60 Unique Chocolate Gifts for Chocoholics Who Love Tasting New Chocolaty Treats

Paired With 60 Semi-Sweet Poems and a Topping of Dark Chocolate Humor

Unique Chocolate Gifts

Unique chocolate gifts are a sweet delight to discover, and they are always especially delicious to eat.

Find the most unusual chocolaty edible surprises, waiting for you in this decadently divine chocolate treat.

Give these creative chocolate gifts to your whole family, and to your best friends with a sweet tooth too.

And don't forget that you deserve sweetness as well, so buy some extra chocolate truffles or candy for you.

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60 Unique Chocolate Gifts

1. Golden Edibles Gourmet Chocolate Covered Jalapenos

Unique chocolate gifts with a spicier kick

Assorted jalapenos and sweet peppers too

All hand-dipped in Belgian milk chocolate

With an added drizzle poured over for you

Golden Edibles Chocolate Covered Jalapenos

Are a once-in-a-lifetime gourmet foodie treat

One pound satisfies even the sweetest tooth

In this chocolaty gift that is spicy and sweet

2. Pralus Pyramid - Pyramide des Tropiques - 10 Dark Chocolates from Around the World

Give as unusual gifts to explorers and travelers

Or unique chocolate gifts for a fun tasting event

With 10 dark chocolates from around the world

This colorfully wrapped gift must be heaven sent

Tastes and textures differ from one to the next

And there is enough for your friends and family

These are delightful gifts for special occasions

That are delicious to sample and pretty to see

3. Schokolat Chocolate Makeup Set

Give these unique gifts for women chocoholics

And they will gratefully be forever in your debt

A lipstick, nail polish and a makeup brush too

Complete this quality Belgian chocolate gift set

The chocolate shaped cosmetics set is creative

Something most foodies have not seen before

The chocolate makeup is individually handmade

And your gift will be remembered forevermore

4. Original Chicago Style Chocolate Pretzel Pizza

This gift comes with a chocolate-busting mallet

And serves over 30 chocolate lovers in style

Use the mallet to break the pizza into pieces

And watch delighted guests break into a smile

These unique chocolate gifts will be devoured

And long remembered by all who sample a taste

With cookie chunks, pretzels and chocolate chips

No chocolaty morsel or sprinkle will go to waste

5. Chocolate River Rocks

This 3-pound bag of chocolate river rocks

Looks exactly like pebbles on a real river bed

They are great to include as wedding favors

Or creative dinner party decorations instead

Kids love these rocks that taste like M&Ms

Milk chocolate covered with a thin candy shell

These are visual treats as each rock is different

Unique chocolate gifts that taste yummy as well

6. Chocolate Shop Chocolate Lover's Mixed Wine Pack

The decadent Chocolate Lover's Mixed Wine Pack

Invites aromas of dark chocolate and black cherry too

Surrounded by the aromatic hints of cocoa powder

And created by the Chocolate Shop specially for you

Give as unique chocolate gifts to red wine lovers

Or to your husband or wife for your anniversary

The wonderful Chocolate Lover's Mixed Wine Pack

Will make the very lucky recipient extremely happy

7. Triple Chocolate Jumbo Caramel Apple Gift

A beautiful triple chocolate jumbo caramel apple

Crafted with buttery caramel the old-fashioned way

Is a wonderful gift to send someone for Christmas

Or to surprise your mom or dad on their birthday

This elegant chocolate gift tastes divinely delicious

It is a chocolate caramel apple that is done right

For foodie fans of unique caramel chocolate tastes

This fine gift is a sweet and exotic caramel delight

8. Heilemann Milk Chocolate Smartphone

For teens who are always using their smartphones

Or any high-tech friends on your gift-shopping list

Give this milk chocolate smartphone from Heilemann

And for a while their real cellphone will not be missed

This unique chocolate gift is an original iPhone design

And is a fun candy stocking stuffer for a girl or a guy

They will enjoy two smartphones for a moment in time

From gadget happiness your tech geeks may even cry

9. For the Man Who Always Wanted a BIG ONE Solid Milk Chocolate Bar

They're unique chocolate gifts and cool gag gifts too

A bar For The Man Who Always Wanted A BIG ONE

Ideal to give for all bachelor and bachelorette parties

As a sweet decadent way to add adult humor and fun

Shaped like a big number 1 in a chocolate gift box

This hilarious gift for men is viral-moment worthy

So take funny pics and videos when he opens it up

You will have footage to share and a great memory

10. Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese Wine Grapes in Rich Chocolate

Shiraz-infused wine grapes and creamy blue cheese

Covered in a sinfully delicious rich chocolate shell

This 4-ounce chocolaty treat is from Bissingers

Who craft gourmet delights and candies very well

Foodies will adore this unique food-pairing twist

Wine lovers will fall in love after one bite of Shiraz

Buy these gourmet food gifts at Christmas time

Or for your next dinner party to add some pizzazz

11. The Chocolate Wheel from Dylan's Candy Bar

Holding 56 squares of premium Belgian chocolate

To create the perfect gift for any artist in your life

The chocolate flavors are all brightly color-coded

Making a rainbow bouquet for your husband or wife

The Chocolate Wheel has flavors like dark espresso

S'mores, caramel, hazelnut and milk toffee crunch

These unique chocolate gifts are great at a party

For dinner guests to savor an after-dessert munch

12. Polka Dot Belgian Chocolate Shoes

Give her a pair of Belgian polka-dot chocolate shoes

And she will be the happiest that she has ever been

For women who adore shoes and Belgian chocolate

They're the best women's shoes they have ever seen

When you give her this gift she will have a dilemma

Should she eat her new shoes or put them on display

Solve her problem for her and buy her many pairs

And she will be thanking you all throughout the day

13. Chocoholic Hand-Painted Wine Glass by Santa Barbara Design Studio

This unique chocolate gift will last beyond a lifetime

It has been lovingly hand-painted and crafted for you

By the talented artists at Santa Barbara Design Studio

This Chocoholic Wine Glass says oh please order two

The glass will hold 15 ounces of your favorite wine

Or freshly squeezed juice if that's what you'd prefer

Give this aptly named gift to a confirmed chocoholic

A combo wine and chocolate gift for him or for her

14. Disney's Star Wars Jumbo Darth Vader Head Milk Chocolate Candy Bar

A jumbo Darth Vader head milk chocolate candy bar

Makes a perfect chocolate gift for any Star Wars fan

Give this sweet chocolaty Darth Vader edible delight

To a die-hard Star Wars child, teen, woman or man

These unique chocolate gifts are very memorable

Great for a fun Christmas gift or for a birthday treat

Your Star Wars fans will love their Darth Vader head

In this Dark Side gift which also happens to be sweet

15. The Perfect Man - Chocolate

Give this gift to a single girlfriend for Valentine's

Or a bride-to-be as a gag gift for her bachelorette

For every woman who dreams of the perfect man

This unique chocolate gift is the funniest one yet

The Perfect Man is made of solid milk chocolate

Which has been decorated with white boxers too

She will know that she has found her perfect man

After one bite of this chocolate gag gift from you

16. Majestic Ramadan Chocolate-Filled Vase from Patchi

This blue glass vase with accents of smokey gray

Is filled to the brink with shiny silver and teal decor

Each chocolate piece is wrapped in blue and silver

To create a fine gift the recipient will forever adore

The decorative vase measures a full 10 inches tall

And holds 2.8 pounds of assorted creamy delights

This vase will add an aesthetic appeal to any room

And the chocolate will last for many days and nights

17. Luxury Milk Chocolate Lego Bricks

Give these unique chocolate gifts to LEGO lovers

They're great for kids and for those young at heart

You can have fun being able to play with your food

Put LEGO bricks together and then take them apart

This gift features 10 pieces of the yummiest chocolate

In different colors that look just like pieces of LEGO

They are perfect as unique stocking stuffers for kids

And for all LEGO-loving teens or grownups you know

18. Lindor Truffles Golf Ball Trio

The Lindor Truffles Golf Ball Trio from Lindt

Is a unique golf gift and cool chocolate gift too

Give as anytime gifts to all your golfing friends

And if you golf pick up another box just for you

You can add these to a golf-themed gift basket

Chocolate golf balls with deluxe hazelnut inside

This gold box of delicious golf balls from Lindt

Is a chocolate gift to give any golfer with pride

19. Perugina Baci Champagne Bottle Filled with 20 Baci Chocolates

Containing 20 Baci premium Italian chocolates

A champagne bottle gift is ideal for a celebration

Great for your college graduate or an anniversary

Or as an office gift to celebrate a boss's promotion

The chocolates inside are all individually wrapped

And this unique chocolate gift is also non-alcoholic

The champagne bottle is ready to be popped open

So friends and co-workers can enjoy a piece quick

20. Toblerone Jumbo

This is the largest Toblerone ever in production

Making it the most unique gift for its jumbo size

This huge chocolate bar weighs almost 10 pounds

And may very well be considered the ultimate prize

Toblerone contains the finest quality Swiss chocolate

With divine almond nougat and delicious honey too

It is made only from creamy Swiss milk from the Alps

And is a once-in-a-lifetime unique gift given by you

21. Godiva Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Cigars

Made from the finest solid GODIVA milk chocolate

Comes this elegant milk chocolate cigar quartet

Designed to be enjoyed by mature connoisseurs

These chocolate cigars are in a gorgeous box set

Pass cigars around to your bosses and co-workers

To celebrate a promotion or a major business deal

You won't have to go outside to enjoy your cigars

Even though these chocolate cigars look very real

22. 6 Love Berries Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Six love berries are chocolate covered strawberries

That look far too stunning and beautiful to ever eat

Give this gift to your girlfriend or wife for Valentine's

As an expression of your love and a chocolaty treat

These unique chocolate gifts from Golden State Fruit

Are love berries with an exquisitely decadent taste

Your lucky girlfriend or wife will be over the moon

And your romantic intentions will not go to waste

23. Chocolate Handgun with Real Gun Case by ChocolateWeapons

These are unique chocolate gifts for gun collectors

For gun enthusiasts and any weapon carriers too

The chocolate gun comes in a real padded gun case

And can be a thoughtful gift or a fun prank from you

Handmade here in the USA by ChocolateWeapons

The solid milk chocolate gun weighs almost a pound

This gift is an exact copy of a full-sized handgun

But made of quality chocolate and missing a round

24. Devil Inside Dark Chocolate Sriracha Candy Bar

Dragon Inside Sriracha Dark Chocolate Bar

Is a spicy chocolate sensation that is unique

Lovers of both dark chocolate and sriracha

Can have the guilty pleasures that they seek

These unique chocolate gifts are so devilish

One single bite will awaken the devil within

For sriracha fans of Belgian dark chocolate

Their total devotion this chocolate will win

25. Chocolate-Opoly Board Game

If you are a fan of the classic property game

You'll love this version with a chocolate theme

Give this board game together with chocolates

For a DIY gift basket that's sweet and extreme

This board game is great for four to six players

And you learn fun chocolate facts while you play

Give this gift to chocoholics who love Monopoly

For Christmas this year or else for their birthday

26. Chocolate teapot

Add hot milk to make a hot chocolate drink

This chocolate teapot is 100 percent edible

Perhaps the most beautifully crafted gift ever

It is both decadently delicious and incredible

These are unique chocolate gifts for foodies

Who admire craftsmanship and perfect style

They can create their own chocolate fondue

That will keep guests happy for a long while

27. Extreme Bacon Chocolate Sampler Gift Pack

Bacon hot cocoa and dark chocolate bacon Twinkies

Paired together with a dark chocolate bacon Oreo

Makes for an extreme bacon chocolate gift pack

To give a bacon and chocolate fan whom you know

You'll find six unique chocolate gifts packed inside

For a chocolate-craving bacon lover's taste delight

This Extreme Bacon Chocolate Sampler Gift Pack

Is both delicious chocolate and bacon done right

28. Chocolate Harley-Davidson

A Harley-Davidson motorcycle in milk chocolate

Seems almost too fantastic and exciting to eat

Give this gift to any Harley-Davidson enthusiast

As a unique chocolate gift and a thoughtful treat

The recipient will have a tough decision to make

Should he keep his chocolate bike or simply enjoy

He'll appreciate your tasty Harley-Davidson gift

And he may even decide to keep it as his new toy

29. Japanese KitKat - Wasabi Chocolate Box

Forget about ever craving sashimi and sushi again

Reach for some chocolate KitKat Wasabi instead

Nestle's new spicy box of Wasabi Japanese KitKat

Ventures where all other chocolates fear to tread

In the wild and exciting world of Japanese KitKat

Wasabi KitKat may be the most adventurous type

If you've only been eating regular flavors to date

Taste Wasabi KitKat to understand all the hype

30. Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate, Candy Lover's Ladies T-Shirt

A message to just Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate

When the world gets too out of control and crazy

Give this brown T-shirt to a chocolate-loving girl

And she will remember to take life slow and easy

The parody T-shirt has a chocolate bar on the top

With Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate printed below

Any stressed-out woman will adore this cool shirt

She'll eat chocolate and take any new crisis slow

31. Dark Chocolate with Anti-Aging Superfoods - Hemp Bark Chocolate

This Hemp Bark Chocolate is a family-friendly candy

That delivers healthy nutrition and also great taste

The cacoa nibs are loaded with protein, iron and fiber

So it's okay if your kids devour this chocolate in haste

Find essential fatty acids in the toasted hemp seeds

And tons of antioxidants in the organic blueberries

These unique chocolate gifts from Wholeness4U

Are food gifts that set parents' minds fully at ease

32. Chocolate Fondue Tea Light Porcelain Melting Pot With Fondue Dippers

Spruce up your dinner parties and social events

With this ceramic six-piece chocolate fondue set

The four included skewers have been color coded

So of any skewer mix-ups you won't need to fret

A tea-light base supports this ceramic fondue pot

It's also dishwasher-safe so cleaning up is a breeze

The fondue pot can be placed inside your microwave

You'll prepare fondue for guests with absolute ease

33. French Milk Chocolate Sardines in Tin

French milk-chocolate sardines inside a tin can

Make a surprising chocolate gift and fun novelty

The chocolate sardines and tin look very realistic

They're a chocolaty delight to eat and also to see

These are created with high quality milk chocolate

As funny gag gifts and stocking stuffers for kids too

Your kids will be grossed out by the sight of sardines

But after one chocolate sardine they'll say thank you

34. Schokolat Chocolate Stillson Wrench

These are unique gifts for men who love their tools

Great as a novelty gift or for a handyman's birthday

This chocolate looks exactly like a real pipe wrench

It is indistinguishable and also unique in every way

A Stillson wrench made with dark Belgian chocolate

That has been hand-crafted and tastes simply divine

Is a chocolate gift which will long be remembered

As being highly unusual, creative and elegantly fine

35. Chocolate Milk Stout - Homebrew Beer Recipe Kit

This new phenomenal homebrew beer recipe kit

Makes chocolate milk stout that's done exactly right

An opaque ebony pint that's capped with dark foam

Is a combined chocolate and homebrew beer delight

Give as unique gifts to homebrew beer aficionados

Who are self-proclaimed die-hard chocoholics too

When they taste the espresso-laced chocolaty flavors

They may even share their milk-stout beer with you

36. Chocolate Laptop Computer

If your children are nagging you for a new laptop

Then this computer is the only one you should buy

You will never pay for any costly computer repairs

And there is absolutely no troubleshooting to try

These unique chocolate gifts for computer geeks

Are a novelty that is also a fun and unusual treat

Chocolate computers are great gifts for teenagers

Who all agree that this laptop is both cool and neat

37. Chocolate Premium Grade Fragrance Oil

This is a premium-grade chocolate fragrance oil

It is great by itself but it has other uses for you

Specially formulated for use with candle-making

And in skin-care home-products it works well too

The chocolate scent is extremely rich and authentic

And it is also longer lasting which makes this oil fine

Combine one or two oils to make your home fragrance

You'll have your own chocolate scent that smells divine

38. Bacon and Potato Chips Candy Bar - Hammond's Pigs N' Taters

Crispy bacon, salty potato chips and milk chocolate

Three favorite food groups nestled together at last

Eating yesterday's grocery store-bought chocolate

Will from this moment on be a mistake of the past

Hammond's Pigs N' Taters satisfies three cravings

A bacon and potato chocoholic's dream come true

Unique chocolate gifts for more adventurous types

Who are always willing to try something that's new

39. Absolute Decadence Chocolate Gift Basket

The ultimate assortment of finest chocolates available

Absolute Decadence Gift Basket lives up to its name

Featuring all the decadent delights from Harry London

Which has over 80 years of hand-made chocolate fame

Milk and dark chocolate truffles with espresso squares

Creamy caramels and milk pralines can also be found

A unique chocolate gift basket for all special occasions

And for colleagues or friends who are celebrity-bound

40. Moose Toys Chocolate Bar Maker

The exciting Moose Toys Chocolate Bar Maker

Is a chocolate gift that children like very much

You pour melted chocolate into one of the molds

And then apply your unique and creative touch

There's a deco pen, stamps and candy wrappers

Waiting for you and your kids to melt and create

Eat all your one-of-a-kind chocolate bars at home

Or make homemade gifts that are uniquely great

41. Wilton Chocolate Pro 3-Tier Chocolate Fountain

A home without its own chocolate fountain

Simply cannot be called a real home at all

You need a fountain with at least three tiers

And it should ideally be over 16 inches tall

Because everyone enjoys a chocolate fondue

This unique chocolate gift is difficult to resist

Give as a housewarming gift for your neighbor

And for your own home so it will not be missed

42. 5-Pound Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bar

An enormous Hershey's milk chocolate candy bar

Weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds on the scale

There is enough chocolate to feed a hungry army

Or a particularly large and ravenous giant whale

Give as unique chocolate gifts for birthday parties

There's enough milk chocolate for everyone to share

It's also a fantastic gag gift for that special occasion

To show your chocoholic loved-one that you do care

43. KIND Nuts & Spices, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

Dark chocolate, nuts and sea salt co-mingle

In this all-natural granola and nutrition bar

With only 5 grams of sugar and tons of fiber

KIND Nuts & Spices deserves a healthy star

Nutritiously made from wholesome ingredients

Which you can actually see and also pronounce

KIND Nuts & Spices have been parent-approved

Chocolate bars upon which children can pounce

44. Chocomize Hot Chocolate on a Spoon - Pure Belgian Dark Chocolate

Just place in hot milk, water or coffee, and stir

Your creamy Belgian dark chocolate on a spoon

Each chocolate cube arrives individually wrapped

It's enough to make a dark-chocolate lover swoon

Make premium hot chocolate beverages at home

Invite good friends over on a frosty-cold winter day

They'll be warmed by hot chocolate and friendship

These fine chocolate gifts are special in every way

45. Woodhouse Chocolate - 96 Piece Traditional Assortment - Blue Box

Handmade in the United States in Napa Valley

European-styled chocolates of very high quality

This traditional assortment of 96 pieces

Is a Woodhouse Chocolate Blue Box specialty

Unique chocolate gifts for all special occasions

Weddings, graduations and also anniversaries

The Fresh Mint, Thai Ginger or Mocha Cream

Are some unique flavors that delight and please

46. Schokolat Chocolate Horse Shoe

Give as unique chocolate gifts for horse lovers

A fun Belgian dark chocolate edible horse shoe

Say good luck or congrats for equestrian events

With this unusual horse gift that's fun eating too

Great for show jumpers and other horse riders

A horse shoe that looks authentic and also sweet

This remarkable and delicious work of horse art

Is a hand-crafted and unique horse-themed treat

47. Chocolate Cigarettes Pack - 4 Assorted Packs

Find four assorted packs of chocolate cigarettes

Funny retro-candy gifts that bring back memories

For friends who grew up in the '70s and the '80s

They're unique chocolate gifts and fun novelties

Each cigarette pack has 10 milk chocolate sticks

Each individual stick is wrapped in paper as well

These are fun birthday gag gifts for a certain age

To bring back memories of a time that was swell

48. Chocolate Covered Bliss Fruit and Nuts Tray

Chocolate-covered fruit to delight your palate

Tempting plump cherries and sweet blueberries

Packed in a gift tray with almonds and cashews

It's an any-occasion gift to give with great ease

The gift box arrives tied with a pretty raffia ribbon

Displayed in the handsomely carved wooden tray

Give this chocolate gift to your boss or co-workers

At Christmas time or to celebrate an office birthday

49. Chocolate Casino Chips - Las Vegas Poker Coins in Colorful Foil

For your gambling buddies who love Las Vegas

These chocolate casino chips are a fun novelty

Invite all of your friends over for a poker game

And surprise your guests with chocolate frivolity

The fun poker coins are from the Netherlands

With fine gourmet milk chocolate hidden inside

Casino chips wrapped in bright and colorful foil

Are your poker chips that you won't want to hide

50. Schokolat Chocolate Hammer

A club hammer made from Belgian dark chocolate

Is metallic-looking edible food at its absolute best

Give this unique gift to any man for his birthday

It looks like a regular hammer in his tool chest

This is a perfect gift to give dad on Father's Day

One that he'll want to treasure but also eat too

He'll love the creativity and your thoughtfulness

Of the unique chocolate gift that is given by you

51. Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

The Candy Craft Chocolate Pen from Sky Rocket

Includes chocolate in brown, white, pink and blue

The melted chocolate inside never touches the pen

So cleaning up after playtime is super easy for you

The box includes gift bags and 50 candy molds

And 8 full ounces of chocolate are all ready to go

These are unique chocolate gifts for kids' parties

Where kids create treats for a sweet baking show

52. Schokolat Chocolate Key and Escutcheon

There has never been any finer housewarming gift

Than this unique chocolate key and escutcheon set

To help celebrate the purchase of a brand new home

This may be the most unusual and welcome gift yet

The key and escutcheon look completely realistic

These are edible gifts that are works of fine art

Give these unusual gifts to any new homeowner

To say congratulations on their perfect new start

53. TABASCO Dark Chocolate Covered Jelly Beans

TABASCO Dark Chocolate Covered Jelly Beans

Where spicy meets sweet in a whole other way

They're fun stocking stuffers for TABASCO fans

Or novelty food gifts for an upcoming birthday

Jelly beans are peanut-free, gluten-free and kosher

So you can give these gifts with true peace of mind

They're well-suited for a wide range of dietary needs

And are a spicy and decadent unique chocolate find

54. ELIT Milk and Dark Chocolate Spoons

When your silverware becomes chocolate-ware

You know that your life is finally perfect at last

After you stir your coffee with a chocolate spoon

Your silver tea set will become a thing of the past

The Choco spoons are in milk and dark chocolate

They are a fine import and product from Turkey

These edible spoons are unique chocolate gifts

That are both awesome to savor and also to see

55. Milk Chocolate Lover's Body Paint With Brush

Buy the milk chocolate lover's body paint

As a romantic gift for the love of your life

This is also a fun Valentine's novelty gift

So you can surprise your husband or wife

The edible body paint comes with a brush

So you can apply the chocolate with ease

This body paint is a unique chocolate gift

That is 100 percent guaranteed to please

56. Billion Dollar Chocolate Bar

Go beyond dreaming of only a million dollars

Reach instead for a billion dollar chocolate bar

Give this as a gag gift or as a motivational gift

To a recent graduate or an upcoming new star

Because sometimes a million dollars is too little

That's when this chocolate bar will save the day

A unique chocolate gift with a billionaire dream

To inspire and motivate in an extravagant way

57. Abtey Chocolate Royal des Lys Liquor Bottles 12-Piece Crate

Abtey Chocolate Royal des Lys Liquor Bottles

Neatly packaged in this handy 12-piece crate

Twelve chocolate bottles all filled with liqueur

Are a unique chocolate gift that tastes great

Indulge in Kirsh, pear, strawberry and plum

All high-grade liqueur without a sugar crust

These bottle-shaped mini chocolate pralines

Are candy gifts for adults that won't be a bust

58. Chocolate Candy Bar Shaped Pipe Cigarette Lighter

Give this fun prank gift to a cigarette smoker

Who is a confirmed milk chocolate lover too

Every time that he lights up another cigarette

He will crave chocolate while thinking of you

A lighter shaped like a chocolate candy bar

Is a funny novelty and also a very cruel joke

You'll set big chocolate cravings into motion

When he uses his lighter to light up a smoke

59. Tazo Chai Tea Chocolate

Say goodbye to hot chocolate and to regular tea

Chai tea drinkers are in for a new taste sensation

Your taste buds may never fully recover from this

As Tazo Chai Tea Chocolate is a magic combination

Enjoy the full taste of chai with a chocolate aroma

Your senses will all enjoy this hot beverage delight

A spectacular way to begin your morning each day

And a relaxing way to welcome in every new night

60. 3D House German Chocolate Advent Calendar by Windel

A German Chocolate Advent Calendar by Windel

Is a fantastic house that has been created in 3D

Open all 24 windows in the month of December

And premium milk chocolate is what you will see

This special Advent calendar is easy to assemble

And it looks great on any table top or flat surface

Buy these unique chocolate gifts for your children

So they can count the days leading up to Christmas

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Unique Chocolate Gifts