30 Unique Valentine's Gifts for Him and Her

Paired With 30 Romantic Gift Ideas and Poems for Valentine's Day

30 Unique Valentine's Gifts

Find unique Valentine's gifts for your husband or wife, and romantic Valentine gift ideas for lovers as well.

Discover gorgeous and loving gifts from the heart, so your Valentine's Day will be romantic and swell.

Indulge in Valentine chocolates, flowers and jewelry gifts, the kind that you cannot buy at your local gift store.

And share true romance with the love of your life, to enjoy your Valentine's Day and your night even more.

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30 Unique Valentine's Gifts

1. Love Necklace Inscribed With I Love You in 120 Languages

Say I Love You in 120 different foreign languages

With a black onyx necklace printed in 24-karat gold

This is a unique Valentine's gift that she'll treasure

And keep forever close to her heart until she is old

Read the fine words with the elegant magnifying glass

Included with this jewelry gift for your girlfriend or wife

Give this spectacular and romantic Valentine gift to her

So you can tell her 120 times she's the love of your life

2. Magic Morning Heat-Sensitive Color-Changing Morphing Mug Set

These heat-sensitive color-changing morphing mugs

Are unique Valentine's gifts for men and women too

You'll know when you're drinking your morning coffee

Your significant other is sipping coffee thinking of you

The magic printing appears with any hot liquid inside

To reveal two couples kissing at different landmarks

Share these mugs as unusual gifts for Valentine's Day

To begin your days with kisses and romantic sparks

3. The Bucket List for Couples

So you can have goals you want to achieve together

To live your lives as a strong couple growing in unity

Give The Bucket List for Couples as a Valentine's gift

And set amazing goals that will make you both happy

You'll create goals together for travel and adventure

For your finances, careers and your relationship too

This unique Valentine's gift may be the best idea ever

For as a strong couple there's nothing you cannot do

4. Deep Purple Amethyst Cluster Druzy Heart

A unique Valentine's gift from the heart of the Earth

A gem from when love and life on Earth first began

Give this deep purple amethyst druzy heart cluster

As a Valentine for a truly romantic woman or man

The amethyst heart crystal will forever be treasured

And it will be displayed lovingly with genuine pride

The lucky woman or man who receives this fine gift

Will thank you with their heart and arms open wide

5. Love You More Than Chocolate Fondue Pot for Two

For yummy and unusual Valentine chocolate gifts

Give a red chocolate fondue pot with forks for two

A fun valentine for your chocoholic husband or wife

For a night of sweet romance and chocolate fondue

The red fondue set arrives in a matching gift box

The words Love You More Than Chocolate are fun

Enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day and loving night

Sharing chocolate treats with your special someone

6. Picnic Tote with Service for Two

Plan a romantic surprise picnic for Valentine's Day

And give your love a picnic tote with service for two

A unique Valentine's gift for men or women foodies

Who love both nature and dining al fresco with you

The blue shoulder tote picnic bag is well-insulated

There is a corkscrew and space for bottles of wine

Share your gourmet picnic in a magnificent setting

For a romantic Valentine's Day that's simply divine

7. Oil Painting Starry Night Lights Romantic Couple Umbrella

Give this romantic couple oil painting umbrella

As a Valentine to your girlfriend or to your wife

The umbrella gift is thoughtful and also symbolic

Showing you will help her weather storms in life

It is a unique Valentine's gift for a woman artist

Who appreciates art and your thoughtfulness too

This beautiful gift for her is also highly practical

As she'll be protected from storms thanks to you

8. Valentine Lil' Bear & Giant Fortune Cookie with Personalized Message

Send him a personalized message for Valentine's Day

With Lil' Bear inside a giant gourmet fortune cookie

Made to order and hand-dipped in Belgian chocolate

This Valentine gift is delightful to eat and also to see

Your 1 foot long personalized message is tucked inside

The cookie is wrapped with a cello bag and a satin bow

Say I Love You with heart sprinkles and a teddy bear

And your Valentine's Day gift will make your man glow

9. Romantic Floating Water Candles

Sometimes cheap Valentine gifts are the greatest

Such as these invisible, floating water candles are

Give her these inexpensive gifts to create ambiance

And you'll be her romantic Valentine gift-giving star

The unique candles use regular cooking or salad oil

You receive 800 hours of romantic candlelight fun

Pair these unique candles with a nice bottle of wine

And your inexpensive Valentine gift giving is done

10. Hammock with Metal Stand Deluxe Set

Only one thing is better than an outdoor hammock

And that's a romantic hammock with space for two

These unique Valentine's gifts are created to last

Which means many romantic days for both of you

This is a great Valentine gift for a man or a woman

And you'll both get to enjoy spending time outdoors

Set this cool hammock up to surprise your loved one

So you both have a retreat after doing your chores

11. Creative Art - Gallery Wrap Canvas Print - Set of 3 Modern Romance Kiss

Make every day of the year in your home romantic

With this Modern Romance Kiss wrapped-canvas art

These are unique Valentine's gifts to enjoy together

And to remind you of your love when you are apart

Hang this high-definition giclee art in the bedroom

To create the perfect mood for a year-long romance

Give this Valentine gift to your wife or your husband

And together you will both enjoy romantic ambiance

12. Giant Valentine Teddy Bear Wearing I Love You Heart T-Shirt 4 Feet Tall

This giant Valentine teddy bear is 4 feet tall

With I Love You emblazoned across his chest

A unique Valentine for a man, woman or child

That is perhaps the biggest and also the best

This teddy is super squishy, soft and adorable

It is a Valentine gift that they will never forget

Sure to make an everlasting, huge impression

As being the largest and cutest Valentine yet

13. 12 Love Berries Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Send 12 love berries to your wife or your girlfriend

She will love these unique chocolate gifts very much

Strawberries in dark and Cupid Pink white chocolate

Are a Valentine gift with a decadent, romantic touch

Say Happy Valentine's Day as well as I Love You

With love berries to make your sweetheart smile

This may be the most scrumptious Valentine ever

And a gift that she will remember for a long while

14. TABLETOPICS Couples: Questions to Start Great Conversations

Get to know your partner on a much deeper level

With these unique Valentine's gifts for couples only

Refreshing questions to start great conversations

Will help you to connect and communicate openly

With TableTopics you'll have meaningful discussions

To help the love you share grow deeper and strong

Give this gift to your love to grow your relationship

Because with good communication you can't go wrong

15. Humongous Heart Plush Figure - I Got The Beat

I Got The Beat is a humongous heart plush figure

It's a unique Valentine's gift and unusual plush toy

Give this heart as a funny gift for Valentine's Day

Perfect for either a woman or man, a girl or a boy

Made with smiles by the creators at I Heart Guts

This is a unique take on the traditional plush heart

Give this plush to someone with a sense of humor

They will love your unique gift right from the start

16. Love Coupons | Treat Your Loved One to the Best Gift of All - Your Time!

Find coupons for A Top to Toe Pamper and A Night In

Plus some for Breakfast in Bed and A Picnic for Two

Romantic Love Coupons give the very best gift of all

And that's the precious gift of time all alone with you

These unique Valentine's gifts are beautifully printed

And packed in a clear wallet with an English Rose seal

Love Vouchers are romantic Valentine gifts for lovers

To keep your passion alive and show your love is real

17. Purple Rose in Gift Box

This purple rose is 100 percent naturally preserved

And with the proper care will last five years or more

Give this cool Valentine flower gift to your sweetheart

She'll be ecstatic and touched right down to her core

This Valentine is the largest rose head in the world

And purple is the color of grandeur and elegance too

These boxed with suede Valentine's gifts are unique

But they are made perfect because they're from you

18. Sunnydaze Heart Tabletop Fountain in Copper

This unique Valentine's gift is a heart tabletop fountain

Over a 100 percent copper bowl you'll find natural slate

Give him this handmade decor gift for Valentine's Day

And your husband or boyfriend will agree that it's great

Made in the USA by a very gifted fountain craftsman

He'll love hearing the water sounds that are relaxing

This is a gift that he'll treasure every day of the year

For this heart tabletop fountain is extremely soothing

19. Math Style LOVE Pattern All You Need Is LOVE Coffee Mug

Give this gift to any math whiz, geek or math student

A mathematically speaking All You Need Is Love mug

Your sweetheart will think of you while drinking coffee

With a look on his face that is both smart and smug

These are unique Valentine's gifts and awesome mugs

They are fun to look at, easy to clean and easy to hold

This is also an ideal Valentine gift for your secret crush

To declare your feelings in a way that's funny and bold

20. Soft Love Heart Shape Fluffy Pillow in Hot Pink

A love heart-shaped fashion pillow in hot pink

Is a unique Valentine's gift that she will adore

And even though this may be an inexpensive gift

She will love you and your romantic ways more

Give this pillow to your girlfriend, wife or lover

Whose favorite color is hot pink for everything

She will fall deeply in love with her fluffy pillow

This cheap Valentine gift will make her heart sing

21. 3 Little Holiday Kisses Pack, 3 x 750 ml Wine

Unique Valentine's gifts for either men or women

Delightful Little Holiday Kisses in packs of three

Besitos wine is a luscious California red blend

And a romantic gift to be savored appreciatively

Buy your sweetheart some cheeses and crackers

And create a Valentine gift basket with this wine

Then choose a romantic setting inside or outdoors

For a couple's Valentine meal that's especially fine

22. Blue Crystal Music Box Plays Can't Help Falling in Love

Give this crystal music box to the woman you love

It's exquisitely cut to resemble a fine blue sapphire

She'll hear For I can't help falling in love with you

And your Valentine's gift will set her heart on fire

The heart-shaped music box is engraved with Love

Plus two beautiful crystal roses in both gold and blue

This music box will make her think of you all the time

And she'll know deep in her heart that your love is true

23. Ye Can Have Me Booty But Leave Me Chest Alone Sexy Pirate Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign

Give this cool Valentine's Day gift to your husband

It is the perfect retro sign to display in his man cave

With Ye can have me booty but leave me chest alone

This is a vintage tin sign which he will forever save

Featuring a sexy pirate girl and a full treasure chest

These are unique Valentine's gifts that are funny too

It's ideal for any guy with a fantastic sense of humor

And an unusual decor gift for his man cave from you

24. Love You & Love You More Pillowcases

These are true romantic Valentine gifts for lovers

Pillowcases reading I Love You and Love You More

Give these cute pillowcases to your significant other

As unique Valentine's gifts you'll both love and adore

Create the mood for romance this Valentine's Day

Surprise your partner with rose petals on the bed

You can open your gifts and put on the pillow cases

Then share a romantic Valentine's indoors instead

25. Live Heart-Shaped Lucky Bamboo in Red Hand-Painted Ceramic Pot

A unique Valentine's gift in a red ceramic pot

That has been hand-painted specially for you

Give this living gift to your significant other

It is a magnificent heart-shaped lucky bamboo

This great plant brings good luck and fortune

And is a fine Valentine's Day gift that will thrive

With just a little fresh water and some sunlight

And both of your love to keep the bamboo alive

26. Cartouche Pendant With I LOVE YOU in Hieroglyphic Symbols

Egyptian cartouche pendants in yellow gold

With hieroglyphic symbols that say I Love You

These are unique Valentine's gifts for women

And unforgettable pieces of fine jewelry too

These pendants are skillfully hand-made in Cairo

And they come with a hieroglyphic alphabet chart

Give this Valentine jewelry gift to your girlfriend

She will wear the gold pendant close to her heart

27. Going Ape for You! Romantic Gift Basket of Gourmet Chocolates and Treats

Find wine glasses, linen cloths and sparkling cider

A stainless-steel cheese spreader and serving board

In a black basket piled high with gourmet food gifts

And a cuddly plush ape who will forever be adored

With sausages, fine cheeses and chocolate truffles

This Valentine's Day gift basket is cute and unique

Give as a luxury gift to your favorite couple to share

For inside this basket they'll find all that they seek

28. I’ll Always Pick You Hand-Stamped Rustic Copper Guitar Pick

These handmade Valentine gifts for men to treasure

Are copper guitar picks that are stamped by hand

Pick this one-of-a-kind gift for the man in your life

And he'll be happy that you're the one in his band

Customize this rustic gift to add a meaningful date

Below the musical play-on-words I'll always pick you

Give this unique gift to your guitar-playing musician

As a romantic expression of your love that rings true

29. 100 Red Fresh-Cut Long-Stem Roses

Fill up the vases in your home for a night of romance

Surprise her when she walks through the front door

Create a romantic setting for your Valentine's Day

And together enjoy 100 roses and romance galore

Sending 12 long-stemmed red roses is always lovely

But this Valentine's Day send 100 to say I love you

Surround her with the irresistible scent of red roses

And she will experience the depth of your love anew

30. Mr. and Mrs. Stemless and Non-Breakable Silicone Wine Glass Set

For a Valentine toast with two non-breakable cups

Give fun novelty glassware for Mr. and Mrs. to share

They're unique Valentine's gifts for a magical couple

To support their love and show them that you care

The cool glass for the man sports a black mustache

And the woman's glass has a sexy lipstick kiss in red

They'll enjoy drinking from their glasses year-round

Unbreakable like their love, they'll use these instead

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