10 Valentine Gifts for Kids of All Ages

Paired With Cute Poems for Valentine's Day

Valentine Gifts for Kids

Find Valentine gifts for kids of all ages to enjoy, as well as sweet gifts for children to share at school.

Discover the cutest and most adorable Valentines, which your kids will agree are all totally cool.

Choose affordable gifts to divide with the whole class, and enjoy novelty Valentines that are unique.

Delight in a cool Valentine gift basket for children, and rest assured you'll find that which you seek.

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10 Valentine Gifts for Kids

1. Webkinz Plush Stuffed Animal Love Monkey for Valentine

Give your children an adorable Valentine plush toy

Like this pink heart-covered Webkinz Love Monkey

They'll love this super-soft and cute stuffed animal

As it's the sweetest and most lovable heart plushie

Each Webkinz pet comes with a unique secret code

So they can create a fun world for their pet online

These Valentine gifts for kids will long be enjoyed

Because they are simply huggable and also divine

2. Crayon Rocks Valentine Gift in Red Bag

These all-natural soy wax crayons are non-toxic

And the gift arrives with a Valentine heart tag

Find twenty fun colors for creative young minds

All piled together in a drawstring red fabric bag

The crayons are perfectly sized for little hands

So kids enjoy hours of coloring and drawing fun

Give this gift to a boy or girl for Valentine's Day

To show your love to that extra-special someone

3. Set of Six Valentine's Sequin Heart Pens

This is a set of six furry novelty sequin heart pens

Which are perfect Valentines to give kids at school

Ideal for children to share with all of their friends

They're small inexpensive gifts that are totally cool

Place each sequin pen inside a Valentine gift bag

And add a heart-shaped chocolate candy or two

Complete the Valentine with a handwritten card

To say Happy Valentine To My Friend I Love You

4. Bright Light Pillow As Seen On TV - Pink Beating Heart

This is a heart-shaped pillow that also lights up

It's the new Bright Light Pillow As Seen On TV

Give these unique Valentine's gifts to your kids

As the pillows are super-soft and a fun novelty

Squeeze the pillow to turn the bright lights on

They'll auto shut off after fifteen minutes or so

Bright Light pillows come in five different colors

Choose a multicolor, green, blue, red or yellow

5. You’re Beary Huggable Kids' Valentine Gift Box

A Valentine's Day gift basket for kids far away

That you can order for them to say I Love You

They'll be overjoyed with their favorite candies

And the fluffy white bear that they receive too

Everything arrives in a gift box with a sweet bow

They'll find games and Valentine goodies galore

These are special gifts to give to kids you miss

To enjoy Valentines and your wishes even more

6. Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George

Spend your Valentine's Day with Curious George

And read books with your kids close by your side

They'll love the special memories that you make

And will treasure this book with immense pride

Kids aged four to seven will enjoy this fun book

George and his friends celebrate Valentine's Day

It's the ideal non-candy gift for younger children

To enjoy their Valentines in a fun and festive way

7. Melissa & Doug Sweet Hearts Bead Set

Design beautiful wooden jewelry with your kids

With the Melissa & Doug Sweet Hearts bead set

Featuring one hundred and twenty wooden beads

It is the most creative Valentine gift for kids yet

They can spend hours making their own jewelry

Then give as gifts to their friends that they make

These are ideal Valentine's Day gifts for children

And with your help younger kids can also partake

8. Valentine Sweetheart Rubber Ducks

Rubber duckies are great for kids' bathtime

And Valentine sweetheart ducks add extra fun

You will find twelve rubber duckies in this set

So there are duck gifts to share with everyone

Buy these Valentine novelty gifts for your child

To put in gift bags for his whole class to enjoy

These are non-food and affordable Valentines

And they're appropriate gifts for a girl or a boy

9. Where Is Baby's Valentine? A Lift-the-Flap Book

Help your baby to find her very special Valentine

Search the pages together and have a good look

This is the sweetest gift to give to a little toddler

Where Is Baby's Valentine? A Lift-the-Flap Book

These Valentine gifts for kids are a delight to read

They're suitable for preschool kids aged one to four

Your little one will love reading this book with you

And will beg you to please read the story once more

10. Giant Smiling Teddy Bear 5 Feet Tall With Bigfoot Paws

This enormous teddy bear measures five feet tall

As a Valentine's Day gift it is truly a one-of-a-kind

You'll win any child's heart with this special bear

As he is possibly the largest plush you'll ever find

The teddy has two humongous Bigfoot-like paws

And he's wearing a wide, happy smile on his face

Give this gift to a very special child this Valentine

Deep in his heart teddy will have a special place

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