20 Stocking Stuffers for Kids That Will Knock Their Cute Little Socks Off

Paired With 20 Fun Poems and Some Playful Christmas Humor

20 Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Stocking stuffers for kids should be totally awesome, and they can be surprisingly inexpensive too.

The Gift Poet found 20 amazing small Christmas gifts, so all the tough searching has been done for you.

Find fun stocking stuffers for boys and girls, and the cutest gifts for babies and toddlers as well.

Christmas stockings will be the best ever this year, because these gifts are all sweet and delightfully swell.

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20 Stocking Stuffers for Kids

1. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Liquid Glass

Thinking Putty makes great stocking stuffers for kids

As children go wild for Crazy Aaron's Liquid Glass

The putty is silicone-based so it will never dry out

Which puts Thinking Putty in a whole other class

It can stretch like rubber and bounce like a ball

This kids' toy is great at relieving adult stress too

Fill kids' Christmas stockings with Thinking Putty

And if you're stressed buy another tin just for you

2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch - Vivid Violet

Give your daughter her very own violet smartwatch

With a camera, a voice recorder and a touchscreen

The VTech Kidizoom also features a video camera

So she'll take footage of the fun places she's been

These stocking stuffers for kids are totally smart

And they come in other colors for girls and for boys

This cool smartwatch also has four learning games

Making them fun accessories and educational toys

3. Emoji Smiley Emoticon Yellow Stuffed Pillow Plush Toy

Fun stocking stuffers for kids who love texting

A sweet smiley emoji emoticon in bright yellow

This plush toy smiley is called Throwing a Kiss

And makes a super-soft and cuddly round pillow

You can choose from tons of other fun emoticons

And this stocking stuffer for kids is also lint-free

Give emoji cushions to children on your gift list

And they'll send you a text of their yellow smiley

4. Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Cars

These eight Hot Wheels Star Wars character cars

Feature iconic villains, heroes and sidekicks too

They're great stocking stuffers for Star Wars fans

And they'll be happy all Christmas Day through

Discover Chewbacca, Stormtrooper and R2-D2

Tusken Raider, Yoda and of course Luke Skywalker

Die-hard Star Wars fans have no reason to worry

They'll also find a Clone Trooper and a Darth Vader

5. Melissa & Doug Rainbow Mini Scratch Art Notes

Recommended for kids aged 4 years and older

To doodle, draw masterpieces or jot down stuff

There are 125 rainbow mini-notes in the box

So kids can share and they'll still have enough

Beneath the matte coating exciting colors all hide

The stylus reveals them when they are scratched

These useful stocking stuffers for kids are creative

And practical Christmas gifts that can't be matched

6. Fire Kids Edition With Wi-Fi and Kid-Proof Case

The Fire Kids Edition is a full-featured Fire tablet

With free access to thousands of kid-friendly books

This tablet features a clear and crisp 7-inch display

And children cannot resist how awesome it looks

They can watch movies and use the educational apps

And then catch up on all their favorite TV shows too

This gift comes with a two-year worry-free guarantee

Which means that there will be no worrying for you

7. Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids

If good hearty laughter truly is the best medicine

Then this book for kids will keep them very healthy

They'll be laughing and rolling around on the floor

Because these jokes for kids are hysterically funny

Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids by author Rob Elliott

Is a great stocking stuffer for kids to share and enjoy

The one-liners, knock knock jokes and tongue twisters

Will bring laughter and smiles to any girl or any boy

8. Chocolate Gift Box Game Controller

Fun stocking stuffers for kids who love video games

A chocolate game controller that's creamy and sweet

This chocolate gift looks like a real game controller

Yet it's a delicious gag gift and a fine Christmas treat

Kids may have a very challenging decision to make

Should they eat the controller or display it on a shelf

Perhaps buy them two so that they can then do both

And of course buy a third controller just for yourself

9. Euler's Disk by Toysmith

For a hypnotic display of both light and sound

Give these as stocking stuffers to kids you know

The gift comes with a chrome-plated steel disk

And creates a mesmerizing, awesome light show

The disk spins faster and louder the longer it goes

Just give it a spin and gravity will do all the rest

Euler's Disk by Toysmith spins science into fine art

And smart children say this scientific gift is the best

10. Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Activity Toy Kitty

These stocking stuffers for babies and little kids

Are the cutest little kitties that you will ever see

They keep little ones amused and happy for hours

While they teethe on the plastic bandana merrily

They're recommended for babies 3 months and older

And attach to an infant carrier, stroller or car seat

The adorable Bandana Buddies Activity Toy Kitty

Has a rattle ring and a chime which are both neat

11. Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark in Purple

The purple digital bookmark from Mark My Time

Makes keeping track of daily homework a breeze

You can record minutes and hours spent reading

Or doing math homework with the greatest of ease

This gift can also time your kid's musical sessions

And even your interval training when you exercise

These stocking stuffers for kids are very versatile

And as educational tools these bookmarks are wise

12. Catapult Kit - Build Your Own Wooden Mini Medieval Warfare Kit

Make medieval warfare fun and also educational

With this wooden catapult kit with an 18-foot range

These stocking stuffers for kids require no batteries

Which is quite refreshing and welcome for a change

These kits are fun for older kids and adults alike

So pick up a kit for your child and a second one too

You can both test your accuracy with wooden ammo

And your child will enjoy quality time spent with you

13. 10-Piece Story Time Finger Animal Puppets

Ten adorable stocking stuffers for kids in one

With this 10-piece velvet animal puppet set

These are great finger puppets for story time

And they're the cutest animals you've seen yet

These fun puppets can be highly educational

And can be used to tell a great story or two

Gather your kids together for a magical time

And have them make up funny stories for you

14. Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy Zuppy Love Sport

Your children will fall in Zuppy love with Sport

As he is by far the most athletic Zuppy around

He loves getting tons of love and playful attention

And has a unique chew toy, new games and sound

Zuppy Love Sport is an amazing interactive puppy

Best suited for kids from the ages of 5 to 10

Sport has special sensors on his head and his chest

So he lets you know when you should pet him again

15. Doctor Who Diary - TARDIS Lock and Key Journal

Inspired by the time and space machine TARDIS

Comes a Doctor Who journal with a lock and a key

Give these stocking stuffers for kids as cool diaries

So they can record notes where others cannot see

This is a great gift for Doctor Who fans or Whovians

A journal decorated like a police public call box

Kids can write their own science-fiction stories

And then keep them safe with the included locks

16. Melissa & Doug Suspend

This is an exciting game for one to four players

You will need good hand-eye coordination to win

Suspend is a fun game where your balance is key

And the pieces pack up tidily in the neat little bin

Try this hanging game and soon you'll be hooked

You can play by yourself or with your entire family

It's easy to understand but much harder to master

So practice and soon this game will be super easy

17. Rainbow Single Line Kite

These stocking stuffers for kids are old-school

An easy-to-fly rainbow kite with one single line

Take your kids and their kite to the local park

For outdoor playtime when the weather is fine

This rainbow kite is quick and easy to assemble

And has a colorful striped tail that is quite long

Give as great gifts for kids and teens of all ages

Because flying kites together can never be wrong

18. Spot It by Blue Orange

This is an award-winning game of visual perception

That is fun to play with your friends and your family

The game includes illustrated rules and 55 cards

And packs away in the durable travel-size tin easily

Spot It helps to develop fine motor skills and focus

And the game can be played in five challenging ways

These cool stocking stuffers for kids are very compact

So they are great for traveling and for cold rainy days

19. VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

Capture your child's imagination with a smartphone

Find 12 light-up pretend apps that respond to touch

There are apps for weather, a clock and a calendar

That babies and young toddlers will love very much

You can keep your own smartphone away from baby

As he will have his own phone with which he can play

Give these stocking stuffers for kids and older babies

So they can enjoy their own smartphones every day

20. Furby Boom Plush Toy Holiday Sweater Edition

This is a unique Furby unlike one you have ever seen

You can shape Furby's personality and also its style

Furby slowly learns more and more words over time

And is guaranteed to continually make your kids smile

There's a free Furby Boom app for your iPhone or iPad

You can raise virtual Furblings and play games galore

Give children the holiday edition Furby Boom plush toy

As stocking stuffers for kids that they'll love and adore

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