift unique and great

Guide BB-8 with your smartphone or tablet

Together you'll explore the Star Wars galaxy

These droids may be the best gifts ever made

True Star Wars fans will fall in love and agree

2. The Force Awakens 5-Piece Camp Kit with Kylo Ren Extendable Lightsaber

Out of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens

A Kylo Ren extendable lightsaber and LED flashlight

With a dome tent, sleeping bag and carry sling pack

Young Jedi warriors will enjoy camping out at night

This is a complete gift to give to your Star Wars fan

A five-piece camping kit for hours of role-playing fun

Use the handy carrying bag to pack everything away

So there's no clutter left when Jedi-playtime is done

3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary

Perfect for true Star Wars fans aged ten and over

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary

Learn the characters, creatures, droids and props

All the movie facts are laid out in this book visually

Fans of Rey can check out her bag of survival gear

With pics of Kylo Ren's helmet and lightsaber too

Everything you ever wondered about is portrayed

In a magnificent visual dictionary for fans like you

4. Star Wars Furbacca

The Star Wars Furbacca is a fun interactive toy

That will react to both motion and to your touch

Use the app to unlock Star Wars Furby Furblings

Which young Star Wars fans will love very much

This toy makes Wookiee sounds like Chewbacca

And it can hum Star Wars theme songs as well

Enter a Star Wars themed digital world online

With Furbacca and the app which is really swell

5. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker

You can stream your powerful audio wirelessly

This device works from as far away as thirty feet

A Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth speaker

Is a Star Wars gift for fans and geeks that is neat

You can answer and end calls via speakerphone

Tap the button and it plays the Star Wars theme

This incredible Bluetooth-equipped music player

Is every Star Wars fan's ultimate high-tech dream

6. Star Wars Origami

Using paper illustrated with art from the movies

Create projects from a galaxy that's far, far away

Give kids the creative gift of Star Wars Origami

As a fun Christmas gift or for their next birthday

Transform a piece of paper into Princess Leia

Or Han Solo, Boba Fett, Yoda or even R2-D2

There are thirty-six cool paper-folding projects

Enough for your children and some also for you

7. Star Wars Boys' The Force Awakens Character Match Up T-Shirt

Featuring cool graphics from The Force Awakens

Give kids this unique and awesome Star Wars tee

Choose from different colors and stunning designs

These Star Wars gifts for kids will be worn happily

Fans will enjoy wearing their favorite characters

Emblazoned across the front of their new T-shirt

You'll love that the tees are all machine washable

Cleaning up is a breeze to remove grime and dirt

8. LEGO Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter 75101 Building Kit

Recreate scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

First load up the shooters and then prepare to fire

First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter from LEGO

Is a Star Wars gift any LEGO fan will really desire

There are over five hundred pieces in this gift set

Suitable for kids and teens aged eight to fourteen

As a new addition to a Star Wars LEGO collection

This may be the most awesome new set ever seen

9. Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray]

Fans of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher

Will adore Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray

Few can deny the high quality that Blu-ray can deliver

This high definition and digital sound is the best way

Enjoy bonus features with George Lucas and crew

With audio commentary included from each movie

Plus the deleted scenes and funny Star Wars spoofs

And cast interviews the whole family will want to see

10. Star Wars Girls' Rey with Weapon Short Sleeve Graphic Tee

This is an officially licensed Star Wars T-shirt

With Rey holding her weapon on a graphic tee

The short-sleeve shirt is 100 percent cotton

And will clean in the washing machine easily

Fans of young Rey from Star Wars: Episode VII

Will love this T-shirt as a fun gift given by you

This cool shirt is comfortable and it's super soft

And looks great with a pair of jeans that are blue

11. Star Wars Classic Peel-And-Stick Wall Decals

This set includes thirty-one peel-and-stick decals

They are vinyl, easy to apply and made in the USA

Create Star Wars scenes across your bedroom walls

And you'll be transported to a galaxy far, far away

It includes Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Yoda

Hans Solo, Princess Leia and cool characters galore

Design and recreate the best Star Wars adventures

For both you and your Star Wars friends to explore

12. Star Wars Stormtrooper On-Ear Headphones

This gift includes a Star Wars embossed carry case

A first-edition Star Wars poster and cool stickers too

The chord with a three-click mic for taking your calls

Makes the Stormtrooper headphones perfect for you

For Star Wars Stormtroopers who are music lovers

And enjoy listening to beats with high-quality sound

These foldable on-ear headphones will be used daily

As they may be the coolest Star Wars gifts ever found

13. Disney Star Wars Bed in a Bag Twin Bedding Set

Create a Star Wars galaxy in your kid's bedroom

With the complete Disney Star Wars bed in a bag

They will have the coolest room in the Universe

And their best friends are guaranteed to all brag

The set includes a twin fitted sheet and a flat sheet

A reversible comforter and standard pillowcase too

These Star Wars gifts will be enjoyed for many years

As they are a fan's bedroom decor dream come true

14. Star Wars Remote Control Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad

Fly the most iconic ship in the Star Wars Universe

Control your Millennium Falcon up to 200 feet away

Recommended for star fighters aged eight and older

This is the ideal Star Wars gift to give for a birthday

The Millennium Falcon Quad features LED lights

And it can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors too

Activate a hyper-drive stunt by pushing a button

There's not much the RC from Air Hogs cannot do

15. Star Wars Pictopia The Ultimate Picture Trivia Family Game

Become a true Jedi Master with Star Wars Pictopia

This is The Ultimate Picture Trivia Family Game

Test your knowledge with one thousand questions

And before long you'll earn your Jedi Master fame

Find questions about villains, ships and heroes

And about the planets that are all far, far away

This is a fantastic gift for any fan of Star Wars

As it's a game the entire family will want to play

16. LEGO Kids' Star Wars Darth Vader Watch

This LEGO kids' plastic watch with the link bracelet

Comes with a fun Darth Vader figurine in the gift set

The watch is water resistant to over one hundred feet

So don't worry if kids get their Star Wars watch wet

The round watch has Star Wars printed on the face

A Japanese quartz movement with an analog display

These are smart Star Wars gifts to give to active kids

As the cool watches will stand up to their water play

17. Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robotic

Use the remote control to send commands to the droid

That can move forward, backward, and left and right

You can program over a thousand action combinations

Making the R2-D2 Robotic a Star Wars gifting delight

It projects an image of Princess Leia onto the wall

And exciting sound effects greatly add to your fun

For Star Wars fans who think R2-D2 is the very best

This interactive robotic gift will be the ultimate one

18. Disney Jakku Sand Play Set - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Children aged four years and older will love this gift

It is the coolest Jakku sand play set made by Disney

Recreate scenes together from The Force Awakens

Inside the portable case which you can carry easily

This gift set includes Rey and Fin character figures

Some First Order Stormtroopers and of course BB-8

Together with play sand and the Millennium Falcon

These Star Wars gifts for young kids are truly great

19. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Electronic Voice Changer Mask

A realistic reproduction of Kylo Ren's movie helmet

It will electronically change the sound of your voice

For true fans of this dark warrior known as Kylo Ren

This cool Star Wars mask should be your first choice

For kids who love role-playing scenes from Star Wars

An electronic voice-changer mask is the greatest fun

Pair this unique helmet with Kylo Ren's red lightsaber

For an unusual Star Wars gift that is second to none

20. LEGO Star Wars Death Star

Recommended for fans who are fourteen and older

Behold the phenomenal LEGO Star Wars Death Star

With over three thousand eight hundred LEGO pieces

This may be the coolest Star Wars gift created so far

Reenact all the action and adventure from the movies

Deep inside this ultimate Star Wars Death Star playset

It includes twenty-four droids and favorite characters

LEGO lovers and Star Wars fans agree it's the best yet

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