70 Unique Gifts for Men Who Love Unusual Stuff

Paired With 70 Fun Poems and Some Mild Manly Humor

70 Unique Gifts for Men

Unique gifts for men can be hard to find, especially when guys only love cool and unusual stuff.

You'll find 70 amazing and fun gifts right here, because shopping for him should never be tough.

Discover gifts for your father, your husband, your brother, your son and for your boyfriend too.

Pick out the coolest gifts for all the guys in your life, the men who both love and appreciate you.

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70 Unique Gifts for Men

1. Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

As far as truly unique gifts for men can go

This foosball table is a man's dream come true

He gets to play his favorite game any time

And a coffee table keeps things tidy for you

The foosball coffee table features solid hardwood

With a sheer glass top and a large shelf below

Using the telescopic rods and hand-painted men

Your man will soon become the next foosball pro

2. Dude Wipes and Fresh Balls Lotion for Men

So your man's privates can stay clean and fresh

Buy him Dude Wipes as a gift that he'll use

Perfect before the gym or after working out

With these Dude Wipes your dude cannot lose

He'll prevent sweaty chafing in the groin area

With the special Fresh Balls lotion for men

This is a natural product that's aluminum free

And a unique gift that he'll want from you again

3. Star Wars Jedi Master Fleece Bathrobe

Give him a bathrobe that real Jedi Masters wear

There's room to conceal his lightsaber inside

After a long, hard day of battling Darth Vader

Your Jedi can wear his Star Wars robe with pride

This imported fleece robe is officially licensed

With a large hood that's super warm and comfy

A unique birthday gift for your own Star Wars fan

Cause now his true inner-Jedi can finally be free

4. Full-Immersion Racing Simulator and Game Theater

A full-immersion racing simulator and game theater

With body-rattling vibration and surround sound

If you buy this cool gift for the man in your life

In the leather sports seat is where he'll be found

He'll have driving controls with feedback steering

Six speeds and tri-pedals for gas, brake and clutch

Both a luxury item and a unique gift for men

This is an unusual gift that he'll love very much

5. Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

The first smartphone-controlled paper airplane

For men who will always love playing with toys

The airplane kit contains Bluetooth Smart Technology

They're unique gifts for men and fun for older boys

This conversion kit has a 180-feet range

Together with a smart crash-resistant design

It transforms an ordinary paper airplane

Into a gift for him that is unusual and fine

6. Virtual Laser-Projected USB Bluetooth Keyboard and Touchpad

The laser-projected keyboard and touchpad

Is fully portable and fits onto the ring for a key

A unique gift for men that's handy and compact

And he can connect via Bluetooth or by USB

This unusual gift has an innovative design

And projects a full-size 78-key keyboard

It can be used on almost any flat surface

This is a gift that will be used and adored

7. Temporary Tattoo Arm Cover-Up Sleeves

There are five different pairs in this awesome set

They're arm cover-up sleeves with temporary tattoos

Your guy will love all five unique gifts for men

For there are incredible designs he can choose

There's a koi, a dragon, a tribal and a skull

And the washable sleeves have a comfy, soft feel

Though these full-arm tattoos may be temporary

He'll know that your love is permanent and real

8. Nostalgic 3-Speed Vintage Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

The very newest from Innovative Technology

Meets vintage charm in a three-speed turntable

This portable case streams music wirelessly

Because this unique gift is Bluetooth capable

He'll enjoy listening to albums in the garage

The stereo speakers are built-in and full-range

And he'll love playing his vinyls while traveling

On his old-school gift that is a welcome change

9. Volt Heated Indoor/Outdoor Slippers

Unique gifts for men can also be practical

As in these slippers for inside and outdoor

An auto-adjustable thermostat is built in

So your guy won't have cold feet anymore

In even the chilliest of cold winter weather

Your gift gives him warmth, comfort and heat

He'll appreciate you and your thoughtful gift

When he's sliding toasty slippers onto his feet

10. Beer Cap USA Map With Cap Holders for Beer Lovers

This novelty map for holding beer caps

Is made by master artisans in the USA

A unique gift for him at Christmas time

Or for celebrating a beer-lover's birthday

There won't be any more caps lying around

As this wall art holds 100 beer caps

A unique decor gift for any beer drinker

Or for a collector of fun and unusual maps

11. Featheria® Fine Point Stylus and Quill Pen

This stylish gift for men made by Featheria

Has two styluses that work with many apps

From note-taking to sketching and painting

It's a great gift for artistic and creative chaps

All of the seven traditional stylized metal tips

Can be used with ink on paper for calligraphy

This modern gift for men is highly attractive

With an old-world charm that's unusual to see

12. Volkswagen Camper Tent by The Monster Factory

With the details looking like the original

He'll love this 1965 VW camper tent

A great gift for him for a special occasion

You'll both agree this is money well spent

When he takes this cool VW tent camping

He will get compliments from everyone

It sleeps four people with two inner rooms

So the whole family can join in the fun

13. Sticky Notes Packet of Honest Acronyms

For men who use their acronyms constantly

Like WTF, TMI and OMG

This packet of sticky notes makes a great gift

And they're Honest Acronyms as you can see

The handy folio holds the sticky notes in place

So that your man can easily stay organized

Acronym stickies are unique gifts for men

And their sticky notes will forever be prized

14. Black Leatherette Multi-Device Charging Station and Dock

With a multi-device charging station and dock

Made in an attractive black leatherette

He can now charge all his devices at once

Making this the handiest gift for him yet

With room for a laptop and also a tablet

And space for three additional devices too

This gift is both practical and it's unique

You may consider buying another for you

15. Urban Survival Bug-Out Bag Emergency Disaster Kit

Because you never know when disaster strikes

This unique gift helps men to stay prepared

And if he ever finds himself in an emergency

He'll have a bug-out bag so he won't feel scared

He'll find masks, food, water and sleeping bags

Plus a first-aid kit that fits in this backpack

Together with other life-saving essentials

This is a gift for him that he'll never send back

16. BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

This glass holds a full 750ml bottle of wine

No man can complain that his gift is too small

The wine bottle glass is easily washed by hand

And it stands a full 11.5 inches tall

Some unique gifts for men are practical

While others are good for a laugh or two

This enormous wine glass is definitely both

And he'll enjoy sharing his fun gift with you

17. Wicked Tickle Ghost Pepper and Habanero Hot Sauce 4 Pack

Few men can resist the gift of a wicked tickle

With this hot sauce crate he'll be receiving four

The ghost pepper and habanero gift set

Will have him begging you to give him more

This is the hottest ghost pepper hot sauce

And it's only for men who can take the heat

This unique and unusual food gift for men

Is the coolest gift that's a hot, spicy treat

18. Katana Samurai Sword Set With Stand

For a man who's interested in the martial arts

This sword set is decorative and it's unique

Three Samurai swords are displayed on a stand

Making this katana sword set look very sleek

The blades are made out of stainless steel

Handles are wrapped in black and green chord

These unique gifts for men are eye-catching

And no martial artist can resist a new sword

19. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Speaker With Unique Twist Design

This portable and wireless mobile speaker

Can be used both indoors and outdoors too

He can add a twist to the sleek cool design

And the sound quality is flawless and true

It is compatible with many different devices

Including MP3 players and all smartphones

He'll love his Bluetooth wireless speaker

And enjoy listening to the clear music tones

20. Tube Headband 6-Piece Set Biker Motorcycle Face Shield Guards

These tube headbands are sold in sets of six

So he'll have different designs he can choose

They're great for bikers and for motorcyclists

To shield the face during an open-road cruise

The headbands are also incredibly versatile

Use them outdoors while mowing the lawn

They block the wind and also dirt and dust

And they're super-soft like skin that's newborn

21. Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit - 5 Extraordinary Vegetables to Grow

These unique gifts for men from Plant Theatre

Are the coolest and healthiest gifts you can find

If you buy him the Funky Veg Kit for Christmas

You'll soon eat vegetables of the weirdest kind

All the gardening supplies are inside the box

So he can start growing the veggies right away

With purple carrots and fun stripey tomatoes

This sweet gift is unusual in the healthiest way

22. Noot Built-In Remote Shutter Selfie Stick for Apple and Android Smartphones

A selfie stick for Android and Apple smartphones

Makes a great gift for guys who love taking selfies

The built-in shutter and extendable handheld stick

Means he can take pictures with phenomenal ease

He will appreciate this unusual gift for him

Because the plug-and-play design is hassle free

It doesn't require or use any combo of apps

And the selfie stick does not need a battery

23. Buddhist Meditation Singing Bowl Tibetan Blue Art Décor

This set has a stick for playing and a cushion

A gold-tone trim and it's hand-painted in blue

It's an authentic design that is made in Nepal

An unusual gift for men that is spiritual too

This singing bowl is created for use at home

Because this particular style is large in size

Your man can start his day on the right note

With a Buddhist meditation bowl for the wise

24. Trail Camera With Night Vision

This essential trail camera has night vision

And runs up to a year on one set of batteries

The camera can detect both motion and heat

And beginners can learn to use it with ease

Give this as a gift for an outdoor enthusiast

A guy who loves being out in nature at night

He'll love the functionality and the quality

As Bushnell created this trail camera right

25. Brass Knuckleduster-Handle Ceramic Coffee Mug

A user-friendly design and cool personality

Make this mug unique in both looks and style

He'll love drinking his hot morning beverage

And brass knuckles will make others smile

These are finely chromed ceramic knuckles

And the cool coffee mug is ceramic-made too

Great as a unique gift for dad on Father's Day

Or any time of the year to say Dad I love you

26. Happy Shower® 12 Lights Color-Changing LED Shower Head

This unique gift for him for his bathroom

Is a color-changing LED shower head

Life is far more fun when your day begins

Under a shower that's green, blue and red

No tools and no instructions are needed

The installation is very simple and quick

Give this colorful gift at Christmas time

For a light show that's unusual and slick

27. Steve Aoki Scooter Luggage by Micro Kickboard

For use in stations and in airport terminals

He can scoot around to save time and stress

With Bluetooth speakers already installed

This gift for guys is guaranteed to impress

Designed for adults by musician Steve Aoki

The scooter luggage fits into the overhead bin

It is fully approved for use as a carry-on

With this fun gift choice his heart you will win

28. F-Bomb Paperweight

Some unique gifts for men need little explaining

The F-bomb paperweight says it all on it's own

Give this unusual paperweight to a potty mouth

To remind him that his F-words he should tone

This is a fun novelty gift to give for the office

To remind staff that it's a place meant for work

And if any co-worker should drop the F-bomb

Place this on his desk and he'll feel like a jerk

29. Periodic Table of Rock and Roll Novelty Music History Poster

The Periodic Table of Rock & Roll print

Spans from the 1950s through the 1980s

This unique gift for rock 'n' roll music lovers

Is a novelty poster that is certain to please

An accurate parody of the Periodic Table

Representing music that's close to his heart

Frame this music print for a special occasion

To give him a gift that's both funny and smart

30. 8GB Metal Wrench USB Flash Drive

He'll love his metal wrench USB flash drive

Which can safely store 8GB of memory

Give this unusual gift to a handyman

As this flash drive is both fun and handy

It works on all major operating systems

Like Windows, iOS and Linux too

Perfect as a gag gift or a stocking stuffer

Or an anytime gift to say Thank You

31. Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home-Brewing Craft Beer Kit

A home-brewing craft beer kit from Mr Beer

For the beer-drinking man in your home

Once he starts to brew all of his own beer

He'll never have cause nor reason to roam

The kit makes 4 gallons of home-brewed beer

Enough home brew to keep any man satisfied

He can invite all his buddies over for drinks

And serve them home-brewed beer with pride

32. Universal Multi-Function Portable Spider Flexible Grip for Smartphones

This is one cool spider that you will not fear

Because it is functional and as cute as can be

Give as unique gifts for men this Christmas

Phone grips fit in Christmas stockings easily

The number of uses for these gifts are endless

They can be used in cars, on bikes and trains

To hold up iPods, iPhones and Galaxy Androids

These flexible grips are also useful in planes

33. Aqua End Table Aquarium

This unusual aqua end-table aquarium

Is a conversation piece that's second to none

Both a fish tank and a good-sized end table

This gift is amazing and a whole lot of fun

He can fill up the tank with his favorite fish

Then use the table to hold his morning brew

The aqua table is entertaining yet calming

And it's a gift that he will treasure from you

34. WeWOOD Kardo Chocolate Wooden Watch

Crafted from reclaimed and recycled timber

This men's watch is 100-percent natural wood

With a state-of-the-art Miyota movement

This brown watch is green and also looks good

The sustainability is highly sophisticated

A men's watch for an avid environmentalist

For the guys in your life who are going green

Add WeWOOD watches to your gift-shopping list

35. The Man Can All Natural Bath and Body Gift Set for Men

Made for him by the Plum Island Soap Company

The Man Can is a cool body gift set for men

Cleverly packed for guys inside a paint can

This is a gift for him that you'll reorder again

The Man Can includes shave gel and hand butter

Bay rum oil, soap scrub and a body mitt too

Great for dads, hubbies, groomsmen and sons

Their manly fresh scents will be pleasing to you

36. Fred & Friends DOOMED Crystal Skull Shotglass

They arrive individually packed in a cool gift box

An unusual crystal skull nested in a shot glass

These unique gifts for men are quite striking

Creative shot glasses that are in their own class

Made from hand-blown clear borosilicate glass

These are shot glasses that you'll never forget

Give as gifts for guys who like strangely weird stuff

As they may be the most unusual shot glasses yet

37. Digital Camera Binoculars With Video Recording

These may be the coolest binoculars ever made

It's a digital camera and a video recorder too

The possibilities for these binoculars are endless

As there's not much that this device cannot do

The package includes a lens cloth and USB cable

Give this unique gift to a man on his birthday

He can spend hours outdoors in the sunshine

With his new binoculars to show him the way

38. The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

This unique camouflage grilling apron for men

Holds everything that a real man could ever want

Great for outdoor parties and also for barbecues

Because there are tons of handy pockets in front

The grilling apron for men has an adjustable strap

It comes in one size which is designed to fit all

Give this grilling apron as a gift to any sized man

It'll fit the shorter guys and also dudes who are tall

39. MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

The unusual MagnoGrip magnetic wristband

Is the best answer to any handyman's prayer

He can keep all that he needs right on his wrist

Stuff won't roll about and get lost over there

It's like having an extra hand when he needs it

The embedded strong magnets hold many screws

They can even hold smaller tools and scissors

This is a unique gift that he will constantly use

40. Man Bites Dog by University Games

Man Bites Dog is a hilarious game to play

It's a fun headline game for the entire family

Score points for creating outrageous headlines

With this boxed game set which packs up easily

Suitable for parties and for family game night

It's a game that two or more people can play

Everyone in the family will love Man Bites Dog

And crack up at the funny things that they say

41. Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp XAVT

Masterfully crafted for him in Switzerland

This penknife is a unique tool like no other

Give this once-in-a-lifetime Victorinox gift

To your boyfriend, your husband or brother

Made by the best-known brand in the world

For multi-tools and quality pocket knives too

This Swiss Army Knife has 80 unique functions

There's not much this pocket knife cannot do

42. Wall-Mounted Bathroom Shelf and Toilet Paper-Roll Holder

Your man can sit comfortably upon his throne

With both his smartphone and watch at his side

There's no danger of them dropping in the toilet

As the wall-mounted shelf is adequately wide

Featuring an industrial style and a rustic flair

This bathroom decor gift is a useful novelty

Smartphones will no longer end up under water

Which means he'll be relieved as well as happy

43. Atlantic Gaming Desk

If you have a serious gamer on your gift-shopping list

Then this is the perfect gift to give that gaming man

The desk has speaker trays and a charging station

A headphone hook plus a holder for a cup or a can

There's a game storage rack and a storage drawer

And also a neat wire-management trim plate

This unique gaming desk is the ideal birthday gift

Which any hard-core gamer will agree is just great

44. GoateeSaver - The Goatee Shaving Template

The GoateeSaver is a goatee shaving template

A unique and cool gift for a goatee-sporting man

Once he uses this template to form his goatee

He'll forever be a die-hard GoateeSaver fan

The template ensures even lines on both sides

So he'll save time knowing his lines look right

Give this unusual gift to a goatee-growing guy

To put an end to his goatee-shaping plight

45. Gemstone Globe With Caribbean Blue Opalite Ocean and Bright Silver Contempo Stand

Featuring a Caribbean opalite ocean in blue

And semi-precious jewelry grade gemstones

He'll love this gift for his home or office desk

Which will pair well with the cool color tones

Give this unique globe as a promotion gift

Or to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary

The hand-carved and hand-placed gemstones

Will grace his office desk most spectacularly

46. Master Lock Password Plus Combo Lock

Unique gifts for men who hit the gym daily

Give some to your athletes and also your jocks

Set a quick and easy-to-remember combination

Using these number or word-password locks

Because letter passwords are so much simpler

Remembering the word combo will be a breeze

They'll keep their stuff safe while working out

And they can change their password with ease

47. SneakyBooks Recycled Hollow Book Hidden Flask Diversion Safe

Treasured tomes that are saved from the shredder

SneakyBooks recycled hollow hidden-flask books

Saving unwanted second-hand hardcover titles

They create a safe space where a thief never looks

Use it to store a whiskey flask or your small valuables

Inside SneakyBooks that you can hide in plain sight

Hidden-flask diversion-safe books are eco-friendly

Unique gifts for men which are carved out just right

48. Picnic at Ascot Bold Picnic Backpack for 2

The Picnic at Ascot Bold Backpack for two

Is assembled and also designed in the USA

A foodie gift for men who love dining alfresco

This picnic set is ideal for a warm, sunny day

Find a roomy section inside set apart for food

Together with the adjustable backpack straps

Give this unique gift for picnicking in summer

To refined foodie men and more elegant chaps

49. Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

These are one-of-a-kind in-bottle beer chillers

They keep beer cold from the first sip to the last

Never again have to deal with drinking warm beer

That ordeal is now thankfully a thing of the past

A cool drinking gift for tailgating or any party

The Corkcicle Chillsner comes in a pack of two

Buy these as gifts for your beer-drinking buddies

So their beers stay cold the entire way through

50. PUT ME DOWN Decal Bathroom Toilet Seat Vinyl Sticker Sign

If you're tired of falling into the toilet at night

The PUT ME DOWN decal is just what you need

Give this novelty bathroom gift to your husband

And from bathroom fights you'll forever be freed

When he sees this friendly toilet-seat reminder

He will remember to put the toilet seat down

Your days of having to nag him are finally over

So you can wear a smile in place of your frown

51. Rechargeable Wireless MMO PC Gaming Mouse

Use for all the most popular MMO games

With true gaming-grade wireless connectivity

Give this unique PC gaming mouse to a gamer

So he can play his MMO games wirelessly

Find 17 MMO-optimized buttons

On this PC gift for any gamer you know

For a man who's serious about MMO games

This gaming-mouse gift is the best way to go

52. A Man, a Can, a Plan: 50 Great Guy Meals Even You Can Make

Give this gift to a college student or a bachelor

Who is constantly saying but I cannot cook

He'll find 50 tasty meals he can quickly make

Inside of this single-guy-friendly cookbook

There are recipes for him that are easy to follow

Soon he'll be able to cook and take care of himself

Give him this unique cookbook for his bachelor pad

To both use and display on his own kitchen shelf

53. The Official Men's Legendary Suitjamas (Silk Suit Pajamas)

These suitjamas should come with a warning

As they cause extreme sexiness in most guys

This is an unusual and stylish gift for men

So give a silk pair to your man in his size

There's an emergency contraceptive pocket

That's conveniently located on the inside

Buy this gift for a man who looks great in a suit

And he'll wear his silk suit pajamas with pride

54. Death Star Ball Ice Cube Mold for Star Wars Lovers

Make ice in the shape of the first Death Star

Or Death Star chocolate balls if you choose

A uniquely shaped mold for Star Wars fans

With these ice cube molds you cannot lose

The silicone mold is heat and cold resistant

Safe for the freezer and for the oven too

A great gift for a Star-Wars-themed party

Or as a fun novelty gift that's given by you

55. Manly Indulgence Bachelor Pad Scented Candle

The Bachelor Pad scented candle for men

Is manly indulgence with a heavenly scent

These unique gifts for men are awesome

And they'll know that this gift is well meant

They will make his home smell fabulous

Warm and cozy but never too sickly sweet

The smell is musky and a bit leathery too

So give this candle as a great bachelor treat

56. CHARG Charging Wallet for Smartphones

Your man can keep up with the latest trends

And he'll look super stylish at the same time

Never again will his smartphone battery die

Which every man knows is a terrible crime

He can recharge his cellphone with his wallet

Nine hours more talk time is what he will get

His wallet will give him 500 recharges

With your gift your man's phone will be set

57. I'm Smoking It Marijuana Funny Men's T-Shirt

If your guy wears this weed T-shirt to a party

He'll receive compliments and laughs galore

This is the coolest tee for the right kind of guy

And it's a shirt you won't find at a regular store

For a friend who buys munchies at McDonald's

And is a loud-and-proud pot-smoking man too

This parody Marijuana I'm Smokin' It shirt

Is a 420 novelty gift and weed dream come true

58. BarLuxe Unbreakable Drinkware

More durable than tough glass or polycarbonate

This is a set of virtually unbreakable drinkware

These glasses from BarLuxe won't crack or craze

Even with the roughest of use and with little care

Ideal for use in restaurants, bars and nightclubs

Or a gift for his home so he can entertain in style

He can relax knowing all of his glasses are safe

And there won't be any broken glass after a while

59. Best Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth Portable Speaker With 12-Hour Playtime

Give him the best outdoor and shower speaker

This orange one uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology

Featuring a unique and rugged square design

It's splash and shockproof and functions easily

The small speaker is lightweight with a lanyard

Twelve hours of playtime means he can jam all day

These are unique gifts for men who love music

And want quality sound for the tunes that they play

60. Sock It to Me Men's Caution Tape Crew Socks

If you know a male friend who has stinky feet

Give him these Caution novelty socks for a laugh

They're made with polyester, cotton and spandex

So the crew-length socks won't slide down his calf

These gifts are perfect for men's stocking stuffers

So give them for Christmas to all your guy friends

They'll get compliments and big laughs at work

And they may even start their own funky trends

61. Hi Mountain Jerky Jalapeno Summer Sausage Kit

With Hi Mountain's home sausage making kit

He can make jalapeno summer sausage easily

All the seasonings and the casings are included

So his summer sausage will taste hot and spicy

With this kit he can season 30 pounds of meat

He'll eat summer sausage throughout winter too

This is an unusual food gift to give a home chef

A birthday gift for a foodie or a fun treat for you

62. Leather Canning-Jar Travel Mug by Holdster

The leather canning-jar travel mug by Holdster

Has hand-sewn stitching and includes a Mason jar

These unique gifts for men work well for travelers

Or for housewarming gifts for a guy with a bar

This is genuine vegetable-tanned full-grain leather

Which can be removed so they are easy to clean

For men who prefer drinking out of Mason jars

The Holdster is the coolest thing they have seen

63. Cocktail Arcade Machine 60 Games Includes 2 Stools

The cocktail arcade machine has 60 games

And two stools are included in this quality set

Have a blast using it on free play or coin play

This is as cool and unique as gifts for men get

He'll love playing the classics from the '80s

And the cocktail table is fully functional too

If you give this amazing gift to your husband

He'll enjoy playing all his games against you

64. The Comic Book Story of Beer

A gift for a guy who likes beer and graphic novels

The Comic Book Story of Beer is certainly unique

It gives a funny account of the long history of beer

So no beer-drinking man can resist having a peek

This full-color novel is graphically illustrated

And the facts have been researched meticulously

Possibly the best book about beer ever written

This gift will be enjoyed and read continuously

65. BigMouth Inc. Generic Weener Kleener Soap

These unique gifts for men need no explanation

And the packaging claims that one size fits most

If the soap should be sized too small for your man

Then he indeed has a solid good reason to boast

A fun and unique gag gift for bachelor parties

A humorous novelty gift for bridal showers too

And if your man's personal hygiene is a concern

Buy him Weener Kleener Soap to leave him a clue

66. X Rocker 51498 Pulse 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair

The X Rocker chair is for playing video games

But it is ideal for watching TV and movies too

With the two quality speakers and a subwoofer

Just relaxing and listening to music is easy to do

The ergonomic design provides full back support

So he can play his video games for hours in style

The padded headrest further adds to his comfort

Your gamer man will welcome his gift with a smile

67. Wine2Go - The Foldable Wine Bottle

Wine2Go are practical and unique gifts for men

Each one holds a full bottle of his favorite wine

Pair a bottle of wine he likes with the Wine2Go

For a birthday gift for him that is simply divine

The Wine2Go is reusable, flexible and foldable

Good for outdoor picnics, concerts and camping

They're also ideal gifts for guys who own a boat

To take wine on board when they go out boating

68. SUCK UK Dead Fred Pen Holder

Dead Fred may be the perfect man for you

Because he can take loads of abuse every day

He's also a convenient and handy pen holder

And Dead Fred will never get in your way

Gone are the days of constantly losing your pen

Dead Fred will keep your pen safe and upright

This pen holder is a unique and fun gift for men

And it's a novelty gift that is really done right

69. Portable 6-Can Mini-Fridge Cooler and Warmer

Every cool man cave needs a mini-fridge cooler

Like this compact one in red that's portable too

He won't have to walk all the way to the kitchen

Or even call out loudly for a cold beer from you

It plugs into a cigarette lighter or home outlet

So it's great for the office, the home or the car

Give this gift to a guy to complete his man cave

So he can drink a cold brew from his personal bar

70. FU: The Journal to Destroy, Rant and Vent Without the Police Becoming Involved

FU gives readers more than 60 fun activities

For when they need to release their tension

Give to men as an anger-management tool

So out of control in future they won't spin

Without the police having to become involved

Frustrated men can rant, destroy and vent

Buy these unique gifts for men who are angry

These funny journals will be money well spent

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