20 Stocking Stuffers for Men That Will Knock His Socks Off

Paired With 20 Mighty Little Poems and Some Christmas Guy Humor

Stocking Stuffers for Men

Stocking stuffers for men can be fun and easy to find, but only when you know the best places to look.

The Gift Poet found you cool, unique and unusual ones, from hilarious gag gifts to a funny men's book.

Find stocking stuffers for dads, brothers, sons and husbands, and of course for amazingly cool boyfriends too.

Christmas stockings will be awesome for men this year, because of their unusual stocking stuffers from you.

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2o Stocking Stuffers for Men

1. Dear Asshole: 101 Tear-Out Letters to the Morons Who Muck Up Your Life

Because he meets so many annoying people daily

Help your man vent his anger and rage right away

Give a copy of Dear Asshole to the man in your life

So he's always prepared with the best words to say

This may not be his most enlightened strategy ever

But he'll always be armed with a brilliant comeback

Dear Asshole covers every type of moron he'll meet

For humor this men's stocking stuffer does not lack

2. Tool Logic Credit Card Companion With 9 Tools

The unique Tool Logic Credit Card Companion

Has nine essential tools that are used every day

This credit card holder easily fits into his wallet

And is a practical stocking stuffer in every way

Find a removable 2-inch steel serrated-edge blade

A can and bottle opener, and handy tweezers too

This tool weighs less than one and a half ounces

And will be appreciated by him when given by you

3. Rackies Premium Stainless Steel Shot/Shooter Glasses

Grab your tequila, Russian vodka or favorite whiskey

Rackies stainless-steel shot glasses are a total score

The stocking stuffers for men come in a leather case

In which he will find not one shooter glass but four

Rackies are for single shots and for doubles as well

And each glass has a hidden word if you look closely

Mom may not approve but Dad most probably will

As Rackies are both a fun gag gift and a high quality

4. Chocolate Elk Poop in Vintage Cotton Elk Poop Bag

Inside classic hand-printed vintage elk poop bags

You'll find unique elk poop stocking stuffers for men

Give these gifts to the men in your life for Christmas

And they'll never see almonds in the same way again

Made from the finest and freshest chocolate around

Guaranteed to be the best chocolate poop in the West

Give these stocking stuffers to all of your male friends

They'll agree that chocolate elk poop tastes the best

5. Worst Gift Ever Men's Crew Socks

Give your annoying older brother the worst gift ever

And he'll end up loving this stocking stuffer the most

These cotton and spandex gray crew socks for men

Will keep his feet comfortable and as warm as toast

The guys at the office will applaud his new socks

His worst gift ever will start a new workplace trend

These fun stocking stuffers for men are hilarious

So give a pair to your husband or to your boyfriend

6. 32GB Stainless Steel ROBOT USB 3.0 High-Speed Flash Drive with Key Ring

This remarkable USB 3.0 high-speed flash drive

Is a stainless steel robot with a truly great memory

There's not much this smart robot can't remember

Because he can store 32GB of data quite easily

The USB flash drive has a handy belt loop and key ring

You can hang a smart robot from your belt with ease

Take him to school, the office or along on your travels

And as stocking stuffers he is most certain to please

7. 3D Grenade Ice Cube Mold

An enormous ice cube takes much longer to melt

So this frozen grenade keeps things cool for a while

Seeing party guests with grenades in their drinks

Will give them a fun reason to all laugh and smile

These stocking stuffers for men are truly life-savers

Because nobody likes the taste of a luke-warm drink

And the sight of frozen grenades all floating around

May give the men in your life a good reason to think

8. Westminster Butt Face Soap

So that he won't get confused about which side to use

Give him this Butt Face soap that is labeled clearly

These are unique gifts for guys who have everything

And good stocking stuffers for men who confuse easily

To make his two choices that much clearer for him

This bar of soap has been cleverly color-coded too

He won't make a mistake when he's in the shower

Thanks to this hilarious gag gift that's given by you

9. Zippo Hand Warmer 2015

These are useful gifts for the cold northern winters

When the weather is freezing cold and icy outside

Your survivalist man can keep both his hands warm

And show off his new Zippo Hand Warmer with pride

He can keep a hand warmer in each of his pockets

And he'll happily think of you and your gift every time

Because his venturing outside into freezing cold wind

Without a Zippo Hand Warmer is a cold-weather crime

10. Magma Original Skull Mask + 2 Fake Arm Tattoo Sleeves

He can wear this gift as a hat, a scarf or a face mask

And the tattoo sleeves will give your man a tough look

These unique stocking stuffers for men are versatile

And his newly tattooed arm will now read like a book

They are great gifts for bikers, cyclists and fishermen

To protect both their arms from the hot summer sun

Give these tattoo sleeves and skull masks to friends

Who like looking stylish while also having great fun

11. Waxed Bacon Floss

Dentists recommend flossing and your man loves bacon

This stocking stuffer for men may then well do the trick

He can have his morning bacon and he'll also be flossing

Though kissing him after flossing may make you feel sick

Give your man the amazing flavor of crispy fried bacon

The Waxed Bacon Floss can improve his dental hygiene

This may be the coolest and the weirdest gift idea ever

And the best stocking stuffer that bacon lovers have seen

12. Stanley 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver

Give a set of precision screwdrivers as a gift

These stocking stuffers for men are very cool

The compact Stanley 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver

Is a convenient and practical small pocket tool

It's ideal for fixing eyeglasses and toy assembly

So give these to all the guys on your gift list

They'll have tools on them to do all your repairs

So there won't ever be an opportunity missed

13. Star Wars: Darth Vader Lightsaber Chopsticks

These Star Wars Darth Vader Chopsabers in red

Are the most awesome stocking stuffers for men

Once your Jedi eats his sushi with red chopsabers

He won't ever eat his sushi without them again

Give lightsaber chopsticks to your Star Wars fans

To sashimi and sushi lovers and foodie friends too

You'll love these cool Christmas gifts that are unique

So be sure to buy an extra set of chopsabers for you

14. Dude Wipes Flushable Wipes

For use after toilet paper or any other dude purpose

Give Dude Wipes to all the cool dudes that you know

They'll appreciate having Dude Wipes in their pockets

Cause having Dude Wipes is handy when you gotta go

These are for his face, hands, pits and dude regions

They're stocking stuffers for men to keep dudes clean

Give a pack of Dude Wipes to the man in your life

So he can still smell all fresh even after he has been

15. Old & Urban Moscow Mule Mug - 100% Pure Solid Copper Mugs

Exquisite Moscow mule mugs from Old & Urban

Have a perfectly sized 16-ounce liquid capacity

They can be frozen to keep drinks colder for longer

And the 100 percent solid copper is the best quality

Give as cool stocking stuffers for men this Christmas

To enjoy ice-cold vodka, tequila, whiskey or beer

Because with Moscow mule mugs as gifts from you

Drinking inferior-tasting beverages won't be a fear

16. I May Be Wrong - Men’s Funny Sayings T-Shirt

This I May Be Wrong But It's Highly Unlikely tee

Is a great gift to give a man who is always right

The words on his shirt will speak for themselves

And may help prevent an argument or even a fight

T-shirts with funny sayings will always be in style

So buy these stocking stuffers for know-it-all men

Their I May Be Wrong But It's Highly Unlikely tees

Will be worn and washed over and over again

17. Key Knife with Straight Edge Folding 1.5-Inch Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade

The blade is smartly hidden in a key-shaped handle

So the lucky gift recipients will always be prepared

Armed with these protective stocking stuffers for men

The guys in your life will feel safe and never be scared

The one-and-a-half inch stainless-steel key knife

Is intended for everyday carrying on his key chain

He'll be prepared with his secret blade all the time

And your thoughtful men's gift won't be given in vain

18. BigMouth Inc Diarrhea Funny Toilet Paper

This funny gag gift for men comes in a decorative box

With the diarrhea song printed for the user to view

Give to your male friends who appreciate potty humor

So that when they have to go they'll be thinking of you

Toilet paper may be an unusually weird Christmas gift

But as stocking stuffers for men this TP is really funny

Give these to guys and then sing the full diarrhea song

To make gift opening on Christmas viral-video worthy

19. Man Meets Stove: A cookbook for men who've never cooked anything without a microwave

For men who cannot cook food without a microwave

Man Meets Stove is a cookbook they desperately need

Give these gift to guys who are clueless in the kitchen

So that from microwave meals they'll forever be freed

Buy comedy cookbooks to give male college students

So eating dry ramen noodles can be a thing of the past

These stocking stuffers for men will easily teach them

Because they're smart guys and they learn really fast

20. Ugly Pom Beanie Knit Winter Hat - Beer Run

Forget about buying ugly Christmas sweaters for him

Because ugly beanie knit winter hats are better by far

And you can give him a legitimate excuse for a beer run

If he wears a beer run beanie hat and borrows your car

The ugly blue pom on the beanie completes the look

Give these as stocking stuffers for men who love beer

They won't miss their ugly Christmas sweaters at all

As those are the Cristmas gifts that men secretly fear

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Stocking Stuffers for Men