50 Unique Gifts for Women Who Love Unusual, Creative and Thoughtful Gifts

Paired With 50 Fun Poems and a Scent of Womanly Humor

50 Unique Gifts for Women

Unique gifts for women aren't easy to find, you can't just walk into a regular retail store.

To find creative and unusual gifts for her, you have to search just a little bit more.

The Gift Poet never stops searching for you, so you can have fun here shopping online.

Discover unique gifts for her for every occasion, gifts that she will love and think are divine.

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50 Unique Gifts for Women

1. My Therapy Funny Wine Glass

Some unique gifts for women are priceless

The My Therapy wine glass is one such gift

It'll save her thousands of dollars on therapy

And also give her spirits a much needed lift

Give this unusual wine glass to any woman

Who loves drinking wine at the end of the day

It's a fun novelty gift to give her for Christmas

And for therapy she'll have no reason to pay

2. Awaglass Hand-Blown Timer Magnet Hourglass

Sand is replaced with magnetic iron filings

In this nontraditional and creative hourglass

A complete timing cycle lasts for 60 seconds

So she'll enjoy watching her time slowly pass

A magnetic stand comes with this gift of time

Keeping the vial upright and held firmly in place

Give this unusual gift to a magnetic woman

Who values her time and her own sacred space

3. Porn for the Working Woman

Porn for the Working Woman is a hilarious book

About how perfectly sweet life could be in the 9-5

Give this gift to female co-workers in the office

And watch their faces glow as they all come alive

From Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative

Who understand what working women truly wish for

This book is delightfully cute and yet never profane

And will have office staff laughing loudly on the floor

4. Bluetooth Three-Speed Vintage Suitcase Turntable in Turquoise

A three-speed Bluetooth turntable in turquoise

In a vintage portable suitcase with classic style

Which streams music wirelessly at up to 33 feet

So she can listen to music and dance for a while

She can take treasured albums along on vacation

To share favorite vinyls with her friends and family

Give this unique gift to an old-school music lover

So she can play classic tunes and sing along merrily

5. Funny Wheel Of Fortune Go F*ck Yourself Women's T-Shirt

Unique gifts for women with a sense of humor

Who watch Wheel of Fortune each day on TV

With the words Would You Like To Buy A Vowel?

Displayed on pink T-shirts quite prominently

Choose the recipients for these T-shirts wisely

It takes a certain lady to wear these words out

Give novelty tees to all your confident girlfriends

Who like to show the world what they are about

6. Rotating Levitation Photo Frame Suspended in Air

The suspended photo frame is an LED nightlight

And it makes a thoughtful gift for the home or office

Use the frame to display photographs of loved ones

Or to hold special pictures of people who you miss

Give to geeks who love unusual high-tech gadgets

A levitating picture frame that is suspended in air

Add a personal photograph with a loving message

To create a sentimental gift and show her you care

7. Think and Grow Rich for Women: Using Your Power to Create Success and Significance

Think and Grow Rich for Women is a thoughtful gift

She'll use her power to create significance and success

Give these as motivational and unique gifts for women

Who wish to create wealth and to reduce money stress

This is a powerful book about success and business

Written with the modern American woman in mind

This gift for her is inspiring and it is most unusual

For a woman who is truly loving, ambitious and kind

8. 2003 Dom Perignon Rose "Iris Van Herpen Edition" With Gift Box 750 ml

A bottle of 2003 Dom Perignon Rose

Is a luxury gift to give the love of your life

Perfect as a special gift for your anniversary

To give your girlfriend or your awesome wife

This is the unique Iris Van Herpen Edition

And is a 750ml bottle of bubbly bliss

Your lady will love feeling spoiled and pampered

And your bold extravagance will not go amiss

9. Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

Listen to the soothing sounds of a waterfall

With this unique Tetra globe aquarium kit

Give these relaxing gifts to stressed women

So they can unwind and meditate for a bit

This aquarium holds 1.8 gallons of water

And sufficient space for a small fish or two

A fun water feature for her home or office

She'll feel calm all day long thanks to you

10. Rainfall LED Shower Head in Stainless Steel

Surprise her when she gets home one day

Install this new shower head with LED

She'll start each day under a blue rainfall

And in her new shower she'll sing happily

Crafted from the very finest materials

This shower accessory is designed to last

Standing under a boring old shower head

Will soon be a frustrating thing of the past

11. Plant Theatre Psychedelic Salad Kit - 5 Fantastic Salad Vegetables to Grow

The Plant Theatre Psychedelic Salad Kits

Are unique gifts for women who love colorful food

Everything to grow the veggies comes in the box

And psychedelic veggies put you in a good mood

There are five growing pots and five seed varieties

Five peat blocks and five plant markers too

If you give this gift to every woman you know

There will be an abundance of veggies for you

12. PUMPED UP High Heel Phone Stand in Red

Everything looks better in high heel shoes

Especially shoes that are bright crimson red

This nifty pair holds her cellphone in place

Great on a side table placed next to her bed

The high heel phone stand is a novelty gift

And ideal as a woman's small stocking stuffer

She'll appreciate her smartphone being safe

From a dropped phone she won't have to suffer

13. Imperial Coastal Beach Blue Geode Crystal Bookends

Constructed from blue geode agate and crystal

The bookends are two halves of a natural geode

A beautiful gift to complete any home library

Unique for a woman who's in her literary mode

Inside of a natural rock with a rough exterior

There are concentric circles of teal and sky blue

Unique gifts for women who love reading books

And thoughtful gifts when they're given by you

14. Essential Oil - Beginners Best of the Best Aromatherapy Gift Set

With oils of cinnamon leaf, cedarwood and eucalyptus

Patchouli, rosemary, sweet orange and also tea tree

The essential oil Best of the Best beginners' gift set

Is a healing gift with the pure power of aromatherapy

This boxed set contains the best Eden Garden oils

They're certified 100 percent pure therapeutic grade

Additives, fillers, bases or carriers are never added

This gift of essential oils is what Mother Nature made

15. Deluxe Picnic Backpack Hamper for Four People With Matching Picnic Blanket

The picnic hamper has place settings for four people

It includes a matching picnic blanket in midnight blue

Give this deluxe picnic backpack as a fine foodie gift

And gourmet picnics will be on the horizon for you

With an insulated bottle holder on both of the sides

And a food compartment in the middle of the pack

This is a unique gift for a women to picnic alfresco

It's also lightweight and easy to carry on her back

16. Flip-Flop Shape USB 2.0 32GB Flash Drive

A cute novelty gift or a woman's stocking stuffer

This flip-flop shaped USB drive is not for her feet

It stores a full 32GB of memory

And is a practical gift that also looks very neat

Give as unique gifts for women who adore shoes

They'll love the flash drive and the flip-flop design

It's perfect for keeping info and documents safe

This unusual flash drive is unique and adorably fine

17. Professional Makeup Artist Rolling Makeup Train Case

So she can feel like a professional makeup artist

Give her this gift to keep her makeup organized

The two-in-one makeup case is ideal for traveling

And the inner compartments are all perfectly sized

They're crafted with high-quality, durable materials

With space for her cosmetics and beauty tools too

Plus a telescopic handle for easy transportation

And sturdy wheels to do the heavy moving for you

18. Aqua Love Notes - Waterproof Notepad

When a brilliant idea hits her in the shower

She can record it on her waterproof notepad

She won't lose ideas for lack of some paper

Cause lost ideas are valid reasons to feel sad

These unique gifts for women are waterproof

Give Aqua Love Notes for your honey's birthday

She can leave you steamy romantic messages

On her notepad that is creative in every way

19. Pink 39-Piece Tool Set for Women

Some unique gifts for women are practical

As in this handy 39-piece tool set in pink

Give this gift to any woman who lives alone

She'll do her minor home repairs in a blink

All of the most necessary tools are included

So she can do maintenance repairs with ease

This tool set was created with women in mind

And is a thoughtful gift for her that will please

20. Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga Arcade Gaming Cabinet

Fans of Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga will rejoice

With an arcade gaming cabinet for their home

Give this retro-style gift to your wife or girlfriend

And she'll never have reason to go out or roam

She'll spend hours playing iconic arcade games

Like Rapid Fire Galaga and also Speedy Pac-Man

Give this as a surprise gift for a home game room

To a woman who is an arcade game-playing fan

21. Neff Women's Cupcake Beanie Hat

Novelty beanie hats are unique gifts for women

Who are proud of their individual sense of style

When she wears her sweet cupcake beanie in public

She'll look sassy and give others a reason to smile

This women's cupcake beanie hat is made by Neff

And looks like a delicious and decadent cupcake

Complete with a red pop-pom cherry perched on top

Think what a cool gift for her this beanie will make

22. Infuser Water Bottle by SunnyTrip

Unique gifts for women can sometimes be healthy

As in this cool infuser water bottle by SunnyTrip

She'll love the design that was created just for her

Over this unusual water bottle she will totally flip

She can add lemons, oranges or even blueberries

To give her water a refreshingly different new taste

This is a healthy gift idea that she will use every day

And it's a thoughtful present she won't let go to waste

23. Murder Mystery Party - A Taste for Wine and Murder

A Taste for Wine and Murder Mystery Party Game

Is a unique hostess gift to buy her for a dinner party

Guests will enjoy solving murders while drinking wine

With this crime-solving gift which you can give easily

It includes a party planning booklet plus bonus CD

With eight party invitations plus eight name tags too

The fun dinner party will be a crime-solving success

Thanks to this highly unusual gift that was given by you

24. Fred & Friends iGLAM Lipstick Touchscreen Stylus

These are unique gifts for women and also for teens

Who like to keep their smart devices shiny and clean

The IGLAM lipstick stylus created by Fred & Friends

Is a cool gift for her smartphone or tablet touchscreen

This chic gift twists to reveal a hidden screen stylus

Disguised as a tube of her favorite lipstick in red

She can use her stylus on Apple or Android devices

And smudges on her screen she will no longer dread

25. Body Back Buddy Self-Massage Tool

So she can self-massage all her hard-to-reach areas

Give her this gift for times when you're not around

She can ease the aching pressure points on her back

With the Body Back Buddy they are all easily found

These unique gifts for women are extremely handy

It's like having her own private massage every day

She'll appreciate your thoughtful and unusual gift

And will be relieved when her back pain goes away

26. That's Queen Bitch to You Spiral-Bound

With bold humor and a daring dose of bitchiness

That's Queen Bitch to You is a funny gift she'll adore

Defiant affirmations and vintage advertising images

Will have her rolling about and laughing on the floor

Give as unique gifts for women who need a good laugh

Perhaps they've been taking life a bit too seriously

This spiral-bound book will brighten any woman's day

So she can giggle out loud and laugh quite hysterically

27. Rome Brass Sundial - Grow Old With Me

Featuring the sentiment Grow Old Along With Me

And The Best Is Yet To Be on a unique brass sundial

This is an unusual gift for her that's very romantic

Give to your sweetheart for a hug, a kiss and a smile

This fully functional sundial has a polished brass finish

And words from Robert Browning's most beloved poem

The Irish claddagh symbolizes your everlasting love

So give her this gift to treasure in her garden or home

28. Uterus Plush Figure - Womb Service

With a tag describing the full wonders of the womb

It's a reproductive organ that's an unusual plush toy

Great as unique gifts for women and teenage girls

To celebrate their womanhood with remarkable joy

A truly unique plush uterus created by I Heart Guts

With Womb Service as its apt and humorous name

This plush is both a novelty and a gift for healing

To delight in the womb from where everyone came

29. THE EX Kitchen Knife Set by Raffaele Iannello in Black

The EX figure has a magnetic suspension system

To hold the five stainless steel knives firmly in place

Give this unusual gift to any woman with an evil ex

To bring some needed laughter to her kitchen space

Though this gift for her may look quite hilarious

The five included knives are all of a high quality

Give as a unique gift to a newly divorced woman

So that the humorous side of divorce she can see

30. Featheria® Fine Point Stylus and Peacock Quill Pen for Touchscreens

These unique gifts for women are useful and stylish

Blue peacock feathers put them in a class far above

The fine-point stylus is creatively made by Featheria

And is an unusual gift that she'll use daily and love

Give this gift to her for Christmas or for her birthday

She can use the metal tips to practice her calligraphy

The stylus works on the popular touchscreen devices

So she can impress others with her style and creativity

31. You'll Never Know How Much You Mean to Me Musical Jewelry Box

You'll Never Know How Much You Mean to Me

Graces this musical jewelry box with butterflies

And What a Wonderful World plays just for her

When she opens her box to reveal her surprise

Give this jewelry box to her as a stand-alone gift

Or fill it with a ring or necklace for her birthday

This gift is sentimental and extremely romantic

She'll be delighted with you in every which way

32. Meditation Ball Globe and Crystal Stand

Give as unique gifts for women to help them de-stress

As they meditate with a crystal-clear meditation ball

The relaxing gift includes its own clear crystal stand

A creative tool that will be utilized and loved by all

If she's interested in doing spectacular photography

This perfectly sized ball will be a good prop to give

And if good feng shui in her space is important to her

This will enhance her home as a calming place to live

33. Milk Chocolate High Heel Shoe

It may indeed be a fact that all women love chocolate

And most women are crazy about new pairs of shoes

When you combine the two in a unique chocolate gift

You've a winning gift for women and you cannot lose

Gourmet chocolate stilettos will steal any girl's heart

This chocolate high heel shoe is a decadent delight

Each stiletto is filled with large hand-made truffles

In these unique gifts for women done tastefully right

34. Fresh Cut Lavender Roses - 125 Stems

A dozen red roses are always a most welcomed gift

But the 12 blooms can be found in any flower stall

Give her a gift of 125 beautiful lavender rose stems

For an unusual gift for women that will top them all

You can always request a specific delivery date

To coincide with a special birthday or anniversary

125 lavender roses surprising her at her doorstep

Is a flower gift that would make any woman happy

35. Tickled Pink Caramel Apple Heart Box

The unique tickled pink caramel apple heart box

Has delicious confections that are always handmade

Crafted with buttery caramel the old-fashioned way

This edible gift comes in a box in a lovely pink shade

Give this candy gift to your sweetheart for Valentine's

Or at any time of the year to simply say I Love You

She will appreciate your love and your sentimentality

And if you're lucky she'll divide her candy apple in two

36. Coloring Book - Enjoy and Set Your Mind at Peace - For Adults and Teens

This coloring book is created for both teens and adults

So they can be creative in the most relaxing of ways

They are fun and unique gifts for women of all ages

That will have them coloring peacefully for many days

These are designed by cognitive therapist Bella Stitt

They're good for relieving stress from everyday life

Give coloring books to all your friends for Christmas

And on her next birthday to your girlfriend or wife

37. Kick This Day in Its Sunshiny Ass - Socks for Women

So that she can go Kick This Day in its Sunshiny Ass

Bold words that are brazenly printed on women's socks

Give this unique confidence-boosting gift to a girlfriend

And she will conquer the world with her style that rocks

This is a fun novelty gift to give any time of the year

They're perfect as stocking stuffers for women too

And if you want to Kick This Day in its Sunshiny Ass

Then order an extra pair of socks specially for you

38. Silk Road Internet Address and Password Logbook

Help her keep track of all her usernames and passwords

With this handy Internet address and password logbook

If you give these unique gifts to every women you know

When they forget passwords they'll know where to look

This personal logbook is a useful and thoughtful gift

It is a convenient headache- and time-saving device

Because remembering many usernames can be tough

They'll be grateful for a logbook which also looks nice

39. Architec Recipe Rock

Small enough to fit on the counter in any kitchen

And ideal for holding a tasty recipe up in full view

The Architec Recipe Rock is strongly magnetized

And makes a thoughtful gift when it's given by you

The Architec Rock can also be useful in the office

To hold a new memo or document up in plain sight

These unique gifts for women are super practical

With a pleasing aesthetic that is a natural delight

40. Lady Cuddles – 38-Inch - Super Soft and Huggable Pink Plush Bear

Lady Cuddles measures a whopping 38 inches

She's a cuddly soft and huggable pink teddy bear

Because women are never too old for new teddies

Give her this fluffy gift to show her that you care

Lady Cuddles is appropriate for Valentine's Day

And this bear is ideal for an anniversary gift too

Make this adorably cute gift for her more romantic

By adding a sweet love poem that's written by you

41. Portable P EZ Female Urinal Toilet Device

The fully portable P-EZ is a travel gift for women

It's a specially designed and discreet female urinal

She can bypass filthy toilets when she's on the road

By using this device that's spill-proof and reusable

To some women this may be a fun prank or a gag gift

But to others it's a cool invention that is long overdue

She'll be relieved when she can go anywhere, anytime

Thanks to this thoughtful, unique gift that's from you

42. Glass Teapot With Infuser and Lid With 12 Flowering Teas

Give as unique gifts for women who are tea drinkers

They'll watch flowers bloom while sipping hot tea

The clear glass teapot holds five cups of hot liquid

And it can be used in the microwave conveniently

She'll enjoy her 12 different green tea flowers

Jasmine flavored with a calming aromatic scent

If she has a tea party her friends will all be wowed

With your gift that is unusual and also well-meant

43. Well-Read Women: A Reader's Journal

Well-read women can keep notes about all they've read

And then reflect on the most remarkable characters too

They can also record all of their favorite quotations

In the Well-Read Women: A Reader's Journal from you

These unique books for women are visually elegant

They arrive with a satin ribbon bookmark inside

Give this gift to a woman who treasures her books

And she'll record her literary memories with pride

44. ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Above a magnetic base a floating orb speaker spins

A Bluetooth speaker using levitation technology

This unique gift is both functional and beautiful

Producing quality sound and it's awesome to see

The ICE orb is also a stand-alone Bluetooth speaker

It can be carried around without needing the base

Give this unusual speaker as a cool Christmas gift

To elevate the sound quality in a music lover's place

45. Namaste Yoga Lavender Eye Pillows

These purple cotton Namaste yoga eye pillows

Contain French lavender and organic flax seed

After a stressful workday and running errands

This is the relaxing pillow that all women need

They can be used for either cold or hot therapy

Simply place in the freezer or in the microwave

These are rejuvenating, unique gifts for women

And it is their sanity that your gift may well save

46. Rosie the Riveter - We Can Do It! -  Tin Lunch Box

Featuring the classic Rosie the Riveter image

On a tin lunch box in bright yellow and blue

With the ever-powerful words We Can Do It!

To motivate her daily and to inspire her too

A handy gift for a woman to take to the office

If packing her own lunch is what she likes best

She will feel as powerful as Rosie the Riveter

Filled with enthusiasm, high energy and zest

47. TickleMe Plant Gift Box Set

This unusual plant responds when you tickle it

And folds its leaves over when you blow it a kiss

Send this growing kit to your mom or to a friend

To say I'm thinking of you and It's you that I miss

The gift box has everything she needs for growing

There are seeds, instructions and a flower pot too

She'll be tickled pink to grow her TickleMe plant

This is a unique gardening gift to say I love you

48. Fake Gold Bar Bullion Doorstop/Paperweight

Her neighbors will think that she won the lottery

When she places this bar of gold by her front door

She can use the bullion as a doorstop or paperweight

So her important papers won't fly around anymore

This fake gold bullion looks just like the real thing

Complete with the engraving to add a realistic touch

Give any woman this novelty gift that is practical too

She'll appreciate both the gold bar and you very much

49. Purple and Pink Lid Vino2Go Travel Tumbler Adult Wine Sippy Cup

Who says sippy cups are only for babies and toddlers

Vino2Go is designed especially to hold an adult drink

These unique gifts for women are cool travel tumblers

So give mom a pair with lids that are purple and pink

They are great for parties, boating and the outdoors

And are handy to take along to the beach or pool too

Order wine sippy cups as gifts for all your girlfriends

But make sure that you buy some Vino2Go also for you

50. Brass Aladdin Genie Lamp Incense Burner

Made of brass and embossed with a nice floral design

This incense burner will make all her wishes come true

No woman can resist rubbing an Aladdin genie lamp

Especially a beautiful one that's lovingly given by you

These unique gifts for women are rather whimsical

They're great for Christmas and as gifts for birthdays

And her wishes will all come true if she truly believes

At least that's what the genie in the lamp always says

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