20 Stocking Stuffers for Women That Will Knock Her Pretty Little Socks Off

Paired With 20 Dainty Poems and Some Girly Christmas Humor

Stocking Stuffers for Women

Give the coolest stocking stuffers for women this year, so they will fall deeply in love all over again.

The Gift Poet finds you both small and affordable gifts, so your stocking-stuffer shopping is never a pain.

You'll discover fun, unique gifts for your girlfriends, and amazing stocking stuffers for your awesome mom.

Christmas stockings this year will be the best ever, thanks to your gifts and the great person they're from.

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2o Stocking Stuffers for Women

1. Women's Speed Stick Diversion Can Safe

The Lady Speed Stick diversion can for women

Is a brilliant idea and an unusual new novelty

She can hide money, keys and small valuables

And then relax knowing they are hidden safely

These stocking stuffers for women are unique

Great at the gym, the beach and swimming pool

Her Christmas gift will be used all year round

Because keeping stuff safe is a gift that is cool

2. Rembrandt Charms Cooking Utensils

Stocking stuffers for women who love to cook

Do not get better than this utensil charm set

She can hang it on a charm bracelet or necklace

A home chef will say that it's her finest gift yet

Show mom how much her cooking means to you

With these Rembrandt charms in silver or gold

She will feel as if her hard work is appreciated

And keep cooking your meals until you get old

3. 7 Chakra Crystal Healing Tumbled Stones Set

The set has red jasper and purple amethyst

With stones of orange and yellow aventurine

Great for reiki, meditation and chakra healing

Her stocking stuffer is very calm and serene

This crystal set includes seven chakra stones

The 100 percent natural crystals are polished

Crystal healing stocking stuffers for women

May be the answers to all that they've wished

4. Thumbs Up UK Sudoku Toilet Paper

Give your wife or sister Sudoku toilet paper

Before long she'll be the family Sudoku queen

She'll peacefully practice while on her throne

Gratefully unhurried, undisturbed and unseen

To play a game you simply pull down the roll

Use numbers 1 through 9 without repetition

Going to the toilet will be so much more fun

Your Sudoku lover's heart this TP gift will win

5. Stay Away From A**holes Blue and Yellow Socks

These stocking stuffers for women say it best

From all a**holes she should stay far, far away

These fun novelty socks for women and teens

Will speak when there are just no words to say

She'll smile to herself at the grocery checkout

In the crowded elevator or on a rush-hour train

Knowing words she is thinking are on her socks

Means your fun gift for her wasn't given in vain

6. Amco Rub Away Bar

After cutting smelly onions, stinky fish or garlic

Remove odors by rubbing your hands on this bar

These cool kitchen stocking stuffers for women

Are the most practical gifts for Christmas by far

Your gift gives her years of great smelling hands

Unlike soap, this bar will never diminish in size

Give this gift to anyone who cooks in the kitchen

The Amco Rub Away Bar is a gift from the wise

7. Japanese Food Sushi Small Cushion Plush Toy

This sushi pillow is tiny, so cute and adorable

It's an unusual Japanese food small plushie toy

As a Christmas gift for sushi and sashimi lovers

Plush octopus sushi will bring them much joy

Give these as unique stocking stuffers for women

Who love eating sushi and collect plush toys too

They will treasure their gift of fun Japanese food

And may prepare some homemade sushi for you

8. Rose Nail Polish Bottle 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick

Because her nails are always perfectly manicured

Give her a 16GB nail-polish bottle-shaped USB

She'll have the coolest looking flash drive around

As well as more than enough data-storing memory

She can throw her memory stick into her purse

Along with her makeup and her nail polishes too

And when she needs to quickly save a document

She'll pull out her nail polish flash drive from you

9. Evriholder Slipper Genie for Women With Bow

They're easy-cleaning stocking stuffers for women

The pink Slipper Genie does the sweeping for you

These make great gifts for everyone in the family

To clean linoleum, hardwood floors and tiles too

They have chenille soles to keep her feet comfy

Which can be thrown into the washing machine

Buy her an Evriholder pair with a pretty pink bow

And she'll have the shiniest floors that you've seen

10. Trendy Teez Going Green Weed Leaf Women’s T-Shirt

Give this novelty T-shirt to any environmentalist

Who doesn't hide that she enjoys smoking weed

To show the whole world that she is Going Green

This is the stocking stuffer that she's gonna need

The tee is made from 100 percent quality cotton

And it's screenprinted for her right in the USA

She'll look cool in a pink and green Christmas gift

That says the exact words that she wants it to say

11. Trademark Poker 24k Gold Playing Cards

Stocking stuffers for women who play poker well

And also adore shiny gifts in either silver or gold

These cool playing cards from Trademark Poker

Are for card-playing women who are brightly bold

The cards are 99.9 percent pure gold certified

With a 100 dollar bill printed on the cards' back

For glitzy sparkle and bright gold shiny glamour

These Christmas gift poker cards will never lack

12. Tipsy Tubes Hidden Alcohol Unique Secret Flasks

Take her favorite alcohol along to sporting events

Sneak them into a concert, a movie or the theater

And because she's hiding her booze in plain sight

Of being caught she will have no reasons to fear

Stocking stuffers for women to take to the beach

To an outdoor park or along to the swimming pool

These unique hidden flasks look just like sunscreen

So that any casual observers she'll be able to fool

13. Message in a Bottle Pendant With Four Interchangeable Charms

This stocking stuffer for women will melt her heart

Because the message in the bottle will be from you

You can be as adorable and romantic as you desire

And she'll be beaming the whole Christmas through

The bottle pendant has four interchangeable charms

There is an anchor, a wheel, a starfish and sailboat

Give this sweet Christmas gift to the woman you love

And of your true romantic style forever she'll gloat

14. Money Soap With Cash In Every Bar

Give as a fun practical joke and also a novelty gift

They're unique gifts for women with a lovely scent

This bar of money soap may hide a 50 dollar bill

Which means your gift will be money well spent

This is a surprise the whole family will get to enjoy

It's an incentive for kids to wash their hands more

And when the bar of hand soap finally wears down

You'll discover how much loot you all get to score

15. Lolita From Enesco Wine Glass - Wildflowers

This wine glass is hand-painted with vibrant colors

And is a fine stocking stuffer to give to your wife

She can drink her favorite beverage from her glass

And know that she is the absolute love of your life

This Wildflowers glass can hold 15 ounces of wine

But can also be used to store some peanuts or candy

She will love her colorful Christmas stocking stuffer

And proudly display it where the whole world can see

16. Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals hand sanitizer

Is a fun Christmas gift for a co-worker or friend

Though it's a funny gag gift and a practical joke

In reality your gift is a hygienic means to an end

Because others are not as conscientious as you are

When it comes to washing their hands after they pee

Your gift helps to keep people germ-free and happier

Knowing hands are now being sanitized so thoroughly

17. Winter Wonder Soft Fingerless Fleece-Lined Hand-Knit Gloves

These warm Winter Wonder soft fingerless gloves

Are handmade by artisans in Nepal just for you

There is a thumb opening for increased warmth

And the gloves are lightweight and breathable too

Hand-knitted gloves are great stocking stuffers

For women whose hands tend to get cold easily

Crafted with 100-percent wool and fleece lining

Your gift keeps her hands super warm and toasty

18. Anne Klein Women's Watch and Bracelet Set

Four gold-tone stocking stuffers for women in one

In this Anne Klein women's watch and bracelet set

For a girlfriend who loves both watches and bling

This Christmas jewelry is a guaranteed sure bet

The set includes a bangle with black enamel inlay

With 36 beautiful Swarovski crystals on another

Give this watch and bracelet set from Anne Klein

To your sister or wife or perhaps to your mother

19. Retro American Comic Book Cover Print Leggings

These leggings are great stocking stuffers for women

With a retro American comic book cover print design

When she wears her stylish leggings out into public

She'll get attention because these leggings are fine

Featuring the classic American comic book favorites

You won't find clothes like this at any regular store

Give a pair to your sister as a unique Christmas gift

She'll be both grateful and appreciative forevermore

20. Magnetic Poetry - Bitch Kit - Write Poems and Letters on the Fridge

Give your friends this magnetic poetry Bitch kit

It contains over 200 themed magnetic word tiles

They'll have a blast writing poems on the fridge

And their verses will bring laughter and smiles

Stocking stuffers for women who enjoy laughing

And have learned not to take life too seriously

Give as cool Christmas gifts to female co-workers

To bring joy and merriment to your work finally

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Stocking Stuffers for Women