100 Unique Food Gifts for Foodies Who Love Discovering Unusual Edible Treats

Paired With 100 Tasty Food Poems and a Side of Culinary Humor

100 Unique Food Gifts

Find unique food gifts and really weird edibles, and enjoy exploring new fun foods to eat.

Discover the most unique gifts of all, because these foodie gifts are a rare treat.

Each gift is matched with a tasty food poem, for food pairing is what foodies do best.

Trust all these delicious and edible gifts, as each has passed the great foodie test.

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100 Unique Food Gifts

1. Schokolat Chocolate Corkscrew

Every foodie needs one great corkscrew

And Belgian chocolate is the best quality

A wine opener made from this chocolate

Is a unique food gift and fun novelty

It's crafted by hand and then painted

Resembling a genuine winged corkscrew

Made from gluten-free, fine dark chocolate

This one-of-a-kind gift is edible too

2. Fresh Miracle Fruit Berries - Turns Sour to Sweet

They make lemons taste like lemonade
As miracle berries change sour to sweet
This gag gift comes straight from Nature
A foodie gift and an unusual treat

Miracle berries are always picked fresh
And you receive them the following day
Share these at your next dinner party
To trick taste buds in every which way

3. Back to the Roots Garden-in-a-Can: Grow Organic Basil

Grow your very own garden right in a can

In a small space or on the windowsill

For months you'll enjoy freshly grown herbs

When you plant this organic basil

The seeds and nutrients are all included

You add water and watch the seeds grow

For home-cooked meals with organic herbs

Add basil from these seeds that you sow

4. Archie McPhee Edgar Allan Poe Candy Book (Grape Flavor)

For a teacher or friend with a literary bent

An Edgar Allan Poe book of candy

Poe's face decorates each candy piece

In this unique food gift novelty

No dark tales and no scary stories

Only grape-flavored hard candy inside

Place next to books upon a bookshelf

This is a gift that you won't want to hide

5. Edible Gold & Silver Combo Gift Box

For that special someone in your life

This is truly a gift to behold

In a red-velvet lined polished-wood chest

You'll find 23-karat edible gold

Beside a shaker of edible silver

The gold lies in its own shaker too

This unique gift is truly romantic

When it is wrapped and given by you

6. BASIC Molecular Gastronomy "Made Easy" Starter Kit

Any chef or foodie who is fascinated

With the art of molecular gastronomy

Can master all of the basic techniques

With a starter kit which makes it easy

This cool molecular gastronomy kit

Contains ingredients and tools galore

Surprise all your friends and your family

Create new dishes they've not seen before

7. Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set

Give this spicy-hot and unique food gift

With the robust flavor of jalapeno

To friends who love cayenne pepper

And the full heat of hot habanero

Find four bottles of Louisiana hot sauce

In this Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Set

Fans of these award-winning sauces

Claim these hot sauces are the best yet

8. Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook Kindle Edition

Containing 50 hot chicken recipes

That are all bound to be delicious

Each one more seductive than the last

And yet surprisingly still nutritious

Dripping Thighs and Chicken with a Lardon

Mustard-Spanked Chicken and many more

Fifty Shades of Chicken is a fun parody

Unlike any cookbook that you’ve read before

9. Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit

Make 125 pieces of sushi

You'll find sushi rolling is great fun to try

This sushi kit has all the ingredients

Though fresh toppings you'll still need to buy

The tools that you need are included

A rice paddle and a bamboo rolling mat

You'll roll your sushi like a sushi chef soon

Your sushi friends will all love you for that

10. The Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler

This gourmet sea salt sampler set

Contains sea salts that are all unrefined

They're still loaded with their vital minerals

So you can use them with true peace of mind

From around the world and far distant places

You'll find 16 exotic varieties

A foodie gift for a special occasion

These gourmet sea salts are certain to please

11. Vintage Soda Variety Pack Gift Box

The vintage soda variety pack

Is a unique food gift that is retro style

Give someone the gift of sweet memories

As they travel back in time for a while

Find Nugrape and Nesbitt's Orange soda

Dad's Root Beer and Bubble Up too

Manufactured with real cane sugar

Vintage sodas made freshly for you

12. Pecan Pie In-A-Jar

To bake perfect pecan pie every time

Add butter and eggs to Pecan Pie In-A-Jar

Bake it together in your own pie shell

You'll be the next pecan-pie baking star

Made right smack in the heart of Texas

This easy dessert is a fine Southern treat

It's a unique food gift for a foodie

To make any great meal complete

13. Gourmet Flavored Coffee Spoon Gift Box

These gourmet flavored coffee spoons

Are delightful in hot chocolate too

An unusual treat for drinkers of coffee

And a unique food gift that's from you

Beautifully packaged for easy gift-giving

Flavored spoons that they'll simply adore

With Irish cream, mocha, mint and hazelnut

They'll be wishing that you'll give them more

14. Pepo Watermelon Slicer

Kids love fresh watermelon slices

Moms love these because there's no mess

Take this slicer along to a barbecue

It'll be a summer gift-giving success

For healthy fruit snacks for guests of all ages

Pick up a watermelon before you go

Where on earth did you find this cool slicer?

Is what everyone will want to know

15. Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Making Kit

Make mozzarella cheese freshly homemade

This cheesemaking kit has all that you need

Everything is included except for the milk

Plus thirty minutes for cheese to succeed

Whip up 30 pounds of fresh cheese with this kit

Enough for yourself and for your friends too

You'll soon be known as the queen of cheese

Cause making cheese is now simple for you

16. Brain Toniq - the Non-Caffeinated Think Drink

The world's first non-caffeinated think drink

BrainToniq contains no sugar at all

Sweetened with organic agave nectar

You won't get wired and then crash and fall

Give these drinks to a college-bound student

To help them study when exams come around

For their brain clarity and their mental focus

This unique food gift will prove safe and sound

17. Sriracha2Go Combo Pack

Place Sriracha2Go on your keychain

And you'll never be left unprepared

For a meal without needed sriracha

Is a valid reason to be really scared

A unique food gift for sriracha lovers

You'll get two sizes so that you can share

Cause sharing sriracha with any friend

Is a righteous sign that you really care

18. Gummi Shot Glasses: 6 Pack - Cherry

Sometimes life can be totally perfect

You can have your shot and eat it too

With a six-pack of gummi shot glasses

There's no washing of glasses for you

Take a set of gummi shot glasses along

As a novelty gift for your party host

All your friends will agree that they are unique

And the food gift that they enjoy the most

19. Caramel Popcorn Pizza with Belgian Chocolate

This popcorn pizza is rather decadent

With caramel and Belgian chocolate

Buy one as a gift and another for you

You won't regret the decision one bit

A pizza pie that's drizzled with chocolate

Plus M & M's and some chocolate chips too

Is a unique food gift to be treasured

But should then be devoured by you

20. 14-Pound Cajun Cornbread Turducken

Mouth-watering Cajun cornbread dressing

With turkey and duck plus the chicken

It's a feast that can serve 14 people or more

A foodie's Cajun Cornbread fresh Turducken

The turkey is partially deboned for you

And then filled with the stuffing inside

Fourteen pounds of delicious tur-duc-ken

Is a unique food gift that's given with pride

21. Rose Pork Brains with Milk Gravy

Enjoy Rose pork brains with milk gravy

Over scrambled eggs they taste very nice

It's the American traditional manner

Or maybe try eating your brains over rice

Pork brains are a delicacy to one person

And yet they're a gag gift to another

Give this no-brainer gift for Christmas

To prank your annoying baby brother

22. Quarter Pound O' Chocolate Dice

No matter how you roll the dice

This food gift may be the best yet

A fun chocolate gift for gamblers

Or for friends who love a great bet

Made from artisan milk chocolate

You get a quarter pound of dice

A sweet stocking stuffer for foodies

An an unusual new gambling device

23. That's Amore Romantic Italian Dinner for Two Picnic Hamper

If you can't take your date to Italy

Then have Italy be brought to you

Enjoy a romantic picnic hamper

With an Italian dinner for two

Treat your love to That's Amore

With gourmet fixings Italian-style

Prepare your fine Italian dinner

And then romance your date awhile

24. Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream

There's no need for refrigeration

It's vacuum-dried and ready to eat

First made for Apollo Space Missions

As an astronaut NASA space treat

Eat this right out of the package

Neapolitan freeze-dried ice cream

A gift for your future astronaut

To indulge in a space-mission dream

25. Trader Joe's Chocolate Passport Single Origin 8x 45g Bars

Discover chocolate from foreign countries

Including Venezuela and Ecuador

Dominican Republic, Ghana and Peru

Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and more

For an extended cruise around the world

With chocolate passports that are unique

Give this beautifully packaged chocolate

As a travel gift for a wanderlust freak

26. Sugar Skull Edible Image Colorful Birthday Cake or Cupcake Topper

Design your cake like a masterpiece

Apply sugar skull art that is edible

Made from compressed icing sheets

To make any cake look incredible

Give this gift to your favorite baker

Or your friend who's a cupcake queen

This edible art for a cake is fantastic

Perhaps the finest food gift ever seen

27. Russian Caviar Sampler Gift Basket

A unique food gift for the wealthy

That mere mortals just cannot afford

If you're the recipient of this fine gift

Know you are envied, loved and adored

Find pearl spoons, blinis and creme fraiche

With tins of Russian Imperial caviar

Hand-wrapped in a custom gift basket

The most luxurious food gift by far

28. Survival Tabs - 15-Day Survival Food Supply - 25-Year Shelf Life

Fifteen days of survival food supply

May be the best food gifts you can give

For you never know when survival tabs

Give the recipients all they need to live

For just-in-case or a bug-out bag

Or if the apocalypse should ever arrive

This unique food gift for survivalists

Will be the gift that allows them to thrive

29. Simply Gum Natural Chewing Gum (Mint, Cinnamon, Ginger, Fennel, Coffee, Maple)

Simply Gum is an all-natural chewing gum

Which tastes different from gums at the store

Artificial flavors are simply not added

It's a gum health-food nuts will adore

Simply Gum is both vegan and gluten-free

This green gift is biodegradable too

A unique food gift for the pickiest parents

Who prefer gum that is not bad for you

30. Scorpion Lollipop (Apple, Banana, Blueberry and Strawberry)

Scorpion lollipops come in fruity flavors

There's green apple and pink strawberry

Yellow banana may become your favorite

Or perhaps even the sweet blueberry

The scorpions in these suckers are real

Freak out your kids and your co-workers too

Best for practical jokes and for gag gifts

Though they might not appreciate you

31. Gourmet Shrimp and Grits

Cook up yummy gravy with grits and shrimp

Food doesn't get much better than this

It will taste fresh out of South Carolina

With perfect grits that are not hit-or-miss

In butter you saute a full pound of shrimp

Then add the cooked grits and the gravy

Give this unique food gift to your friends

Who love their Southern food to be tasty

32. Simpson's Spotted Dick Sponge Pudding

Be careful to whom you give this gift

Spotted Dick may be poorly received

But sponge pudding is really delicious

And must be eaten warm to be believed

It's made in the U.K. in Manchester

With plump sultanas, nutmeg and cloves

Invite everyone over to eat Spotted Dick

And your friends will all come out in droves

33. Marmite Lovers Treasure Hamper Gift Box

Genuine Marmite is an acquired taste

It's a yeast extract that is good for you

For the people who were raised on Marmite

No other spread in the whole world will do

The Marmite Lovers gift hamper box

Has Marmite snacks that are all genuine

Give this food gift to Marmite-loving expats

Their love and devotion you quickly will win

34. 12 Golden State Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Each fresh strawberry is first hand-dipped

And then it is beautifully hand-decorated

It's no wonder they get 5-star reviews

And their fine quality is so highly rated

With freshness 100 percent guaranteed

Give this food gift for a special occasion

For anniversaries or for Valentine's Day

Or for some needed romantic persuasion

35. Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce

Professor Phardtpounders Colon Cleaner

Is an Elixir of Capsaicin Extremus hot sauce

Please be aware that your overindulgence

Could after a while cause regret and remorse

This Caribbean mustard hot sauce creation

Comes in a flask bottle that is unique too

Good for big laughs and a fun conversation

Give as gag gifts but also buy some for you

36. Fresh Passion Fruit (2 Pounds)

Give the gift of tropical passion fruit

When only exotic and fresh fruit will do

With an irresistible taste and aroma

It's full of both passion and promise too

Fresh passion fruit has a juicy interior

Packed tightly with juice-covered seeds

Give this romantic gift to your sweetheart

As an expression of your love and needs

37. Glico Pocky Wagokoro Matcha Green Tea

For die-hard fans of Pocky chocolate

Matcha cookies are an unusual treat

With the flavor of Japanese green tea

This food gift is both crunchy and sweet

The green tea flavor is incomparable

And Pocky Matcha gets the texture right

If you've never tried matcha chocolate

You're in for a tasty new foodie delight

38. Truffle Experience from Taylored Gourmet

For the ultimate truffle experience

And a luxury food gift that's ever so fine

Give your foodie this gift box of truffles

Filled with foods that are simply divine

You'll find olives and salt and oils

Each with its own unique truffle taste

This gourmet gift will long be treasured

And neither wasted nor used up in haste

39. Edible Mixed Color Rose Petals

These mixed rose petals are all edible

Use them in a dish for an exotic touch

Your dinner guests will all be astounded

And admire your creativity so very much

Colors range from bright red to burgundy

And from yellow to cream and to gold

Give this food gift of mixed rose petals

To a chef or foodie whose cooking is bold

40. Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck

The Official Cookbook from Thug Kitchen

Is titled Eat Like You Give a F*ck

And if the title alone offends you

Then you may be sheer out of luck

This #1 New York Times Bestseller

Is loaded with foul-mouthed attitudes

A unique cookbook for your foodie friends

And any vegan-curious women or dudes

41. Award-Winning Gourmet IPA Beer Brittle

This award-winning gourmet beer brittle

May be the best brittle that you've ever had

And if you haven't tasted even one bite

Well that's just wrong and so totally sad

Made with amber ale and Spanish peanuts

This dark roast brittle has a touch of salt too

With hints of micro-brewed India Pale Ale

One taste and other brittle will no longer do

42. Zano 12-Inch Vinegar Bottle

From the Decorative Vinegar Bottle Collection

This unique bottle was designed for you

To quickly enhance and brighten decor

Both rustic old world and new modern too

A spectacular 12-inch vinegar bottle

Is infused with yellow, red and green chili

With garlic, orange slices and string beans

It makes any occasion for gift giving easy

43. igourmet's Favorites - 8 Cheese Sampler

A unique food gift for choosy cheese lovers

These eight cheeses are all that you'll need

This gift ships insulated and expedited

So that fresh cheese is always guaranteed

Feast on wedges of Mountain Gorgonzola

Malagon with Rosemary and some Gruyere

This is the finest assortment of cheeses

That arrives together with the Camembert

44. Mara Seaweed Gift Box

This Mara artisan selection of seaweeds

Is carefully harvested by hand for you

Then packaged in the Seaweed Gift Box

Because only the best presentation will do

The three seaweeds Dulse, Kombu and Shony

Make a unique food gift that is rather swell

These are three robust seaweed seasonings

Which will all complement your cooking well

45. Ziggy Marley's Hemp Rules Roasted Hempseeds Caribbean Crunch

You'll agree wholeheartedly with Ziggy Marley

That Hemp Rules when you discover hemp seeds

They provide an excellent source of protein

And the omega fatty acids your body needs

Enjoy hemp seeds that are roasted and flavored

Snack on the goodness of Caribbean crunch

Order some bags to give as healthy food gifts

And then snack on more hemp seeds with lunch

46. Godiva Chocolatier Ultimate Truffle Gift Collection Set

The Ultimate Truffle Gift Collection Set

Features eight unique flavor categories

Together with 80 Godiva truffles

This makes luxury gift giving a breeze

Indulge in customer favorites like Key Lime

With the crowd-pleaser being Cookie Dough

Enjoy new flavors like Black Forest Cake

And try each truffle but please take it slow

47. Funny Food: 365 Fun, Healthy, Silly, Creative Breakfasts

Funny Food by Bill and Claire Wurtzel

Brings joy to your mornings each day

Their breakfasts are silly and healthy

And they guide you each step of the way

A fun food gift for parents with children

So they can all share in a giggle or two

As they make funny breakfasts together

While laughing the entire way through

48. Back to the Roots Water Garden

This no-hassle tank waters your herbs

Then cleans the bowl and feeds your fish

This sustainable garden aquarium

Is the green answer to your foodie wish

Give the gift of a self-cleaning fish tank

That miraculously grows your food too

The Back to the Roots Water Garden

Makes herb gardening easy for you

49. Virgil's Root Beer 5-Liter Party Kegs

What Ben & Jerry's is to ice cream

And Dom Perignon is to champagne

Virgil's is to gourmet root beer

This stuff's so good that it's insane

Order a 5-liter keg for your parties

And then some more at Christmas time

Cause a party without Virgil's root beer

May as well be considered a crime

50. Premium Healthy Snacks Gift Box

This gift box is filled with 15 healthy snacks

All individually wrapped waiting for you

They're non-GMO, kosher and gluten-free

Snacks for the office and after school too

This is a unique food gift for foodies

Who insist that their snacks be healthy

You'll find no artificial colors or flavors

So you can give this food gift easily

51. World's Largest Sour Apple Gummy Bear

This giant gummy bear is really enormous

Perhaps the largest gummy you'll find

Weighing in on the scales at about 5 pounds

The size of this gummy will blow your mind

1,000 times bigger than regular gummies

And also larger than your standard football

This unique food gift won't be forgotten

Cause this giant gummy is 10 inches tall

52. Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set

In a bamboo chest of handcrafted mahogany

Find flowering blossoms and organic tea

When you steep the flowers in hot water

Floral bouquets bloom quite miraculously

Give this tea set to tea-drinking foodies

It's a unique food gift that's exotic too

When flowers are blooming in their tea cup

They'll be smiling while thinking of you

53. Canned Dragon Meat

No curated list of unique food gifts

Should exist without canned dragon meat

Proudly made for you by Radiant Farms

This food gift you may not want to eat

Give canned dragon meat to a vegetarian

As a practical joke that is rather cruel

This may be the funniest gag gift yet

See how many friends you are able to fool

54. Ancient Superfood Mix Bundle

Mix these superfoods into your smoothies

They're great for gifts and for super kids too

Smoothies will taste super delicious

And superfoods are all healthy for you

There are four packs and 21 superfoods

Enough to make 90 individual smoothies

From Ancient Chocolate to Ancient Berry

These superfood gifts are all sure to please

55. Port Clyde Lobster Mac & Cheese Casserole

Into a creamy mac and cheese casserole

Pure comfort food that warms up the heart

Add sweet chunks of the freshest Maine lobster

And you'll fall deeply in love from the start

This dish has won multiple food awards

Including "Throwdown! with Bobby Flay"

Give this Lobster Mac & Cheese Casserole

For an anniversary or a special birthday

56. Mountain House, Just In Case... Classic Bucket

A supply for emergency preparedness

Easy-to-cook meals when you are camping

You only add water so you travel lighter

Take along too when you go backpacking

Give as gifts to campers and hikers

Backpackers and survivalists too

Receive 12 pouches in every bucket

This cooks up 29 servings for you

57. Chocolate-Covered Purple Sweet-Potato Cookies

Chocolate-covered pure deliciousness

Created and packaged for you by Glico

This unique food gift is sweet and colorful

Cookies made from purple sweet potato

And because sweet potato is a vegetable

It's perfectly fine if you eat five a day

These cookies are great gifts for foodies

Who love foods made in a whole different way

58. Buffalo Bob's Jerky 16-Piece Gift Basket with Jeff's Famous Sriracha Bacon Jerky

Buffalo Bob's 16-piece jerky gift basket

Includes Jeff's famous sriracha bacon jerky

That's sriracha plus jerky plus bacon

The very thought makes jerky lovers happy

Give this gift to red-blooded carnivores

For a low-carb and exotic new treat

They'll be munching on jerky for hours

And enjoying the sticks made of meat

59. Psychedelic Bruisers Individually Wrapped in a BlackTie Box

Psychedelic bruisers are large jawbreakers

Each wrapped and in a BlackTie box too

These may be the hugest jawbreakers ever

So buy some for gifts and some also for you

For fans of jumbo gigantic jawbreakers

This is a once in a lifetime big candy treat

They'll be enjoying a jawbreaker for hours

And there will still be more candy to eat

60. Spanish Saffron Coupe Quality Tin

This is the very highest quality of saffron

Brought to you from the top country of origin

Every thread of saffron has been hand-selected

In this Spanish Saffron Coupe Quality Tin

An indispensable ingredient in Spanish cooking

This saffron tin makes a great gift for foodies

And because they get the most flavorful threads

They can add Spanish flavor to dishes with ease

61. Grace Cock Flavored Soup Mix

Cock flavored soup tastes rather delicious

It's authentic Jamaican soup made by Grace

Give this unique food gift with an R-rated name

Just to see the shocked look on somebody's face

Buy this soup mix for your stocking stuffers

These are affordable gifts and they're fun

After opening gifts you can make cock soup

Read the directions to see how it's done

62. Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup

These wild hibiscus flowers in sweet syrup

Are beautifully presented in a glass jar

Use to garnish a martini or glass of champagne

And you'll impress everyone at your home bar

They are hand-picked and packed in Australia

Totally natural and sustainably farmed

Take this unique food gift to a dinner party

And the hostess will be suitable charmed

63. Hi Mountain Jerky Original Summer Sausage Kit

You can make your own summer sausage

With this home sausage making kit here

The cure and seasonings are all included

So first-timers will have nothing to fear

Give this gift to a foodie or a home chef

Who loves to experiment with new stuff

This is a rather large sausage making kit

So it's guaranteed that they'll have enough

64. Elegant Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies Gift Box

Chocolate covered sandwich cookies

Wrapped up in a box so elegantly

There are 12 gourmet chocolate cookies

In a deliciously extensive variety

They are made in an artisan bake shoppe

And these cookies look as good as they taste

Give this cookie gift box for any occasion

And you know that they'll not go to waste

65. Caledonian Kitchen Haggis with Highland Beef

Add haggis to your list of foods you've tried

Failing to do so may cause you foodie grief

You'll taste refined beef suet, onions and spices

Together with USDA-inspected highland beef

If you regularly enjoy eating haggis at home

This unusual food won't be unique for you

But if you have yet to sample some haggis

Then this is a new food that you should try too

66. Chios Mastiha Medium Tears

A metal box of Chios Mastiha medium tears

Unflavored gum-like resin from mastic trees

It grows only on the Aegean island of Chios

And has many beneficial health properties

The mastic resin is crystallized at first

But turns into a gum the longer you chew

Give this unique food gift to a foodie

To try a new food that is so good for you

67. Coffee Masters Around the World in Twelve Coffees Variety Pack

With a leather-look bound travel journal

Tour around the world with different coffee

From Colombia all the way to Zimbabwe

So many coffees to try and places to see

From the sunny Caribbean to darkest Africa

You'll taste coffees you've not tried before

Any friends to whom you give this food gift

Will soon be begging you to get some more

68. Zevia Naturally Sweetened Drinks, Rainbow Pack

Say goodbye forever to sugar-filled sodas

And give yourself the priceless gift of health

For as any nutritionist or wise sage will tell you

It is to be treasured as the best kind of wealth

Containing no sugar nor artificial sweeteners

Great tasting Zevia soda remains calorie free

Naturally sweetened with stevia and monk fruit

This unique food gift is completely healthy

69. Chapul Cricket Energy Bars

You'll enjoy Chaco, Aztec and Thai bar flavors

These are genuine cricket-flour energy bars

For choosing a sustainable source of protein

Mother Nature and Earth award you five stars

There are 12 bars in this cricket variety pack

Keep a few of the bars and give some to friends

Soon you'll all be buying cricket energy bars

While leading the way and starting new trends

70. Fresh Seafood Sampler

Spiny lobster tails, signature sauce and a mallet

Key West pink shrimp and some crab claws too

If you're reading this and find yourself drooling

Then placing an order is the best thing to do

The fresh seafood is wild caught and never frozen

So buy this seafood gift for your favorite foodie

Then have him prepare the sampler for you

Cause it's give and take in life as you can see

71. Greenday Durian Chips

Durian fruit is banned on Singapore subways

As it is notorious for smelling like stinky feet

Yet around the world millions eat durian daily

And think that durian is the best fruit to eat

Sample these durian chips from Greenday

They're not fresh durian as they're freeze-dried

You can tell all your friends you've tried durian

You'll wear your durian-first badge with pride

72. Suzy's Four-Flavor Cheesecake Gift Sampler

New York Style or Chocolate Amaretto first

These are the choices that you'll have to make

Each of these flavors is the best one by far

Such is the dilemma of this yummy cheesecake

With four different flavors and 12 big slices

You can invite your foodie friends over for tea

Together you'll choose which cheesecake is best

Each flavor is delicious so you may disagree

73. Himalayan Salt Slab for Grilling

A Himalayan salt slab is great for grilling

And as a food gift for a foodie's birthday

This seasoning block for cooking and serving

Have been fully approved by the FDA

It naturally resists bacteria from growing

And adds great flavor to your cooking too

You can chill it for serving cold appetizers

There's not much that this salt slab can't do

74. Candy Tin Ouija Mystifying Mints

Use these mints to determine your future

The Ouija board is printed right on the tin

Before you ever buy any lottery tickets

First ask the Ouija if you're going to win

These unique food gifts are fun for friends

You can determine your futures together

And before you dress to go out at night

Be sure to ask the tin about the weather

75. NYC Brunch Basket

Send the gift of lox and bagels to your loved ones

They'll love New York City's favorite brunch food

The price includes FedEx overnight shipping

And this basket will brighten up anyone's mood

The gift includes hand-rolled cinnamon rugelach

Try them just once and you'll forever want more

Brought to you by the trusted Challah Connection

Jewish experts in kosher gift-giving and more

76. Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liqueurs with Original Spirits 64-Piece Gift Box

This gift box includes a variety of original spirits

Like Danka Vodka and Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey

You'll receive 64 pieces of chocolate liqueurs

It's a great chocolate gift you can send easily

Buy this Anthon Berg gift box for yourself too

But it's best not to sample them all in one day

This is a gift that is probably better to share

So ask your friends over and then sample away

77. Gourmet Peppercorns with Mortar and Pestle

Gourmet peppercorns from around the world

With a Japanese mortar and pestle set too

Give this gift to a foodie or to a home chef

They'll love this unique food gift from you

These are all exotic peppercorn seasonings

That are not found in grocery stores easily

Brought to you by Salts of the 7 Seas

This food gift is presented quite exquisitely

78. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner Gift Box Game

The Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner Game

Is a fun gift to give for a child's birthday

You'll find a collection of 20 wild flavors

And a funny game that kids all love to play

Great for a gag gift or a party activity

Before tasting each bean you'll think twice

You may want to keep a trashcan near you

As some of the flavors are not very nice

79. Cookie Crumb Dessert Cupcakes 6 Count

These natural cupcakes have no preservatives

Better than any you'll find at your bakery

You get six dessert cookie crumb cupcakes

That are delivered to you fresh and speedily

Packaged for you in a designer keepsake box

These cupcakes are individually hand-frosted

Order a box as a gift and another for you

When you taste them you'll be glad you did

80. Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm

The Organic Mushroom Farm is fun and unusual

Grow oyster mushrooms at home in only 10 days

Give this unique food gift at Christmas time

For anniversaries and for friends' birthdays

This organic farm kit has just three easy steps

That guarantees your mushroom growing success

And because you grow the mushrooms in the box

You'll have fresh mushrooms without any mess

81. Traditional Irish Breakfast Hamper

Bring the taste of Ireland to your breakfast table

With sausages, pudding, scones and more

This traditional Irish Breakfast hamper

Has the Irish foods that you love and adore

Give this hamper to any of your Irish friends

Get a free Irish gift with every purchase

This unique food gift of all traditional foods

Is a dream when it's Irish foods that you miss

82. World's Bubble Gum Cigarettes 24 Pack

These are original bubble gum cigarettes

The old-fashioned kind that puff fake smoke

Great as novelties and as stocking stuffers

And a fun purchase to give friends as a joke

If you just happen to be of a certain age

You will remember buying these as a child

For kids who grew up in the '70s

They'll bring back memories of acting wild

83. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Gift Set From Italy

The boxed gift set has extra virgin olive oil

As a dipping oil EVOO is the only way to go

Two fine pour spouts with cork are included

Which helps ensure that the dripping is slow

The gourmet balsamic vinegar has been aged

For a full twenty-five years in a cask

This is a luxury item and unique food gift

For which many a chef or foodie will ask

84. Stonewall Kitchen Pancake Sampler

The Kitchen Pancake Sampler from Stonewall

Is for foodies who drool over a good pancake

The gift has gourmet fruit jams and maple syrup

And four pancake mixes that are easy to make

This tasty and unique food gift collection

Makes waking up in the morning such fun

Get up early and surprise your whole family

With warm stacks of pancakes for everyone

85. VOSS Artesian Water

Uniquely bottled VOSS is to artesian water

What the luxury Rolls Royce is to motor cars

Savored by water connoisseurs and foodies

And served in the world's most upscale bars

The water is perfectly still and not sparkling

The cleanest taste puts VOSS in its own class

You'll love reusing the plastic VOSS bottles

As they are much safer to carry than glass

86. Larvets Sampler Gift Pack - BBQ, Cheddar Cheese & Mexican Spice

Try 100 percent real worms in three flavors

Cheddar cheese, barbecue and Mexican spice

You may love Larvets and surprise yourself

Because flavored worms are crunchy and nice

If you're curious about eating edible bugs

You'll have some foodie friends who are too

Order this unique food gift for all of them

And have them sample their worms with you

87. Aussie Favorites Gourmet Gift Box

The Aussie Favorites Gourmet Gift Box

Has Vegemite, Tim Tam cookies and more

This unique food gift from Down Under

Contains Aussie favorites that expats adore

Handpicked and packaged in Sydney, Australia

For your Aussie friends who are feeling homesick

Give them an Aussie gift with familiar snacks

They'll be comforted and they'll feel better quick

88. Hot Chocolate on a Stick - 6 Pack Variety Gift Box

Fill your favorite mug with hot steamed milk

Add the stick of hot chocolate that you like best

Then hold onto the Popbar and stir for a while
Taste one delicious sip and you'll be impressed

Choose from dark chocolate, milk or vanilla
All three are included in this variety pack
If you give this unique food gift to a friend
You may well regret it and try take it back

89. The Baconator Gift Crate for Bacon Lovers

You probably know some die-hard bacon lovers

Who are totally obsessed with all bacon stuff

Give the Baconator Crate as Christmas gifts

And for once they'll have more than enough

There's bacon popcorn, dip and cheese spread

Packaged masterfully in a natural pine crate

Together with kettle chips, jerky and pork rinds

All bacon flavored and all remarkably great

90. Harmony House Foods Backpacking Kit

The Harmony House Foods Backpacking Kit

Is a unique food gift to take in your backpack

Foods are lightweight and perfectly portioned

So you won't have unused food on the way back

Enjoy dried vegetables, lentils and also beans

Adding water is all that's needed from you

Great for camping and for an emergency kit

These award-winning kits are super yummy too

91. Infuser Water Bottle 24-Ounce

Take fruit-infused water along to the gym

The leak-proof bottle makes packing easy

Also safe for the beach or the swimming pool

As this water bottle is 100 percent PBA free

The wide opening makes for easy cleaning

You'll stay hydrated cause water tastes great

Give as food gifts to friends any time of the year

This is a gift that their bodies will appreciate

92. Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers

A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers

Is a unique food gift that's fun for a foodie

With over 1,000 culinary questions inside

Playing Foodie Fight beats watching TV

This trivia game is infuriating and addictive

And the culinary ranges are really diverse

If you play with foodies who are competitive

Expect much laughter and yelling or worse

93. A Little Bit of Germany

Embark on a gourmet tour across Germany

Enjoy imported cheeses and good German bread

Taste foods from Hamburg and from Bavaria

For dessert try the cake or chocolate instead

You'll find herring fillets as well as salami

And you'll love the Paladin Bavarian Blue

Give this gift to an international foodie

And get A Little Bit of Germany for you

94. Fontana Fruit Wine Making Kit Premium

The Fontana premium fruit wine making kit

Produces 6 gallons of the best-tasting fruit wine

This is the full equivalent of 30 wine bottles

And makes a unique food gift that's ever so fine

Voted Fruit Wine Kit of the Year many times

It yields sweet wines with a crisp, clean taste

When your homemade wine is ready for drinking

Savor each sweet sip and don't gulp it in haste

95. Old-Fashioned Black Licorice Cigars

These old-fashioned black licorice cigars

Are the ideal gift to help people celebrate

Hand them out after the birth of a baby

They're easy to share and taste really great

If someone in the office receives a promotion

Be sure to pass out licorice cigars all around

They're fun stocking stuffers and gag gifts

As well as practical gifts that are sound

96. Pooch Party Microwave Celebration Cake

A unique food gift for the pooch in your life

Treat him to his very own Pooch Party Cake

This kit includes everything that you will need

Just pop in the microwave and soon it will bake

The kit has a balloon, a dish and a mixing spoon

Plus party favors for your pooch and you

Don't worry about what others might think

Cause doggies need unique food gifts too

97. The Ultimate Wasabi Lover's Gift Set

Who says that wasabi is only for sushi

It's for candy canes, toothpaste and more

The Ultimate Wasabi Lover's Gift Set

Has wasabi foods you won't find in a store

You'll discover exploding wasabi candy

And a cool tin of wasabi gumballs too

This unique food gift will be a hot hit

And wasabi lovers will soon worship you

98. Grass-Fed All-Natural South African Style Biltong

To compare traditional biltong to beef jerky

Is something you shouldn't do, not even in jest

Because when you taste South African biltong

You'll find that it's superior to all of the rest

This time-tested blend is the highest quality

And it's the truly authentic South African style

Give this food gift to a friend from South Africa

And you'll see pure joy and a big grateful smile

99. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

It's never too soon to teach kids to cook

Green eggs and ham is a great dish to try

Read the book and then cook up a storm

For green eggs are the best kind to fry

Do you like green eggs and ham?

Sam-I-am asks in this Beginner Book

This food-themed classic by Dr. Seuss

Is a fun food gift that's worth a new look

100. TV Dinner Gumballs 3-Course Feast

For days when you don't feel like cooking

Give TV Dinner Gumballs to your family

Buttered corn, apple cobbler and roast beef

Will keep everyone fed and feeling happy

This three-course feast of gumballs

Arrives at your home ready to chew

Give this unique food gift to your family

So they can laugh and appreciate you

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